January 25th, 2019
On my radar

Elevator Stories: Maja Wyh

I follow a number of chic women on Instagram who photograph themselves in elevators. One of my favorites, Maja Wyh, is a stylish influencer with great taste in art. Here’s a Q&A with Ms. Wyh on Matches Fashion.


what's new


Crinkled-satin midi skirt


Tech Pack 2.0 reversible linen and cotton-blend jacket


Leather clutch


Cotton denim midi skirt


Suede collarless jacket


Casatt double-breasted cotton trench coat


Chignon monogram silk-satin scarf


Belted leather-trimmed twill jacket




Le Bracelet braided-metal bracelet


Figari plunge knot-front top


Achilles leather sneakers

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  • I’m enamored. What a sense of style. I immediately started following her as well, and I would love to know more about her fur jacket in the first shot you posted. What is that – coyote?

    Mary Lou CurrierJanuary 25th, 2019  10:25 AM

  • Preston, who else do you like to follow? Thanks!

    KatherineJanuary 25th, 2019  10:27 AM

  • love that white shirt!

    mathildeJanuary 25th, 2019  10:31 AM

  • Ahhhh I’m so inspired by her personal aesthetic. Love it.

    KatieJanuary 25th, 2019  10:45 AM

  • So cool! I’ve been following her for years, even bought a couple of gorgeous (and huge) silk scarves she did with Vyvyn Hill. Maja is unique in the best way.

    SueMJanuary 25th, 2019  11:08 AM

  • I am always impressed by people who can pull off mirror selfies without looking like idiots!

    JoannawnycJanuary 25th, 2019  11:45 AM

  • Wow, what a style inspiration! It’s hard to find authentic winter styling. It drives me nuts seeing sweaters and coats paired with open toed shoes and such. Thanks for sharing, it’s 2 in Chicago today and I am feeling far from fashionable!

    EricaJanuary 25th, 2019  11:50 AM

  • Thank you for introducing her feed. It’s nice to find stylish women in outfits that are more situationally appropriate for my calendar.

    KimJanuary 25th, 2019  12:59 PM

  • I hate selfies!…And btw, she must have been in that elevator a long time, judging from the growth of that puppy from photo #3 and photo #5!

    LkaJanuary 25th, 2019  1:07 PM

  • She is beautiful, and I love her sense of style! I want every single thing she is wearing. However, I agree w Lka: I don’t love selfies, and there is something conspicuously self-indulgent about these shots. MJD

    MJDJanuary 25th, 2019  4:29 PM

  • Mary Lou, the coat is goat – House of Dagmar


    gpcJanuary 25th, 2019  5:28 PM

  • Love that fur coat! Actually everything she is wearing…

    MoiraFebruary 1st, 2019  6:48 PM

  • cringing at the coat on the floor!! burn it

    taharaFebruary 14th, 2019  5:34 PM


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