May 6th, 2018
Prada 2019 Resort

Welcome to the ’90s

There are a lot of great pieces in the Prada 2019 Resort collection that was shown in NYC last Friday. The coats and jackets, especially, caught my eye and transported me back to ’90s minimalism, which I would welcome with open arms.

Images © Vogue


what's new


Chunky large hoops


Trio bag


High neck sweater in double face Shetland cashmere


Wrap skirt in wool felt


Elliptic Heel nappa lambskin ankle boot


Signet ring


Square sunglasses


Coat in double face cashmere


Crew neck sweater in double face shetland wool and cashmere


Elliptic Heel nappa lambskin ankle boot


Baroque hoops


Knot ring made of vermeil

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  • Completely agree with the 90’s aesthetic. So easy, chic, hip, and elegant at the same time. Speaking of Ms. Paltrow, I just saw ‘Sliding Doors’ this weekend and enjoyed her character’s wardrobe – right on point with this post. I think it may have been predominately Calvin Klein. Thanks for the great post Preston!

    LisaMay 6th, 2018  4:19 PM

  • Love ‘Sliding Doors’, one of my faves!

    PrestonMay 6th, 2018  5:19 PM

  • I love outerwear and berets, and I especially love the looks in the upper left and lower right! That little suede jacket would be an easy choice!

    PaulaMay 7th, 2018  12:01 AM

  • And so the ‘backlash’ begins! But Prada is always early. I do like some minimalism but sometimes it can look more of the same.

    MMSMay 7th, 2018  5:03 AM

  • I love this and really hope it’s a trend away from all the ruffles and fluff. I already wore all these dresses in the 80’s and it wasn’t that flattering then. CK was incredible and so was Donna Karen!

    JenniferMay 7th, 2018  7:51 AM

  • I have a jacket very similar to the one on the bottom right. Love the dark brown suede one next to it. I think I’m the only person who reads this blog who doesn’t remember clothes by decades…at all. I’m so impressed.

    KathyMay 7th, 2018  9:40 AM

  • Me too! (Nineties minimalism)

    That's Not My AgeMay 8th, 2018  12:28 PM


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