July 24th, 2018

You ‘Glow’ Girl!

Makeup has never been my thing, however I’ve been a fan of Charlotte Tilbury’s Wonderglow since it launched. The “glow” phenomenon is now huge and I’m interested in the skin care products that are a part of this booming trend.

Granted, skin is a natural extension of nutrition, health, and wellness, but despite the amount of water I drink and miles I run, my skin is very dry. So, to help me get that dewy, post-workout-looking complexion, there are a number of products I want to try.

Top of the list, which came highly recommended by my friend Kara, is Drunk Elephant’s C-Firma Day Serum—the entire line got rave reviews. I’ve used a serum from Sunday Riley and want to try their other products, and I keep hearing about Tatcha. I’m sure there are many more to test drive and I welcome recommendations.

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  • Preston,
    I love the Drunk Elephant products. I also like Vintner’s Daughter. I would like to try Dr Strum. How do people handle the humidity & glow? Thank you.

    MoiraJuly 24th, 2018  9:49 AM

  • My go-tos are La Mer moisturizing creme and Skinceuticals CE Ferulic.

    elizabethJuly 24th, 2018  10:43 AM

  • I highly recommend the Drunk Elephant C Firma Serum, Tarte Knockout Tingling Treatment (Acid toner like as P50 and cheaper dupe), Skinceuticals Feurlic Serum. Once you find your cocktail and routine of skincare, your skin will be changed. It takes repetition and a strong skincare regime to have glowy skin.

    KarinaJuly 24th, 2018  10:57 AM

  • Hi Preston – I’m 50. I constantly get complements on my “glow”.

    For skincare: I use ZO products by Obagi (pronounced “Z” “O” by my doctors office). You have to get them from your dermatologist (and I’m afraid to buy on Amazon, as sometimes fake products are sold online), but their skin care line up is truly better than any I’ve tried (and I’ve used everything from Sunday Riley and Perricone to Dior, Channel, and even the higher end department store brands… in my own experiment with Drunk Elephant, it was not enough for my 50 year old skin) I did really like all these other brands, but ZO is superior.

    I also use Amorepacific for my eye cream. The day has a slight glow built into it.

    For makeup: the final glow is from Dior Dreamskin as a primer and then Dior Airflash foundation. I also highlight my cheekbones with a little highlighter.

    The glow is from a combination of diet, skin care and then the eyecream/primer/foundation combo.

    Hope this helps your exploration!

    JacalynJuly 24th, 2018  11:01 AM

  • Glow moisturizer by Kate Somerville actually lives up to its name!

    NeelJuly 24th, 2018  11:06 AM

  • You look gorgeous! I am told I have excellent glowing skin and I’m glad – because boy, do I try! And every year that passes, I try harder lol.

    I use a lot of facial oils and balms. My main range is elemis. The skin bliss recovery capsules, marine oil and the balm are all fabulous for a glow. I have regular facials if you’re not already and recently have made friends with a great aesthetician – not for botox or fillers but just for Forma facials and the like.

    I have fair freckly skin and don’t like heavy make-up but I do need something. You might like to start trying good tinted moisturisers. I’m currently using Elemis Bonzing Moisturiser which is so light but still gives me a lovely glow. I like By Terry products as well.

    And I eat loads of avocados, nuts and olive oils!

    Hope this helps.

    JillJuly 24th, 2018  11:30 AM

  • for ladies of a certain age (like mine), i think nothing beats Tammy Fender’s Quintessential Serum ❤️

    abbyJuly 24th, 2018  11:33 AM

  • I just started using Drunk Elephant products and LOVE them. The bronzing drops are a perfect add on to their moisturizer and sunscreen.

    susanJuly 24th, 2018  11:53 AM

  • Tatcha rice enzyme powder is amazing. My face just glows!

    TracyJuly 24th, 2018  12:48 PM

  • I second the SkinCeuticals CE Ferulic and Vintner’s Daughter! In between those two products I add a hyaluronic serum which is great for keeping dry skin moisturized – this one by HanSkincare is really good and pretty well priced. My facialist turned me on to it.

    SarahJuly 24th, 2018  2:14 PM

  • Agree with the other posts above. Good (glowy) skin is achieved through a combination of supplements, regular facials (lasers are good too), religious use of sunscreen and a good skincare regimen.
    I highly recommend this collagen powder from Vital Proteins: vitalproteins.com – one scoop in a smoothie.
    This is my skincare routine (in this order): Biologique Recherche Lotion P50, SkinCeuticals CE Ferulic, Grown Alchemist Antioxidant Facial Oil: Rosehip & Camellia Seed, TIZO3 Facial Mineral Sunscreen Tinted SPF 40 and then Trinny London BFF CREAM SPF30 / SKIN PERFECTOR – every day, in that order!
    Check out these blogs for excellent skincare advice: carolinehirons.com and intothegloss.com

    L.A.MamaJuly 24th, 2018  2:17 PM

  • Oh, goodness. My regime consist of Baltimore in late July. It’s been so insanely humid, I can’t stop “glowing.” I’m going to chalk my preternaturally glowy complexion to genetics and call it a day. : )
    Good luck finding a moisturizer/foundation that works for you.

    SharonJuly 24th, 2018  6:44 PM

  • The number 1 star that has improved my Glow living in my home town Australia is The Beauty Chef’s GLOW Inner Beauty Powder. A powdered formula that nourishes your skin by helping the bacteria in your gut. Healthy gut equals healthy skin and a lot more! Plus you can add other products from this range to boost your health regime. My other steps include double cleanse, exfoliation..a couple of times a week and a good quality serum. My cult favourite, that my Mother used to wear, is Advanced Night Repair…magic in a bottle and so kind to your skin. Plus SPF during the day. If none of the above work…get yourselves to a Bikram Yoga class…there’s just nothing like that glow for your skin.

    Eleanor LangmeadJuly 25th, 2018  1:20 AM

  • Vintner’s daughter
    Mae Lindstrom (blue cocoon & honey mud mask)

    Mary MargaretJuly 25th, 2018  10:24 AM

  • I have learned so much about skincare by following facialist, Shani Darden. My skin has really changed after consistently using Shani’s gentle retinol reform, Vinter’s Daughter after the retinol, and Dr. Dennis Gross pads a couple of times a week.



    Jana MobleyJuly 25th, 2018  4:25 PM

  • Hi:) I highly recommend heading to Knockout Beauty, on Lexington, or in Bridgehampton, everything they carry will equal your best possible skin! You can check out the Instagram account and they also have a website too!:))

    Michelle RamerJuly 25th, 2018  7:58 PM

  • A budget friendly tip for very glowy skin is the Vitamin C energizing face mist from Bodyshop https://www.thebodyshop.com/en-us/skin-care/face-mists/vitamin-c-energizing-face-mist/p/p000324

    Another favorite of mine is a korean product called White pearlsation by Klavuu. I also love their Pearl treatment toner for super glow (milky toner). https://theklog.co/klavuu-hottest-emerging-k-beauty-brand-2017/

    AnnaAugust 7th, 2018  1:11 AM


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