March 7th, 2018
Louis Vuitton FW18 Collection

‘Jolie Madame’

I borrowed the title of this post from the Louis Vuitton show review on WWD—it’s apt. Nicolas Ghesquière reportedly designed the FW18 collection with his elegant and proper female family members in mind. Maybe it’s my age, or that I’m tired of everyone looking like they’ve just been to the gym, but this collection really appeals to me.


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Small Sidonie top-handle tote bag


Belted leather-trimmed twill jacket


Shelly stretch-cotton poplin tank


Flat-front skinny pants


Atrita metallic leather sandals


Lorna crewneck long-sleeve midi dress


The Rockstud Spike medium appliquéd leather shoulder bag


Paneled cotton and silk-blend midi dress


Bow-trimmed satin slingback pumps


Ribbon-tie silk blouse


Slim-leg wool-blend trousers


Woven trench coat

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  • Funny you should bring this up, I’m also tired of everyone looking like they’ve been to the gym. I have been looking at more “dressed” up clothing for Spring. Such a beautiful collection!

    CindyMarch 7th, 2018  3:43 PM

  • The clothes are beautiful above. But, I want to say something in defense of gym clothes. For me, I found that if I had to worry that I couldn’t be seen doing errands or whatever in gym clothes, I skipped exercising because of time constraints, and that’s not a healthy way to live. Most women are very rushed, and exercise is and should be a priority. I try to wear really attractive gym clothes (when I don’t have time to shower and change) and with a jacket and bag I think I look fine BTW – I see Robin Wright all the time where I live – always in gym clothes. She’s gorgeous.

    KathyMarch 7th, 2018  4:48 PM

  • Wearing workout clothes after going to the gym or while running errands is completely appropriate. A $1000. grey sweatshirt and trainers to a nice lunch is what I’m referring to.

    PrestonMarch 7th, 2018  4:54 PM

  • I agree ~ never liked the leisure wear trend at all. It’s all starting to feel like designers are running out of ideas to me. And of course, the prices have gone insane.

    KathyMarch 7th, 2018  5:01 PM

  • Prices are so crazy that I often feel guilty putting items in the shop. I try to find beautiful mid-priced pieces, not always easy.

    PrestonMarch 7th, 2018  5:04 PM

  • I’m in my mid 30’s and agree with you. I’m grateful that the stricter fashion rules to which previous generations had to adhere have loosened up. But it is also constraining that athleisure is normal at many occasions where one used to dress in a more elegant and proper way; I view it as an example of overcorrection.

    IoMarch 7th, 2018  6:03 PM

  • The clothes suggest a nod to what is rumoured to be his next place of work – taking over from the soon to retire Karl Lagerfeld at Chanel!

    Claude RemainsMarch 7th, 2018  6:49 PM

  • Preston – I understand and sympathize, and I know how you feel about the prices. It’s really disgusting and I do think you find somewhat reasonable (whatever that means now) and classic items to put in the shop. As beautiful as the clothes are in the above photos, I’m sure the cost is insane. No wonder so many of us wear a uniform of jeans and sweaters.

    KathyMarch 7th, 2018  11:07 PM

  • Preston, I totally concur. I don’t think it’s an age thing, it’s what the fashion photographers and some deisgners have been promoting. I combed through the pictures of fashion month and found maybe 30 pictures of beautiful turned out women out of hundreds. Everyone else was wearing the oversized sweater/scarf/pants with white sneaker or boot. It’s become ubiquitous- and boring. I also agree that finding pieces in mid-range prices are hard to find, but I think you do a wonderful job balancing between high and mid tier price points. I think Clare at Givenchy nailed it best- bag, boots and coat. That combo will ALWAYS make one feel well presented- even with Lulus underneath. 🙂

    madame directriceMarch 8th, 2018  7:22 AM

  • I concur Preston, and also once Phoebe Philo wore her Stan Smiths, the market had an influx of $400 sneakers everywhere. Inexpensive jeans have been in a permanent $300 category, and pushing that ceiling too. Price tends to lead culture, and it’s perception point is not always reality.

    KimMarch 8th, 2018  10:18 AM

  • Skirts, pretty pumps, dresses, waistlines, handbags = ladylike polish! There is a lot to like in all of these looks! The relaxing of our dress codes, like the current relaxation of all traditional codes, may have gone too far. Casual Friday morphed into Casual Life! Just returned from Chicago with three pairs of beautiful shoes, and none of them ‘sports/casual/run around.’ (Two pumps and a fabulous soft white, soft leather little Chanel kiltie loafer!).

    PaulaMarch 8th, 2018  2:45 PM


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