July 8th, 2018
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Tee Time

Two t-shirt styles I’m always on the hunt for are v-neck and ribbed. I’ve heard a lot about Everlane and I’ve had good luck with Uniqlo tees.


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The Pouch gathered leather clutch bag


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Intrecciato-woven leather tote


Ruched slingback leather pumps


The Pouch large leather clutch bag


Miles leather ankle boots


Print jute tote bag


Iacopo double band sandal


bandana print tie neck blouse


Iacopo double band sandal


Mella gold-tone hoop earrings


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  • I always love the idea of Everlane and the look of many of the pieces but have unfortunately found that the quality isn’t great. After a washing or two, the neckline of the t-shirts tends to look twisted and the sweaters show wear.

    JenniferJuly 8th, 2018  8:10 PM

  • I’m so glad you shared this, I see the line promoted everywhere and was wondering about the quality. It’s tough to find inexpensive items that hold up.

    PrestonJuly 9th, 2018  4:59 AM

  • Uniqlo is the absolute go to for inexpensive, quality clothing. The fit, style and durability is streets ahead of any high street or mid range brand. Also, it gives some prestige brands a lesson in quality eg stripes that align in a t shirt.

    ClaireJuly 9th, 2018  6:22 AM

  • Hello Preston, I completely agree with Jennifer. Everlane’s quality is low, to say the least. Uniqlo on the other hand is superior; they look great always and wear well. The finish is luxurious and I size down for an upscale look. Tip: wash the dark colors inside out.

    SuWuJuly 9th, 2018  6:55 AM

  • I stand by Michael Stars and Velvet t -shirts for casual wear-great quality and wash well. Love ATM t-shirts for a bit dressier look. A perfect T is favorite item in my wardrobe.

    Mary BethJuly 9th, 2018  8:12 AM

  • Unfortunately I have to agree about the quality of Everlane t-shirts…the fabric is very thin, which can be a nice feature, but after washing the collars appear twisted…

    joannJuly 9th, 2018  8:18 AM

  • Try Ann Mashburn! I’ve been wearing a black crew neck tee for three summers…not faded…not twisted

    RacheleJuly 9th, 2018  9:02 AM

  • ditto on everlane tshirts – first couple of wears are great, but they look tired and worn very quickly. Wouldn’t buy a again. I do have a few of their other things like the army jacket and a pair of pants for work and they just fine.

    KennyJuly 9th, 2018  9:05 AM

  • I have to agree about quality of Everlane Tshirts and cashmere. Tshirts stretch and loose shape. Cashmere pills very quickly. I rely on J.Crew and Splendid for tshirts. Neither are perfect quality, but they last a full season Will have to try Uniqlo

    julie weinbergerJuly 9th, 2018  9:10 AM

  • I also agree on the Uniqlo tee shirts. Great quality and they can be machine washed and dried!

    suebeeJuly 9th, 2018  9:11 AM

  • I’ve had really bad luck with Everlane-both tees and sweatshirts (Jcrew as well.)
    My favorite cheap tee brand is actually Zara. I have black ones that are many years old. For nicer brands Splendid, Enza Costa, James Perse and n:Philanthropy all hold up well. It depends on the fit and stye that works for you.

    EBJuly 9th, 2018  10:23 AM

  • Another one here in the No Everlane chorus. As someone who saw my mother’s clothes (fitted sleeves and weighted hems in blazers, chamois linings in wool winter coats) I’m always so dumbfounded at what is out there today. (I know I know I sound like a pearl-clutching old person.) I was baffled when I saw the Everlane pop-up at Nordstrom’s here in Toronto. The quality was so poor. Everything looked skimpy and sad. There’s now an entire generation that has no clue what well-made clothes look like/feel like/wash like. And all you need, as a brand, is an elegant website with a beautifully chosen font, not too many images and a liberal use of the word ‘transparent’. Sorry to be so ranty, but it makes me sad.

    LizaJuly 9th, 2018  10:48 AM

  • I have a number of Everlane items and I too agree with the quality problem! They fade so fast and shape isn’t always great. I often go to www.cheapesTees.com. If you can overlook the name, you can get so many shirts in different styles and fabrics – good prices so when I am finished with them I don’t feel bad giving them away!!

    JenniferJuly 10th, 2018  7:26 AM

  • This year’s Uniqlo tees (both ribbed and flat) are excellent quality. I don’t like either the fit (too boxy) or the quality of Everlane. At the higher end, James Perse makes great tees.

    EllaJuly 10th, 2018  8:56 AM

  • Rag and Bone are my favorite. I agree with comments on Everlane – quality not super great.

    NancyJuly 10th, 2018  11:07 AM

  • I wear either ATM or James Perse – the ones that are not slubbed. I keep seeing old photos of Jackie Kennedy in Capri wearing great looking tees. They fit well, have some body, good colors, etc. There’s a hole in the market for someone who wants to fill it.

    KathyJuly 10th, 2018  1:30 PM

  • This will sound a little crazy, but I just buy a new black tee every year or two.
    For a little body in the tee, I get L. L. Bean.
    For light weight, I like Vince. Nice for travel, they dry fast!

    GayleJuly 10th, 2018  7:43 PM

  • Late to the conversation, but wanted to plug Peserico for a higher end T-shirt. If laundered with care they hold their shape and stay white. Quality is the missing piece of the fashion industry, with a very few exceptions. Even with the pricey Brunello Cuccinelli cashmere, after one washing, the sweater looks 5 years old! I know it’s possible to produce cashmere and cotton that holds up, because I’ve had them in the past. If there is one component I am willing to really pay for, it’s quality fabric, fibers, and construction. Except it’s really not available, almost at any price.

    PaulaJuly 11th, 2018  12:56 AM

  • Possibly a little down market for here, but I love Hush’s V neck slubby T shirts – quite thin, just the right shape and only £27! Lots of greys and black amongst the weirdly coloured ones.

    SueJuly 11th, 2018  2:20 AM

  • Haven’t tried Everlane but agree that there are some great finds at Uniqlo. I used to like J Crew for on sale tees, though I haven’t bought any in a while, and I have several James Perse that have lasted more than one summer (but also others with tiny holes and mystery stains so I guess it’s mixed, though the good are very good).

    joannawnycJuly 11th, 2018  7:03 AM

  • I love the linen tees from Lost & Found – perfect weight and cut. Beautiful quality.

    L.A.MamaJuly 15th, 2018  4:32 PM

  • Agree with the Everlane quality issue. I’ve tried several brands, Uniqlo-can’t beat the price and quality good. Agree @Rachelle about Ann Mashburn for tees and cashmere. I love Brunello Cucinelli and Fabiana Filippi for the softest t-shirts and the quality of the cotton. Like everyone else, I too, wear several brands when it comes to t-shirts.

    RonicaJuly 16th, 2018  3:06 PM


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