November 13th, 2018
On the hunt for

Ski Parka Inspo

Last year I replaced my ski pants and now my parka could use an upgrade. I love the style of this one on Jane Fonda circa who-knows-when. And the bonnet is right up my alley.

I am completely besotted with this Moncler jacket and it’s sitting in my cart, but I struggle with red — does it go with black?

The skiwear edit from Matches Fashion, below, just popped up in my inbox .

p.s. I bought the Moncler and love it, but it is definitely Après skiwear. I took of the red faux fur collar and it’s perfect for the “slopes” of NYC 😉


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Chelsea double-breasted cotton trench coat


Bouclé jacket


Maxima 35 leather knee-high boots


Origano sweater


Onita brushed alpaca and wool-blend coat


Wool and cashmere-blend turtleneck poncho


Leather knee boots


Philippe cashmere and silk-blend bouclé sweater


Pablo cashmere and silk-blend bouclé midi skirt


Leather slingback sandals


Twill jacket


High-neck gathered nanette top

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  • I love that parka. I’ve looked at it a number of times but living in LA…Yes, it goes with black and it’s not a blasting red, it’s subtle.

    KathyNovember 13th, 2018  8:35 AM

  • The color is lovely in winter and the black details are a plus for coordinating….but the shape is so round! I’d go for something mid-thigh unless it is for sport. In the city, it is so much chicer and warmer to cover the booty.

    Lisa von WeiseNovember 13th, 2018  9:23 AM

  • I love that parka! And yes to color! I do not know where you ski but being visible on the ski slope (like on a bike) is not a bad idea. So you will be chic and. potentially, a bit safer!! Do it!

    KateNovember 13th, 2018  10:26 AM

  • Gorgeous jacket. I wonder if that fabric would stay wet though – and that looks like a lot of snow going up your waist unless you are wearing bibs!

    JenNovember 13th, 2018  11:12 AM

  • I love that Moncler coat and I think red is a great choice, after all when you are skiing what is more annoying then trying to find your companions on a mountain when they are dressed in black head to toe? I always say, pick a color because none of your other features will be showing and it makes you easier to spot! Moncler however, is NOT waterproof, and when you are facing the elements as you are on a mountain I really think it matters. Bogner and kjus make gorgeous stuff, and the Gorsuch website really has wonderful choices. The most exciting ski accessory right now is the helmet, and there are cool ones to be had. check out bogner’s site. I love mine with cool fresh goggles. ski season is around the corner!

    anneNovember 13th, 2018  11:20 AM

  • Sorry, you’d be laughed off the slopes in my ski town.

    LynnNovember 13th, 2018  11:29 AM

  • IMHO, The red one is not as chic as the one in the Jane photo, which is elongating, offsetting the bulk of the jacket.

    AnnNovember 13th, 2018  12:32 PM

  • I think it looks great with black. My concern would be the fabric-is it water resistant/proof?

    MMSNovember 13th, 2018  3:21 PM

  • It is chic but perhaps not practical?

    ClaireNovember 13th, 2018  4:43 PM

  • I bought Bogner ski pants last winter — LOVE, and my helmet is my finest accessory.

    PrestonNovember 13th, 2018  8:17 PM

  • Chamonix. December, 1964. Looked it up. I guessed Megeve. It is possible the image of Barbarella on skis was captured by Roger Vadim. At the onset of their time together.

    M. Kirk OkayNovember 13th, 2018  9:41 PM

  • Absolutely goes with black and white and cream!!! No brainer.

    Emily JonesNovember 13th, 2018  11:43 PM

  • Thank you, M. Kirk Okay- I’ve been in DC the past few days dealing with a family matter.

    PrestonNovember 14th, 2018  5:48 AM

  • May I suggest For fabulous ski and apres ski attire.

    Liz VelasquezNovember 14th, 2018  9:03 AM

  • Agree with Lynn. For actual skiing, this jacket isn’t practical. A jacket’s that waterproof is essential. Plenty of companies that make true skiwear make jackets in colors other than black. Last season I bought one by Spyder that’s bright blue.

    Liz, I love Gorsuch.

    KimNovember 14th, 2018  9:51 AM

  • In Lake Tahoe, home of the techies this jacket would be over the top and too designer to be considered for skiing. It would pair nicely with black for apre ski. I agree that layering with technical shells with a good hood is key. There are some new amazing goggle/ helmet combos.

    LynetteNovember 14th, 2018  2:21 PM

  • Fabulous for apres, but I wouldn’t be caught dead in it on the mountain. When I’m actually skiing I want goretex, I want stretch, I’m focused on functionality. Wearing that jacket on the mountain is a clear sign you’ve got more dollars than sense.

    LauraNovember 15th, 2018  5:26 PM


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