April 22nd, 2018
On My Mind

Doing Our Part: Earth Day

We (my family and I) try to do our bit to help the planet—reusable produce and filet grocery bags, straw market baskets, refillable water bottles, grow a lot of our own vegetables, keep bees, compost, recycle, take the train and subway often, buy quality items that we’ll wear forever, and are informed daily about food waste issues by our younger daughter. But I know there are so many other things we could/should be doing.

The filet bags expand and hold more than you’d think. They also fit in my handbag so I always have one or two with me and use them for more than just marketing.

I, too, like the long handled version to wear over my shoulder like this chic woman below.


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The Pouch gathered leather clutch bag


Single-breasted leather coat


Intrecciato-woven leather tote


Ruched slingback leather pumps


The Pouch large leather clutch bag


Miles leather ankle boots


Print jute tote bag


Iacopo double band sandal


bandana print tie neck blouse


Iacopo double band sandal


Mella gold-tone hoop earrings


embroidered flared skirt

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  • My Chinese grandmother wove her own filet bags from string. I still have one of them and treasure it.

    slfApril 22nd, 2018  9:51 AM

  • slf- that is very cool.

    PrestonApril 22nd, 2018  9:55 AM

  • I’d say you do more than your fair share. Very impressive. A garden and composting is a dream for me.

    MarcyApril 22nd, 2018  3:54 PM

  • I recycle to the point of guilt. I use refillable water bottles and recycle the plastic Fiji and Hint ones too. I use the Whole Foods reusable bags as well but was disappointed when I returned a slew of paper ones when forgot my others to find they discontinued recycling of those. Now I just recycle those on trash day. I wish I could grow my own vegetables but don’t have the time or space for that. I just go to the local farmers market to support them instead. I wish everyone would be more conscious! The weather tells it all lately. Global warming is real.

    TracyApril 22nd, 2018  6:51 PM

  • My generation has vivid memories of Lady Bird Johnson’s crusade to stop littering (talk about a project with a huge impact!), so we grew up conscientious of keeping our cities, roads, and parks clean. Litter is still the number ONE pollutant, cigarette butts and fast food wrap among the worst culprits. I am not on the ‘global warming’ bandwagon; however, my family values quality over quantity in everything, which means we naturally consume less/dispose of less (i.e., buy good cars and drive them over 100k miles, buy older homes and live in it for life, landscape to reduce erosion, put awnings on windows (and their chic!), and only buy fast food on road trips). Love this post!

    PaulaApril 23rd, 2018  12:29 AM

  • Thank you for this post, just ordered a couple from Amazon. Big change starts will small steps:)

    SharonApril 23rd, 2018  7:10 AM


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