June 3rd, 2018

Hair Help

When it’s not 90° and humid, it’s overcast and rainy—oh, what a spring we’ve had in NYC. I posted a picture of myself on Instagram last week and my hair looked awful; a little more effort is in order (makeup, too, but that’s for another time).  The messy bun à la the Duchess of Sussex never looks as good on me and a ponytail is great, but not all the time. I’m looking for products, short of ’60s hairspray, that will help my hair defy the humidity.


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  • How about lob, that you air dry to work with the humidity for a real change, you can always grow it back OR NOT you may love it.

    SusanJune 3rd, 2018  12:10 PM

  • I swear by Living Proof No Humidity Shield.
    And the No Frizz styling cream beforehand.

    monicaJune 3rd, 2018  1:48 PM

  • Just had a talk with a stylist about frizz she said it happens because your hair is pulling moisture out of the air. One key is to start with very hydrated and healthy hair. I love Pantene 3 Minute Miracle for smoothing down my hair. I then use Phytodefrisant on wet hair before blow drying and Moroccanoil to smooth my hair after drying. I have very thick hair so I have to flat iron it on humid days to give myself a head start on frizz. I use Oribe Anti Humidity Spray too but it’s not a miracle worker. The other thing I love is when my colorist does a gloss after my highlights. It helps keep my hair shiny and less frizzy but it only lasts a month. Good luck!

    Habitually ChicJune 3rd, 2018  2:33 PM

  • Ouidad climate control works for really thick, wild and unruly hair

    EJune 3rd, 2018  2:51 PM

  • I feel your pain. I love Living Proof 5 in 1 Style Creme. The entire line is great!

    SarahJune 4th, 2018  12:49 AM

  • Kerastase products are very good for taming hair, I have found. You always look very together in your photos.

    SueJune 4th, 2018  1:50 AM

  • I have fine hair with a wave/frizz. A blow dry every few days is my way to avoid frizz. I do pin curls to get some volume but those drop almost as soon as I leave the salon and then it looks quite ‘natural’.

    MMSJune 4th, 2018  4:03 AM

  • Living in the Florida humidity took my fine frizzy hair to a year round effort. Every three months I do a keritan treatment so my hair is completely manageable but not pin straight or flat,. I cut it to a lob a few years ago to look well groomed and keep versatility for a pony tail.

    karenJune 4th, 2018  6:47 AM

  • Davines OI line is good, especially the all-in-one milk. I also like Living Proof’s anti frizz products. But I like to wear my hair curly. Though Kim France is a big Davines fan as well.

    joannawnycJune 4th, 2018  7:26 AM

  • CHI Straight Guard – smoothing styling cream is brilliant. It’s in a pump format and you use it on wet hair. It gets rid of all my frizz and I’ve tried everything and I swear by this. I stock up on it.

    SusanJune 4th, 2018  7:51 AM

  • Hair smoothing treatment – it’s the only way to get through the summer. Brazilian Blowout tends to make my hair too straight so now I do the Cezanne treatment. My hair still has body but no frizz. Products can only do so much!

    Dawn KiernanJune 4th, 2018  7:52 AM

  • Cezanne Classic smoothing treatment at my salon in NY. It has to be professionally applied to do it correctly and is formaldhyde-free and lasts 3 months. It’s pricey but tames the frizz and leaves my hair healthy and shiny.

    JackieJune 4th, 2018  7:55 AM

  • I started using Living Proof products a year ago, and I love them. I use the anti-frizz line

    AprilJune 4th, 2018  9:09 AM

  • I agree with the Davines OI line, especially the oil which can be applied before blow drying and used again as needed throughout the day.

    DianeJune 4th, 2018  9:45 AM

  • If you have fine, slightly wavy hair, go with your curl pattern. Deva Curl products and the Curly Girl handbook changed my life. Need to find a stylist who is trained. Used to have flat head look, now Blythe Danner waves..

    cindalaJune 4th, 2018  10:05 AM

  • I’m a fan of super clean, silicone & sulfate free natural products. I stopped all chemicals and I find my hair and scalp are much healthier. I also found Curly Girl and Silver Hair handbook techniques and DIY hair treatments very helpful. I really like Innersence organic products.

    LynetteJune 4th, 2018  12:10 PM

  • Just read an article on Bastide site re summer hair. Recommendations were a braid, a smooth pony tail or a neat bun. Frederic Fakaii (sp, sorry) knows his stuff. Unless a tween at summer camp, I don’t think the messy bun works on anyone.

    PaulaJune 4th, 2018  1:29 PM

  • Cezanne and Oribe AntiHumidity Spray, if needed. Life changing. Really.

    SuWuJune 4th, 2018  2:29 PM

  • I recently tried Color Wow Dream Coat and it really blocks humidity better than anything I have ever tried including Cezanne and Magic Sleek keratin treatments. I wasn’t wearing my glasses when I first read the usage instructions. I thought it read “lasts 2 to 3 days” so I used it after each shampoo. My hair became less manageable so I re-read the instructions (with my glasses on) and it discovered that it lasts through 2 to three shampoos! I used a clarifying shampoo to remove the build-up and am very pleased with its performance. Note: you have to either blow dry or use a flatiron after use.

    LeeJune 4th, 2018  4:22 PM

  • I’m loving the playa hair products that navaz raves about on her Disneyrollergirl blog. I constantly get asked if I just got my hair cut and colored, even when I’m about due to go! I swim laps, so hair maintenance is a priority for me. These products smell so good, too. I gave away all my keratase after using playa.

    LindaJune 4th, 2018  8:56 PM

  • I agree with the keratin treatment. When I moved from California to Texas the humid summers were brutal on my hair. I now get a keratin treatment twice a year. No need for time consuming, expensive blowouts, my hair dries in half the time and looks healthy.

    ceejayJune 4th, 2018  10:07 PM

  • Derm Organic hair products, have proven to be perfect for me.

    ShelleyJune 5th, 2018  9:15 AM

  • I use a number of different products for anti-frizz; Living Proof, Davines, Oribe, etc. ; I find switching it up works for me. I did get keratin treatments for 4 years. That worked the best, but I found my hair was breaking/falling out. I always had very thick hair, so that scared me! No more keratin – I went to the dermatologist and am taking some supplements. Hair is growing back in, and I will have to be satisfied with temporary anti-frizz treatments.

    bisbeeJune 5th, 2018  9:42 AM

  • . . . Oribe makes an oil in a pump bottle that works beautifully to smooth hair. Like skin, I think hair/scalp is happiest when it can breathe. I would avoid anything that essentially encases hair, preventing normal exposure to natural elements. Frederic Fekkai’s beauty books offer excellent, common sense suggestions.

    PaulaJune 5th, 2018  11:10 AM

  • I thought your hair looked great. It’s natural and didn’t look frizzy at all. I do like the messy bun look but you have to make sure you have volume around the sides and top – not as effortless as it appears. I also like a messy French twist, which is easier to do (for me) ~ I’m not a hairdo fan and since I know you, I don’t think you’d be happy with a lot of layers and product.

    KathyJune 5th, 2018  5:44 PM

  • Preston, I still swear by the tip I got from you about 3 years ago: Bumble & Bumble Don’t Blow It. It’s a leave-in, air-dry product, perfect for summer. No frizz, piece-ey waves, not weighed down. If they discontinue, I will literally die!

    CatherineJune 6th, 2018  4:55 PM

  • I have thick, curly hair and live in Florida. I haven’t found the holy grail, but keeping hair very healthy and moisturized is the first line of defense. Otherwise the hair is trying to soak up the moisture (humidity). Cut out silicones, sulfates from products. After moisturizing hair I rinse thoroughly then reapply a very small amount and leave it in. Don’t use a towel on hair. Too rough. I cut up husbands undershirt (very soft) and wind my wet hair in it like a turban. I use a Frizz Ease type product sparingly on wet hair. Keratin has worked, but it’s expensive and made my lion’s mane very flat.

    MarianneJune 8th, 2018  5:15 PM


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