January 9th, 2019
On the hunt for

A White Turtleneck

Sounds easy to find, but after asking friends where they get theirs I’ve realized that a white cotton turtleneck can be elusive. Everyone responded to my query with “when you find it, let me know.”  I grew up in Boston and all the WASPy toggery shops carried this preppy staple in every color imaginable. But today, not so much. The Hermès above is beautiful and could be worn alone. Others just need to peek out of the neck of a sweater, or even under a button-down. The search is on for this versatile layering piece.

Image by Michael Borremans for the FW17 Le Monde d’Hermès.


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Capri cotton-poplin shirt


Leather knee boots


Shaw wrap-effect ribbed organic cotton-fleece top


+ NET SUSTAIN We're Not Done wide-leg jeans


Striped cashmere sweater


The Pouch leather clutch


Hiandra toe-loop leather sandals


Logo-engraved stacked ring


Cleo ruched swimsuit


Jimmy logo-embroidered leather slides


Print jute tote bag


Very Boogie 60 suede ankle boots

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  • I like the ones from Splendid. They are fitted,
    substantial weight and classic colors.

    LauraJanuary 9th, 2019  4:14 PM

  • besides the obvious “preppy” turtleneck what is really interesting is the photo and the backdrop which might have been noteworthy than the fashion and much more interesting….the photographer is a famous painter MICHAEL BORREMANS and he shot this himself in his studio for an Hermes campaign….the backdrop is his painting and he uses in his paintings.

    lolaJanuary 9th, 2019  5:10 PM

  • I feel like LL Bean would be good for this.

    AnneJanuary 9th, 2019  5:57 PM

  • I agree – LL Bean has lovely Pima Cotton ones. At least my daughter loved them.

    BonnyJanuary 9th, 2019  9:33 PM

  • Uniqlo’s compact cotton turtleneck is quite nice.

    KayJanuary 9th, 2019  11:06 PM

  • My go to is J.Crew tissue turtle neck !

    Brooke Garber NeidichJanuary 10th, 2019  7:23 AM

  • Honestly, I buy white turtlenecks in the kids department of Target. Perfect for layering under a sweater and surprisingly soft!!

    LindleyJanuary 10th, 2019  7:56 AM

  • J Crew Mercantile (used to be called the Perfect Fit t-neck) is my go-to this year. The neck is tall and tight and doesn’t stretch out. The sleeves tend to stretch out at the cuff, though. I had to size up to a large so it wasn’t too form-fitting. I normally wear a small or medium.

    SallyJanuary 10th, 2019  8:06 AM

  • Vince had a great one earlier this season but now it’s nowhere to be found. Everlane just released one but it looks like more of a mock.

    Kate WattsJanuary 10th, 2019  8:35 AM

  • be careful, a white turtleneck can be very aging, leave this trend/look for your daughters

    tltJanuary 10th, 2019  8:50 AM

  • I second the Splendid suggestion. So soft, comfortable and holds up well. I also appreciate that the sleeves are longish.

    GrettyJanuary 10th, 2019  8:55 AM

  • As if you were reading my mind! I just began the hunt for a white turtleneck. This harkens back to a long ago post about friends with the same fashion instincts. Has me now thinking some of us share the same fashion DNA or Haplogroup. BtW, been planning to style a turtleneck under a button down shirt , haven’t worn that look in years, but feel like modern again. We’ll see!

    KWJanuary 10th, 2019  9:01 AM

  • Mine’s by Michael Kors – a ribbed white turtleneck that hugs nicely.

    Mary LouJanuary 10th, 2019  9:38 AM

  • I second the uniqlo compact cotton turtleneck suggestion — really nice.

    TJanuary 10th, 2019  9:50 AM

  • Livotte London ,style “GRACE” is a beautiful mock turtle and fit is quite flattering

    GwenJanuary 10th, 2019  10:04 AM

  • I like the pima cotton mock turtlenecks at LL Bean. I especially like a cuff on the sleeve. Not sure why, but I feel it keeps shape better than the sleeves without a cuff. I have shorter than average arms, so that is part of it, I’m sure. It is a more casual look though, I suppose.

    AprilJanuary 10th, 2019  10:27 AM

  • I love white turtlenecks and used to go for the JCrew tissue tee in white (Vince in black) but was never happy with how it stretched out (but never found a better alternative in white). However, this year, I found the Wolford white turtleneck (bodysuit but very very comfortable) and it is a dream. I wore it almost every day in Aspen (and it was amazing how women would come up and ask me where I found it – because the fit is so clean). It is fresh. It is comfortable – and, crucially, it is a type of fabric that resists that tendency to go dingy (cited – rightly so – by someone else above). I also bought it in black and am equally happy. If you are into off-white and a bit warmer fabric, the Marie Marot x Eric Bompard cashmere one is an absolute dream. I have that in off-white and black.

    MSJanuary 10th, 2019  2:04 PM

  • Max Mara has a viscose mix one in the sale. From the Weekend range, ref. MULTIF

    Jill, Glasgow, UKJanuary 10th, 2019  2:45 PM

  • One of the challenges of a white turtleneck (or tees) is that they get gray or yellow from wear and laundering (or dry cleaning). So I try to buy ones that I won’t feel badly about discarding after a season of wear. My current favorites (regardless of color) are by Majestic. Both Saks and Neiman Marcus sell them and they come in different materials and sleeve lengths, plus there are frequent sales.

    I also second the suggestion of Vince, but they are irratic in terms of inventory. Likewise for their tees — they call them essentials but go for long periods of being out of stock.

    KateJanuary 10th, 2019  9:12 PM

  • Muji makes great organic cotton turtlenecks!

    EllenJanuary 11th, 2019  4:28 PM

  • I bought a mock from Lands’ End and it’s pretty good, just cut very large.

    PrestonJanuary 15th, 2019  6:08 AM


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