February 26th, 2019
Le Monde d'Hermès

‘Rêve de Jour’

Paris Fashion Week is underway and there are a number of shows I’m excited to see. Hermès is at the top of the list — a few beautiful SS19 collection looks in this Le Monde d’Hermès story.

Photography by Sam Rock  Styling by Vanessa Reid


what's new


Bianca leather sandals


Floral lace tights


Wool coat with Logo buttons


Nanette shearling-trimmed leather ankle boots


Wool coat with logo buttons


Mid-heel pump with horsebit


Belted jacket coat


Lennox Hiker


New Standard skinny jeans


Heavy cotton poplin trench coat


Sleeveless organza dress


Belted raincoat

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  • Love the simplicity of the jumpsuits. A bit impractical to wear, but lovely.

    AprilFebruary 26th, 2019  9:04 AM

  • I love the sandals. I have a pair from Emerson Fry (4 years old, wonderful quality) that are similar to the ones here that I put away last summer. Think I will bring them out again this summer since they look so right in this story.

    MichelleFebruary 26th, 2019  7:11 PM

  • What catches my eye is the simplicity/minimalism in these silhouettes. In the early 2000’s Hermes produced looks similar to this – streamlined, uncluttered/simple building blocks. What few Hermes pieces I have came from that era, and just last weekend I pulled one out: an unlined/collarless/buttonless/ cuffless/pocketless cashmere ‘jacket’ in Hermes orange (with a coordinating shawl) and wore it over a t-neck with brown suede jeans. My friend was shocked when I told her it was 18 years old! These pieces could have that staying power.

    PaulaFebruary 26th, 2019  9:39 PM


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