May 30th, 2018
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Dairy Free

One of the best decisions I made last year was to cut out dairy (only a bite of cheese on occasion). I lost 10 pounds within a few weeks and feel better. There is an article in Vogue Germany that looks interesting (I’m going to find an English version) and the accompanying photo by Grant Cornett above is fantastic.  It took a bit, but I now love almond milk in my coffee and on granola.


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  • What almond milk do you like? I haven’t found one I like yet.

    MaggieMay 31st, 2018  6:56 AM

  • Good for you Preston! I’ve been dairy free for years but still can’t find a great substitute for half and half in my coffee. What kind of Almond milk are you using? I went Gluten free in March and feel so much better. Would you mind sharing the German article if you can’t find the English version?

    Mary JeanneMay 31st, 2018  7:16 AM

  • I also love cashew milk! For Almond Milk I like Califia Farms unsweetened almond milk best.

    Leslie CutlerMay 31st, 2018  7:30 AM

  • That photo is gorgeous, looks like a painting.

    disneyrollergirlMay 31st, 2018  7:49 AM

  • I hear Oatly is amazing milk…made with oats…but apparently nice rich flavor…all the Baristas are raving about it!

    Margot GoldbergMay 31st, 2018  7:55 AM

  • Half and half was my downfall, it’s the only way I’d drink coffee. The Califa Barista Blend is good. I had to learn to like my coffee milkier rather than creamy, if that makes sense. Ironically, I drink less coffee because of the ratio of almond milk to coffee is reversed.

    PrestonMay 31st, 2018  8:04 AM

  • I’m intrigued by this topic. I have never been a fan of dairy other than cheese and occasionally yogurt. I love Siggi’s full-fat with some granola and Fage (either 2% or full-fat) for cooking. I take my coffee black and use unsweetened coconut milk in my protein shakes. I’m curious as to why you’d lose weight from abstaining from dairy. Is it because of the sugar? What are the other health benefits you all have encountered? Thanks!

    kimMay 31st, 2018  8:16 AM

  • I’ve had the same experience by cutting dairy. I too lived on coffee with half and half. I do Whole 30 – cutting dairy and sugar was the biggest impact on my body. I lost 15 lbs and have kept it off! I’m allergic to nuts so I can’t have almond milk. I LOVE coconut milk – delicious!! It’s not easy to find on the road but I’m starting to see it more!

    Allison CaccomaMay 31st, 2018  8:26 AM

  • Califia Better Half, unsweetened, is a great substitute for half-and-half!

    CatherineMay 31st, 2018  8:40 AM

  • I am lactose intolerant and thus avoid dairy if I can. If the queen would ever invite me over to Buckingham Palace I would drink or eat whatever she serves… The best almond milk is home made almond milk. It is very easy to make – trust me I am no Martha Stewart – and there are a lot of recipes on the internet or demonstrations on youtube. Cashew milk is even easier as you don’t have to strain the milk after processing it in the Vitamix. I personally drink and prefer my coffee black but I take Coconut creamer in my tea, I think it would work very well as a substitut for half and half in your coffee. I have also tried the “superfood creamer” from Lairds which is a powder. It tastes good but clumps a bit which makes it less appetizing to look at but as I said it tastes good. But if you are not lactose intolerant, a little half and half in your coffee might still be best.

    Denise-MyleneMay 31st, 2018  8:51 AM

  • I’m dairy free also. I use Moo almond milk in my coffee, but a lot of my friends use a coconut creamer (organic) in theirs, and it’s the closest to half and half.

    KathyMay 31st, 2018  9:32 AM

  • Preston,
    Great topic! I have been virtually dairy free for a year now and feel great. My only issue is coffee creamer. I have tried most dairy substitutes and none are close to half and half. I am also very careful with added sugar, this eliminates a lot of other options. If anyone has suggestions on low sugar dairy free creamers, please post.

    JulieMay 31st, 2018  9:36 AM

  • I have been intermittently doing Whole30, and have cut out dairy for the most part, every now and then I splurge with an ice cream or milk in my coffee. I learned to drink black coffee. I have yet to find a milk/creamer substitute that foams like milk for lattes and cappuccinos.

    ameeMay 31st, 2018  9:46 AM

  • I recently switched to almond milk too. I read an article about dairy contributing to inflammation. I bought a milk frother from Breville, (it goes in the dishwasher), and add turmeric to the almond milk before I turn it on.

    KimMay 31st, 2018  10:14 AM

  • Coconut milk is the answer. Buy it in a chemical-free can or make your own, it’s really pretty easy. It’s creamier than nut milks. Trying mixing coconut milk with homemade cashew milk too. Stay away from pre-made creamers. They are loaded with things a body doesn’t like.

    Keri DMay 31st, 2018  10:21 AM

  • Hello Preston
    As an early 50ish year old woman who has just been diagnosed with Osteoporosis I would counsel you and your readers to calculate your calcium intake in your choices. Unfortunately I am going in the opposite direction as I find it near impossible to achieve the requisite calcium without a couple of servings of dairy in a day. Unfortunately the stretch in my jeans is being tested when I was always rake thin but what can you do….. I fully appreciate the choices you are making but please ensure you are achieving a sufficient calcium intake. Since my diagnosis in January, I am so aware of how little this is canvassed in the mainstream press. Can I be so bold to encourage your readers who are post menopause to have a bone density test particularly if you are slight build (it’s a contributing factor).
    Regards Cate

    CateMay 31st, 2018  12:10 PM

  • In the UK, I have Rude Health almond milk with my coffee. I started switching over by mixing half regular milk and half almond milk to get used to the taste. Now I prefer almond milk.

    MMSMay 31st, 2018  12:13 PM

  • why did you quit eating dairy products?

    annMay 31st, 2018  12:48 PM

  • I didn’t feel great after eating them and bloating

    PrestonMay 31st, 2018  12:58 PM

  • When I need a splash of “creamer” in my coffee, I use unsweetened Nut Pods which are a combo of almond and coconut milk. They are dairy free, soy free, vegan, non-GMO, paleo and Whole 30 compliant. It is the only substitute for cow’s milk I have ever liked in coffee.

    sandie timmMay 31st, 2018  2:01 PM

  • I switched exclusively to almond milk for my coffee and have tried numerous brands. I wanted a product with no additives and no sugar that tasted great and would froth nicely for coffee. Two brands, “MALK Unsweetened Almond Milk” which is made only with organic almonds, salt and filtered water and “THREE TREES Organic Almond Milk” made from filtered water and almonds, are the closest thing to homemade and delicious. They also froth beautifully in my Nespresso Aeroccino.

    karimaMay 31st, 2018  4:58 PM

  • I used to use unsweetened almond milk in smoothies, until a friend pointed out that shop-bought almond milk only contains 2% almonds.

    BeccaMay 31st, 2018  8:53 PM

  • My concerns are the same as Cate’s. Although I don’t have osteoporosis, as a small build woman who has always leaned towards being thin, I am a candidate for it. Bone density testing is super important, I started post-menopause and every couple of years since. It’s my opinion that a life of being physically active can help with bone density and continues to be important post menopause. Although I don’t consume an inordinate amount of dairy, I put milk on cereal and organic half and half in my coffee (just a splash). I no longer drink lattes, but put froth on an iced Americano. My daughter eliminated dairy because of digestive issues, complexion issues, and bloating; weirdly, I’ve never experienced any of those symptoms. I’m sympathetic to anyone with food allergies, and am amazed at the number of women I know who can’t tolerate dairy. Cate’s point is important – get the calcium somewhere else (I take Calcium + D) because the body requires it.

    PaulaJune 1st, 2018  12:37 AM

  • With respect to your choice to cut dairy out of your diet, you must be careful not to suggest that this would be beneficial for everybody. For most people dairy is the main source of calcium. Als a dietitian I am aware of other sources, but the truth is that most people struggle to get enough vegetable based calcium in. Also, it is a personal choice, not an adage for everybody. There are a lot of people so confused about food nowadays that they are bound to follow your choice without any health related grounds.

    Nicole de HaanJune 1st, 2018  8:35 AM

  • Very true and I hope my post made it clear that it was a great decision for me, but I’m not promoting it.

    PrestonJune 1st, 2018  9:21 AM

  • Mornings I do Grady’s Cold Brew, a scoop of Vital Proteins Collagen, a heaping spoonful of Sun Potion Anandamide and New Barn or Malk almond milk – sometimes with ice. I use an old fashioned manual egg frothier whisk or a matcha whisk before adding ice. Yum. I do not miss regular coffe with milk at all.

    I now actually prefer Coconut yogurt, especially Coconut collaborative.

    Making these changes in our family has virtually cured my teen daughters cystic acne.

    I do miss a hot milky tea on cold mornings, somehow almond milk just does not feel the same. Based on comments here I’ll try coconut milk. And I miss goat cheese or ricotta cheese and a recipe ingredient- I have not found a non dairy cheese I like.

    allisonJune 2nd, 2018  9:37 AM

  • Mary Jeanne and others who are dairy free,
    Try So Delicious brand creamer as a substitute for cream or half and half.

    CynthiaJune 2nd, 2018  9:38 AM

  • Elmhurst cashew milk is the absolute best for coffee. You can also easily replicate cream by making you’re own cashew milk by soaking them overnight in water and blending them in a vitamix. Just adjust the amount of water to determine how creamy you want your cashew milk. No sugar added or you can add a date or cinnamon to make a little more flavorful. Highly recommend!

    AmyJune 2nd, 2018  12:12 PM

  • So impressed. It would be so hard to say goodbye to cheese! I love RIPPLE milk which is made from pea protein. It has a ton of calcium and, since I can’t do the nut milks, it’s a fabulous alternative with lots of protein.
    Preston, thanks for this website, I look forward to it each moring! Love the content so much!

    Meredith AlexanderJune 4th, 2018  10:21 AM

  • Agree with @Paula & @Nicole de Hana. Whether or not you reduce dairy in your diet, you still need calcium and vitamin D. So those who have reduced your dairy intake, are you also taking calcium and vitamin D supplements AND getting a bone density test, especially if you are post-menopausal? Super important if you are going to go less dairy.

    Ronica SmuckerJune 13th, 2018  2:01 PM


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