June 6th, 2018
On My Mind


Yesterday was Environment Day and I posted on Instagram about how easy and chic it is to give up plastic shopping bags, plastic bottles, and straws. When a plastic bag was found at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean’s Mariana Trench, my heart broke. I live on the water and we pick up trash on the beach as often as we can. The recent issue of Porter has a story photographed in the Maldives and many of the pictures are of the plastic that has washed ashore even in this remote spot. Editor-in-chief Lucy Yeomans is very keen on highlighting this escalating pollution problem and “Porter has partnered with Parley for the Oceans and dedicated their summer campaign to the ocean plastic crisis.”

So, I thought I would offer a few easy alternatives to plastic items that are used daily. And please buy local honey to help battle honey bee colony collapse, another environmental issue that is close to my heart. These would be useful and conscientious hostess gifts.

Filet bags, water bottles, straw market baskets, paper and stainless steel straws.


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Suzanne medium hobo bag in smooth leather


Nia gathered-neck belted midi dress


Cotton and wool tweed midi dress


Parker leather sandals


Merino wool sweater


Jenna cropped cotton-blend slim-leg trousers


Crossover leather wedge sandals


Twill midi dress


Cel-V two-strap neoprene sandals


High-rise skinny jeans


Wool top


Dunkled putty bonded cotton 3/4 coat

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  • Just ordered my stainless steel straws. Check out all the wonderful work Dianna Cohen and the Plastic Pollution Coalition is doing!

    Deb MatsumotoJune 6th, 2018  9:28 AM

  • Oh I’ve been loving the basket bag trend, I feel so French carrying it around town and I hate plastic bags anyway, no way of storing them in an eye-pleasing way. I got a really sturdy wicker basket from a small brand Fonott and it can hold surprisingly lot and also doesn’t make me look like a granny

    HannahJune 6th, 2018  9:39 AM

  • Agree. In addition to hostess gifts, they can also be creatively used as party favors. At a summer garden party I attended, the hostess draped filet bags filled with lemons and honey on the back of each chair for guests to take home.

    Karima / A Note on StyleJune 6th, 2018  9:41 AM

  • Now, that is chic!

    PrestonJune 6th, 2018  9:49 AM

  • Thanks for the great ideas. Where I live in SoCal it’s illegal for stores to give plastic bags without charging 10 cents. It’s keeps people mindful and reusable bags have skyrocketed. Every bit helps.

    LFarJune 6th, 2018  9:57 AM

  • Thanks, Preston! Such an important issue. We now offer paper straws at my coffee shop and are working on ways to encourage people to carry reusable coffee cups. Green is chic!

    kerryJune 6th, 2018  10:37 AM

  • I’ve been using reusable bags, S’Well bottles, stainless steel straws, and silicone straws for awhile, and now I’m going to give filet bags a try. Many people don’t like the flimsiness of paper straws, which is why packing the steel or silicone ones in your purse is a great option. Thanks for a thoughtful and fabulous post!

    DianeJune 6th, 2018  10:54 AM

  • One positive is to-go coffee cups are almost always paper and biodegradable rather than styrofoam or plastic (except for the iced drinks). The lids are a problem. When someone pointed out to me that drinking from a straw encourages lip lines the same as smoking does, I stopped using them altogether. A nicely outfitted picnic basket with silverware, easy-care cloth napkins, and nonbreakable glasses makes a wonderful wedding gift. We still use ours after a few decades.

    PaulaJune 6th, 2018  4:23 PM

  • I’m on board and use all of these things, in fact when I started being religious about the S’Well bottles for water I found I drink much more. Late comer to the straw issue but completely onto it now and I’m lucky enough to get honey from my sister’s neighbour.

    SueMJune 6th, 2018  5:02 PM

  • One more thing…check out the Planet or Plastic? article in the June National Geographic. Should not be missed.

    Deb MatsumotoJune 6th, 2018  5:18 PM

  • and speaking of the dwindling bee population… which makes me unbelievably sad,. i just planted nepeata underneath my roses and walked outside this morning and saw hundreds of bees! so excited! i also have lots of lavender and you know the bees love that too!

    sallyJune 6th, 2018  6:48 PM

  • But surely the whole point of being environmentally friendly is to consume less!!

    Claude RemainsJune 6th, 2018  7:18 PM

  • @Sally, I just planted the neapeata around our house and under our roses too! Yes, lots of bees. I do use all of the above, but I should be better about not buying grocery items in plastic containers and using their plastic bags for produce.

    KathyJune 6th, 2018  10:09 PM

  • With regard to shopping and produce bags – a renowned doctor pointed out early in the reusable shopping bag movement that they are a haven for bacteria and staph unless washed after each use. And, of course, that requires water, soap and using energy. I use the paper sacks at the store and recycle them.

    PaulaJune 7th, 2018  12:33 PM

  • I’ve heard this, too, and throw my string bags in with towels each week.

    PrestonJune 7th, 2018  4:29 PM

  • Leave it to Preston to be on top of it!! : )) For novices out there, use HOT water and add a splash of Clorox to kill bacteria/staph. Penicillin-resistant staph is nothing to mess around with and it’s out there.

    PaulaJune 8th, 2018  11:05 PM


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