April 10th, 2018
On My Mind

The Big Clean-Out

I am in the process of a major spring cleaning—being ruthless. Deciding on what to do with my old magazines. Last time we moved I tossed the 10 years of Vogue issues I’d cast—was cathartic.


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Capri cotton-poplin shirt


Leather knee boots


Shaw wrap-effect ribbed organic cotton-fleece top


+ NET SUSTAIN We're Not Done wide-leg jeans


Striped cashmere sweater


The Pouch leather clutch


Hiandra toe-loop leather sandals


Logo-engraved stacked ring


Cleo ruched swimsuit


Jimmy logo-embroidered leather slides


Print jute tote bag


Very Boogie 60 suede ankle boots

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  • For me, worth keeping are very old T&C (nothing since Pamela Fiori left), old House & Garden, some chosen Harper’s Bazaar issues. Otherwise I rip a few favorite pages from everything else and place in a ‘style file.’

    PaulaApril 10th, 2018  12:35 PM

  • I always take mine to our local hospital …

    dzApril 10th, 2018  1:19 PM

  • I donate to my local library.

    MARCIAApril 10th, 2018  3:46 PM

  • These are good ideas

    PrestonApril 10th, 2018  4:08 PM

  • All I wanted for my 14th birthday was a subscription to Vogue. My very chic aunt bought it for me, back when they were a much larger size. I kept them and then one day, poof, they were gone. Preston, you may want to ask FIT if they’d like them.

    SuWuApril 10th, 2018  5:20 PM

  • The previous ideas are great, but schools, daycare centres and any kids activity centre will be able to use them for numerous creative crafts too! Keep your tear sheets first though….

    AlexApril 10th, 2018  8:29 PM

  • I still have a 1995 Vogue with Linda Evangelista on the cover,. It reminds me of my “ah-ha” moment of defining personal style. I stumbled across the past chief designer at J.Crew, Somsack referencing the same magazine in an interview last year. Most of my magazines….I need to purge too….dust collectors.

    KimApril 10th, 2018  9:07 PM

  • Please refrain from donating to daycares and schools! Unfortunately, most of the content and half the photography is not fit for children’s viewing or use. We’re not talking about old Ladies Home Journals and Good Housekeeping here! Pull out the photos you loved, and pitch the rest.

    PaulaApril 10th, 2018  10:40 PM

  • If I had to go through all the old magazines I hold onto (neatly of course, they are on shelves) I would be unavailable for days: Elle Decor, Architectual Digest. I always find reasons why I still need to hoard –ahem–archive them.

    karenApril 11th, 2018  7:10 AM

  • Local Hospital is what I would do (if I had time:(

    Melanie SteinemannApril 11th, 2018  7:45 AM

  • Save your children the trouble., toss them! If you suddenly wanted to be nostalgic, I’m sure you could fithe article on line

    LisaApril 11th, 2018  7:49 AM

  • The keepers for me Taxi, Vitals, Italian Vogue, Art Forum and any other standout issues of any mags. Donate them to an art school for inspiration to students.

    LauraApril 11th, 2018  7:59 AM

  • Preston, are they really going? Do you think your daughter will want them ever? Keep me posted. I have years of Tiffany catalogues…

    StephanieApril 11th, 2018  8:16 AM

  • Senior centers too! When my Mom was in an adult day care program, she didn’t care what month or the year and her and the ladies would flip through and pick their favorite looks. Also I agree with one of the other comments. I read a lot of magazines and if something resonates I rip and create a little file then go through that periodically.

    MichelleApril 11th, 2018  11:07 AM

  • Preston, I am ruthless on this front. I tear what I want from each magazine and scan the images or information. I have complete style stories and shelter mag stories on my desktop some going back twenty years. There are amazing scanners out there that can scan 30 pages and more at once. I have used ScanSnap and I currently am working with an Epson ES-500W. Life changing!

    AllisonApril 11th, 2018  11:38 AM

  • Last year I did the great magazine clear out. I donated a portion of the fashion mags to an abused women’s shelter because they use them for making different-topic collage boards. Sometimes, they cut out words for expression. Another portion was donated to therapists used for similar purposes.

    JudyApril 11th, 2018  12:18 PM

  • I purge my stash every few years, usally when my husband starts to question my sanity. I donate all of them (fashion and shelter magazines) to the local public high school art department. Thankfully they don’t censor art around kids where I live, so they welcome the magazines.

    Lisa SApril 11th, 2018  10:28 PM

  • I hang on to magazines for about 12 months ( I don’t buy many) and then flip through them for images or recipes I want to tear out and keep before I toss them. Preston, I am sure this is a harder process for you having been part of the fashion industry and knowing so many people involved in it. Like tossing memories, not just attractive images.

    AprilApril 12th, 2018  9:41 AM

  • April is right. Keep issues that evoke good memories, or favorite people, or reflect favorite work. As another reader said, your daughters will enjoy seeing your work in the pages.

    PaulaApril 13th, 2018  12:48 AM


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