April 12th, 2018
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A Classic Scarf

I posted on the classic scarf last fall, but, I’ve yet to wear one and I have a number of beautiful scarves that should see the light of day. I’m just not sure how to style it without looking matronly. Both The Real Real and Vestiaire have vintage Hermès scarves.

Image © Vogue Italia


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  • Hi Preston – how do you style them to look modern? Other than headscarf? Would love some examples of what you pair it with and how you tie them…

    elizabethApril 12th, 2018  11:31 AM

  • I don’t know, that is why I never wear them…

    PrestonApril 12th, 2018  11:40 AM

  • I felt the same, Hermes scarfs as you age can look so matronly & ‘ladies who lunch’
    The trick is pair them with a Zara tee, well worn jeans , flats & a trench. Hi/low

    SusanApril 12th, 2018  11:49 AM

  • Today on The Flair Index, Jennifer suggested to line a ratan bag with one. I thought this was a clever idea.

    LynetteApril 12th, 2018  11:50 AM

  • My 29-year-old daughter-in-law folds hers diagonally and wears them draped around her neck with no tying involved. I’ve seen her wear them with her work suits and also with a tee and jeans like Susan mentioned. It works beautifully for her. I’ve tried it and it always slips off some how. I prefer the larger cashmere/silk scarves from Hermes. I wrap them around my neck and tuck them through for a casual, “messy” vibe.

    BarbaraApril 12th, 2018  12:32 PM

  • I had sold all of mine on The Real Real – because I wasn’t wearing them for the same reason you don’t. Then, on vacation, I found a fantastic soft vintage one, and have been wearing it a lot. I fold it into a rectangle, wrap in front of my neck with the loose edges towards the back and then bring them around and tie them asymmetrically in the front. I like when they’re washed and the “sheen” is gone.

    KathyApril 12th, 2018  12:39 PM

  • I love wearing scarves for a pop of pattern as I am otherwise a very minimalist dresser. I make a long slender wrap out them and tie very closely to my neck so there is no excess fabric. They pop up out of shirt collars in a surprising but clean way.

    RobinApril 12th, 2018  1:25 PM

  • Thanks for the great ideas. I wear my long skinny silk scarfs on my neck and sometimes on the belt loops of a skirt/pant. They look stylish and I’ve gotten compliments. I also have a very small Hermes square scarf and have worn it casually with plain and striped t shirts and jeans. I think the large silk square scarfs can definitely look “old” on women over certain age, no matter how you style it.

    EllenApril 12th, 2018  8:11 PM

  • This is a very good question! I have a collection of beautiful scarves, the first one of which I chose at Hermès in Paris when I was 12. I wore them happily tied in many different ways throughout my youth. But now that I am 47, they spent the season sitting in the drawer, mostly because I’m afraid of looking too “ladies who lunch.” It is possible to have the scarves sewn into throw pillows. But I think we need to find inspiration for how to wear them and look good. I don’t want to look old and bourgeoise, but elegance is nice!

    Kic fanApril 13th, 2018  7:00 AM

  • I wear them folded diagonally and then tied tightly round my neck, knotted at the back of my neck and left to fall down my back. I wear them on handbags.

    I think scarves are great accessories for adding something individual to a look. I treat them like jewellery; they’re part of my life story. I would hate to ever see the same scarf on anyone else.

    Jillian RossApril 13th, 2018  8:10 AM

  • I framed one of mine in a modern frame….great art work!

    susanApril 13th, 2018  8:39 AM

  • I wear my Liberty silk scarf like a neckerchief

    That's Not My AgeApril 13th, 2018  8:48 AM

  • Currently, Hermes has a cute video on their website featuring scarves called the “Carre Quiz”. It shows styling with sporty track jackets and other unexpected pairings. Highly recommend!


    SusanApril 13th, 2018  11:24 AM

  • I adore scarves too.. funnily enough the Hermès Scarf I was given is the one I least wear cause I don’t want to ruin it… and it seems the least casual.. but my main point is that we carry our clothes.. style vs trend..bd while of course we can learn how to dress.. if one feels does not feel their best wearing a certain item or look look then no amount of styling will make up for that..

    LindyApril 13th, 2018  9:07 PM

  • May I suggest you Google/Pinterest Giovanna Battaglia? She often wears scarves and they look fresh and stylish.
    In addition, Chanel Fall 2018 styled scarves as mufflers – perhaps we will start seeing more of them which will inspire our use.
    Hermes scarf rings make the styling simple…Chain D’Ancre or Boucle Etriviere.
    PS – I admire your style Preston.

    TerrieApril 14th, 2018  9:33 AM

  • I love my Hermes scarves but do go thru phases where I’m feeling old & they aren’t doing me any favors. Of course pairing them with sweaters in the winter keeps me warm (& adds a bit of color to the grey days & grey/black wardrobe).
    One trick I learned from a super chic sales woman at H in Geneva is fold it into a large triangle, tie the ends into knots, and drape over your shoulders (knots hanging forward). The weight of the knots keep it in place and it looks more casual.

    LauraApril 14th, 2018  12:11 PM

  • Loving all the tips and I will bring out my Hermes and give them a go.
    They really are works of art and don’t deserve to sit in boxes. Orange boxes, but nevertheless boxes…

    SusanApril 14th, 2018  4:12 PM

  • So many classic scarves appeared in street style photos from the recent Paris Fashionweek: wrapped around and knotted at the neck inside the collar of a short casual jacket, untied and hanging loose peaking out from an open long coat, and worn head-scarf style. My favorite photo ishows a large square silk scarf folded in a triangle, knotted loosely and worn casually over a gray wool blazer, black sweater and jeans. The trick is to never wear them with something too precious or the possibility of looking dated skyrockets. Also to just throw it on and go — not fuss with getting it all perfect. I wear scarves (many different types) frequently and, recently, one of the 20/30-something’s who I work with complimented me on my “scarf game”.

    KathyApril 15th, 2018  12:12 PM

  • I love silk scarves because my neck is always cold. I actually have the one on the bottom left in that photo. I do the traditional fold (flat square, two corners in to the center diagonally, fold lengthwise a couple more times until you have a long rope, then around the neck twice or looped like a winter scarf). I actually like the giant H scarves more than the 90 cm ones but I wear a scarf of some kind literally every day; I just freeze if I don’t. In the summer they are great for A/C and in the winter they are great outside.

    EllaApril 15th, 2018  10:31 PM

  • Preston, a few years ago you posted a photo of the CEO of GE Capital France wearing a sheath, silk scarf and leather jacket. She looked so chic and far from matronly.

    The TropicalistApril 17th, 2018  2:51 PM


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