November 8th, 2018

When Did Everyone Start Wearing False Eyelashes?

Women have been wearing false eyelashes (extensions?) for special occasions for years, but now I see them everywhere. I work from home and when I’m not posting, I’m trading. CNBC is on all day long and at this point I have the equivalent of an MBA. Last week I noticed that the younger female newscasters are wearing fake lashes, even at 6am — I feel like I missed the memo.

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  • OK…I am fascinated that women would want to look like a Vegas showgirl 24/7. I get the convenience, but can they be toned down a bit? I have friends who have them and they’re quite expensive initially and the upkeep is weekly. On the fence about this one.

    Melanie SteienmannNovember 8th, 2018  7:24 AM

  • You’re right! I received the memo this summer after my 28 year old came home with them looking natural but fabulous. For older women the trick is to go very conservatively. Use only real mink, “J” shaped curl instead of “C” shaped curl, and choose a length that’s the same length of your real lashes. They’re very expensive most places except Manhattan. I get mine for under $150; other cities it’s $250 for faux mink. Alas another beauty standard that raises the bar a bit higher.

    MargaretNovember 8th, 2018  7:54 AM

  • I wonder if they’re true falsies or are they lash extensions? A few of my more athletic friends (who don’t generally wear a lot of makeup) have lash extensions because they say it makes them feel more “finished” without makeup or at least mascara. Not sure I could be bothered with the faff although I have been using Latisse for years.

    SueMNovember 8th, 2018  8:39 AM

  • using a lash booster makes them nice and full without looking fake. Just some extra mascara & curling at night and they rival falsies for dramatic effect. Less expensive and upkeep too. although nothing is without side effects, I’ve had a pretty good experience w it.

    GrettyNovember 8th, 2018  8:53 AM

  • I know! I’m fully on track with curled bare lashes. Even mascara feels obvious and overdone to me. So this trend look at cheap to me.

    SundaeNovember 8th, 2018  8:55 AM

  • My 33 year old daughter starting getting the lash extensions a few years ago. I never said it to her, but Vegas show girl was kind of what I thought of it. Now she does Latisse, which looks much better and more natural. I’m not sure about it, as I am a child of the “natural” culture. I’m not against reasonable, safe enhancements though. Would love to hear opinions from others though.

    AprilNovember 8th, 2018  9:09 AM

  • Several months ago I noticed my stepdaughter and her cousin looking fabulous…lash extensions. Beautiful! I looked into it…and decided against it. First…I don’t relish spending that much on something like that, second, I am a 67 year old retired grandmother. I take care of myself, and I am aware of my appearance, but who am I kidding? At this point, I have a great mascara that works well, and I’m more concerned about taking care of my skin and covering the grey hairs in my eyebrows!

    bisbeeNovember 8th, 2018  9:41 AM

  • I get a lash lift treatment every 8 weeks. No more mascara and my lashes look great and natural. I, too, am glued to CNBC for most of the day. I have gotten a lot great investing tips over the years.

    Liz VelasquezNovember 8th, 2018  9:53 AM

  • I like the look of the extensions that look natural only better but when we spend so much time thinking about what we put into our bodies & on our skin, it seems contradictory & dangerous to put those chemicals around your eyes & that info comes from my esthetician. It’s tempting to have that “natural” look but it’s at odds with how I treat the rest of my body.
    As for fake lashes, everyone on TV seems to have them but too often it’s what I notice first so not a good look.

    Vancouver readerNovember 8th, 2018  10:26 AM

  • Lash lift is more natural and less “done” looking. I don’t need to attract more attention to my crepe-y eyelids.

    karenNovember 8th, 2018  11:13 AM

  • I too tried them. I got natural -looking ones and they were great initially but would get bent when I slept on them. The maintenance was tough with my schedule. Eventually, I wound up with glue in my tear duct, a constantly tearing eye and puffiness. It was looking as though surgery would be my only option but it dislodged after a couple of months and many doctors. I now use a serum and Glossier Lashstick and am much happier.

    SiobhanNovember 8th, 2018  12:32 PM

  • I love the look of fuller lashes. I think they enhance everyone’s appearance, whether it’s latisse, good mascara application, fakes or extensions.
    I use latisse and mascara and I’m satisfied the look is enough lashes for me.
    What I think looks terrible is when women go overboard, more is better-not- and it looks like the lashes are too heavy. When it’s too much I wonder how she can hold her eyelid open, lol!

    jacyNovember 8th, 2018  12:33 PM

  • As I am a lap swimmer, I occasionally watch competitive women’s swimming events for inspiration. I recently watched an event where I noticed a Cal swimmer accepting the medal for her event was wearing false eyelashes. As she had set a new world record for her event, all I could say was “congratulations!”

    LindaNovember 8th, 2018  12:55 PM

  • To answer your question, when it became acceptable for women in their 20’s to have botox!!

    Claude RemainsNovember 8th, 2018  2:45 PM

  • I understand doing it for a special occasion or event. I’ve dyed my blonde lashes for over 20 years but that is nothing compared to the upkeep of extensions and looking “done” all the time. I’m tempted to try the lash “lift” but I agree with those who say the falsies look like Las Vegas showgirls. It’s weird to see these young women in the grocery. Don’t get me started on the filler!

    JenniferNovember 8th, 2018  7:09 PM

  • I have naturally light blonde, short, straight lashes. I have very natural looking extensions and they are a game changer for me. I have them touched up every 3 weeks at $90/pop. I work full time and the most frustrating thing to me is that the touch up takes 2 hours. But I have learned to relax into it, turn off my phone, and try to nap. (I don’t get manis or pedis or do any other body/face maintenance so this is my one thing and if I feel like it makes all the difference.)

    STNovember 8th, 2018  9:18 PM

  • Claude Remains – Thank you! I could not agree more!

    I ask myself this regarding these new ‘upkeep’ trends; who is it for? If it is for myself and truly makes me feel better about myself, or I just enjoy it then it may be worth doing. But at 40 years old, I am beyond doing things for other people regarding my appearance. I much prefer a natural, clean approach to beauty and think the fake lashes look quite fake the majority of the time. I did at one time tint my lashes and loved that as that let me feel a little more polished with even less makeup!

    GraceNovember 8th, 2018  9:48 PM

  • The length of my eyelashes is well down my beauty priority list ~ On those occasions when I bother to apply mascara (maybe 2-3x/week), I use an Estee Lauder or Chanel (when I want a fuller look). Even when I was younger, I didn’t use mascara on a regular basis. I’m not a blonde, so my lashes are dark to begin with, so I was able to skip it.
    The bigger question is, why are you watching anything with the letters NBC in it?? : )

    PaulaNovember 9th, 2018  12:36 AM

  • Definitely the beauty trend of the past few years. At my age, too busy managing rogue chin hairs and crazy eyebrows to add more hair to my face.
    Share trading is fun… mostly

    ClaireNovember 9th, 2018  4:11 AM

  • After being on medication years ago, I lost some hair and eyelashes. That was about the time Latisse came on the market and it was a game changer for me because I actually had bald spots on my lash lines. Fast forward to last summer when I decided to have Refractive Lens Exchange surgery done. A wonderful thing, but no eye makeup for two weeks post-op. Maybe it’s my new and improved vision, but now I really appreciate my eyes for how they look naturally. I still wear eye make-up from time to time, but certainly not as often as I used to and I can’t imagine putting myself through false eyelashes or extensions.

    KimNovember 9th, 2018  8:20 AM

  • do you have a trading blog

    thank you

    judith andersonNovember 9th, 2018  8:01 PM

  • A very timely post as I found myself stuck in front of a “magnetic eyelashes” display at Ulta last night whilst waiting for soccer practice to be over. . . I also have a lash boost that I’m too afraid to try, one friend had her brown eye pigment lightened (I have hazel). My eyelashes grown down and Butter London Double Decker mascara and Benefit Roller Lash seem to do the trick. But I’m still curious about tryingvthe serum.

    LauraNovember 9th, 2018  10:06 PM

  • No trading blog, but I have a home blog that could use a little TLC 😉

    PrestonNovember 10th, 2018  6:03 AM

  • I went through a period of very minimal lash extensions about 4 years ago. They looked good, very natural, but the upkeep drove me crazy.

    KathyNovember 10th, 2018  9:42 AM

  • Laura, if you’re worried about that with Latisse, I’ve had friends who’ve had great results with Revitalash (I love their brow products) and a friend of mine who just went through chemo swears by Lashfood.

    KimNovember 10th, 2018  9:55 AM

  • Lash extensions are very popular in my area and I can’t get over the number of salons that offer the service in addition to places that just do lashes! I tried lash extensions a few years ago but did not like the results…even though I chose a “natural” look, it still looked fake/obvious and I felt like everyone was staring at my lashes. Plus, the upkeep was pricey and time-consuming. After removing the lashes, my own real lashes were quite damaged. Latisse brought them back to life and so I continue to use Latisse once or twice a week for maintenance.

    AlissaNovember 12th, 2018  10:56 AM

  • agree that it can look a bit over-done…but for special occasions, I’ve been using One Two Cosmetics Magnetic lashes and they add a nice boost without being too show-girly.

    AnitaNovember 12th, 2018  3:18 PM

  • The Kardashians did it.

    LeeNovember 13th, 2018  4:39 PM

  • They are most likely extensions. All the rage. I guess in theory it is get up and go…but the reality is hours spent with your eyes closed getting fills….just like acrylic nails. I think it is a real slippery slope. Most of the extensions are completely unbelievable. I say…rock what you got!

    DeniseNovember 13th, 2018  7:32 PM

  • I work at a university campus in Australia and there are so many students that have full Kardashian style make up – fake eyelashes (some of them look fluffy) heavy foundation, thick henna eyebrows, fake nails, fake tans, GHD curls – this is their everyday makeup. I don’t know how they have the time to show up at 8am like this. Personally, it’s not a look I like, very high maintenance.
    Glad I was in my late teens in the 90s, loved the no-makeup makeup, maybe red lipstick if you were dressing up. Bless the era of minimal style and grunge.

    MeaghanNovember 17th, 2018  5:13 AM

  • I live in the UK where it’s an increasing phenomena too. Lash extensions do look rather lovely on young and old but they are pricey. If one has time and the finances to enjoy, then why not! I’ve not heard of Latisse, please kindly share details…

    Name (required)November 21st, 2018  1:37 PM


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