March 14th, 2018
On My Mind

Time To Sell?

There’s an article on BoF that poses the question “who will dress the Philophiles?” and mentions that the resale market for Céline is hot right now. So, I’m wondering if I will ever wear the platforms again and maybe it’s a good time to weed out some of my bags. Both Vestiaire Collective and The Real Real are good options.


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Very Boogie 60 suede ankle boots


The Pouch leather clutch


Arizona Fullex satin sandals


Gold-plated hoop earrings


Pleated crepe dress


Draped canvas-trimmed cotton-jersey tunic


Cotton and wool-blend wrap dress


Finnley ankle-tie leather sandals


Sailor cropped raw-denim jeans


Crinkled-satin midi skirt


Cotton denim midi skirt


Suede collarless jacket

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  • Having often admired but never purchased anything Celine, this is one style dilemma I don’t have to address. : )

    PaulaMarch 14th, 2018  4:03 PM

  • I just sent two Celine bags to The Real Real a few days ago. I seem to be wearing cross body more and more, and both of the bags I sent were beautiful bags, but only shoulder. So good time for me to selll them.

    KathyMarch 14th, 2018  4:14 PM

  • Since you have asked the question or yourself then the answer is yes. Put the money towards a new suit!

    ClaireMarch 15th, 2018  6:13 AM

  • As always, if you think they’ll find a home with someone else who’ll appreciate them it’s always a good idea. Now I need to get off my duff, take my own advice and bring some things that have languished in my closet to a reseller here in town. Good luck to you.

    SueMMarch 15th, 2018  8:09 AM

  • Looking at the resale prices on yoogis and real real, they don’t seem as hot any more! I don’t think I will ever sell my luggage and box,, but have no issue parting with my trapeze!

    ameeMarch 15th, 2018  12:39 PM

  • Maybe sell one of the bags? (I seem to remember you had a couple.) I think eBay is still a better option for premium items because the percentage they take is so much lower.

    catherineMarch 15th, 2018  12:53 PM

  • why not post a few items here on the blog and let your readers buy them?!

    elizabethMarch 15th, 2018  3:10 PM

  • Ooh, love that idea.

    PrestonMarch 15th, 2018  3:15 PM

  • I confess to being pretty worried about Hedi’s influence on Celine as I’ve long thought of it as a design house for women who dress for themselves… and other women. I know that you’ve found many “forever” pieces from his work with Saint Laurent, but I still have trouble squaring that with the runway looks, which felt very much like a man’s ideal woman. I’m going to keep an open mind, though!

    To answer the question in the title of the BoF article, I suggest The Row. In fact, The Cut recently posted that the Olsens should have taken over Celine, since The Row has a similar look.

    As for your dilemma, I think selling to a KiC community member is a brilliant idea!

    NikMarch 15th, 2018  5:11 PM

  • I agree with Elizabeth — I love that sweater and would love it if you allowed your readers to have the first crack at your Celine sell-offs!

    C.MicholMarch 15th, 2018  5:54 PM

  • You are a stronger woman than me, Preston. It makes sense to sell, but I have found those styles come back and then the new version doesn’t quite pass muster like the other.

    I stopped in to Avenue Montaigne boutique yesterday to pick up the small clutch (red) I reserved (was featured in WSJ mag a few weeks ago), and I had a lovely chat with one of the managers.

    There are certain styles that will remain in the classics ( Box, Cabas, the Big bag, Trio, Luggage), but the small collection Phoebe did for Spring 2018 is the last, so this is it. Knowing that helped me decide to go with the clutch and not another luggage.

    I found myself wondering if I should do what I tend to to with RTW and purchase the same clutch in another color.. The alligator is not practical for my lifestyle right now, but the camel might be lovely.

    As the saying goes, if it fits, buy it in multiples! 🙂 I will miss Phoebe’s quiet, chic style. I hope Hedi doesn’t make it too edgy.

    madame directriceMarch 16th, 2018  7:11 AM

  • I would sell the bags and wedges above but not the sweater. Although selling anything I own depends more on how little (or not at all) I have used the items in the last couple of years. And I check if my daughter wants it first.

    MMSMarch 16th, 2018  12:52 PM

  • I love the idea of selling your items on this site for your followers to buy and enjoy. I have lost interest in fashion the past couple seasons and I don;t know if it is becasue I am more into decorating my home or if ther is nothing that intrugues me. I can not imagine you parting with all your Celine bags. They are classics. I have been reshopping my closet and have been loving every minute of it. I still love my coats, shoes and bags from year ago, unless the shoes are super high and I no longer can tolerate – lol! I bought those wedges thanks to your prompting and can not think of a more comfortabel shoe to wear with my wide leg long pants that give me height and I am not afraid of getting wet if rainy. The fill a certain niche in my closet. If these items are filled by others in your closet then by all means sell, but if there is nothing that you can substitute then I vote keep.

    MaryBMarch 17th, 2018  10:28 AM


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