February 15th, 2019
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The Pouch

Yesterday, I popped into the Bottega Veneta store on Madison to check out The Pouch — it was hard to gauge its size in pictures. In the end, the mini is perfect for me. Khaki is gorgeous, too…

Matches has the large Pouches (for a lot less): tan, khaki green, white.


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Suzanne necklace


Margarete poncho


X Suzanne Koller leather backless slipper shoes


X Suzanne Koller Gertrude cotton-blend parka


X Suzanne Koller Codeo striped cotton shirt


Katja wool maxi dress


X Suzanne Koller leather backless slipper shoe


X Suzanne Koller drawstring leather pouch


Ethan oversized wool sweater


Suzanna oversized felt tote bag

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  • Preston- So happy for you! The BV website said it wasn’t available until March 3rd. Maybe I’ll check in with Matches. Is the khaki just as luxurious in person?

    SevérineFebruary 15th, 2019  8:22 AM

  • Yes, the leather is divine.

    PrestonFebruary 15th, 2019  8:32 AM

  • Matches fashion only uses DHL, and they don’t deliver to all states, which makes returns about impossible, in addition, their Customer Service get and F for their service….. know of anyone else that sell these?

    Anne DickFebruary 15th, 2019  8:37 AM

  • NET-A-PORTER sold out before they hit the site. The BV store can send you whatever you want.

    PrestonFebruary 15th, 2019  8:44 AM

  • Love! Thank you for always keeping us up to date.

    Karen KloppFebruary 15th, 2019  8:58 AM

  • Right back atcha, KK, editor of what2wearwhere

    PrestonFebruary 15th, 2019  9:02 AM

  • So beautiful! What are the dimensions on the mini, Preston? Are you able to get much in it?

    CatFebruary 15th, 2019  9:03 AM

  • Where is the fabulous necklace from???

    jennifer danielsFebruary 15th, 2019  10:37 AM

  • Old Céline

    PrestonFebruary 15th, 2019  10:38 AM

  • I have my mother’s original which needs some TLC but loving this new version as well.

    RTGFebruary 15th, 2019  10:46 AM

  • What is the actual Bottega color name of your pouch? It’s gorgeous!

    GwenFebruary 16th, 2019  8:33 PM

  • Cammello — it looks very yellow in the photograph.

    PrestonFebruary 17th, 2019  9:17 AM


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