March 25th, 2019
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When I shelved my hobos in favor of a structured Marni Trunk and clutches, my wallet, which was a handbag in and of itself, needed a downsize. While wandering around Hamilton, Bermuda last December, I stumbled upon a cool little shop, & Partners, and discovered Minor History leather goods. Now that parking meters are coinless and I’m an Apple Pay devotee, I carry very little cash — this zip wallet is all I really need.

My iPhone X just fits in the Bottega Veneta Mini Pouch, but I needed it to take the pic…


What's New


Belted leather biker jacket

Jil Sander

Gathered Knit Midi Dress


Cropped leather jacket


Triple Francois 18kt gold vermeil earrings


Jimmy Leather Puffer Jacket


Le 57 quilted leather shoulder bag


Belted wool blazer


Blade velvet slingback pumps


Silvia silk-twill scarf


Logo-embellished leather loafers


Crocheted Cotton-Blend Midi Skirt


Braided leather bangle


Delcie tie-detailed ramie midi dress


Gate knotted leather slippers


Postcard fringed crocheted straw bucket hat


Santos de Cartier metal shield sunglasses

  • I ditched the small wallet for the Gucci card holder because no need to carry coins or even bills anymore..
    Really pared it down.

    SusanMarch 25th, 2019  10:14 AM

  • I ditched the wallet several years ago for a LV wallet that is very flat and compact. I may further downsize to the LV card/key holder.

    slfMarch 25th, 2019  2:03 PM

  • That reminds me – would you share what happened with your Marni strap?

    BrittaMarch 25th, 2019  2:29 PM

  • NET-A-PORTER repaired it, came back yesterday!

    PrestonMarch 25th, 2019  2:47 PM

  • I also downsized several years ago! I have been happy with my Prada Men’s bifold card holder. It has served me well. Besides who needs all the bulk anymore when you use your iPhone for everything.

    LauraMarch 25th, 2019  4:58 PM

  • My preference is to use cash for anything under $50 and never leave home without cash, a card, ID, and a lipstick. I find any excuse to ditch my phone (although I usually carry it for emergencies, not for payments). “Being Prepared” means always, always having cash on you, even if just walking the dog. Most handbags have a little slip or zipper pocket inside for bills and a card, so no wallet is needed. And how do you tip without cash?

    PaulaMarch 25th, 2019  11:39 PM

  • Tap tip ?

    SusanMarch 26th, 2019  8:06 AM

  • The little cash I carry is for tipping.

    PrestonMarch 26th, 2019  9:23 AM

  • Handing over cash when being accosted usually works well, but if all you have is a twenty, be prepared to hand over a good watch.

    PaulaMarch 26th, 2019  10:46 AM

  • Thank you for the inspiration. How funny, I just realized my wallet is my blindspot. I grew up associating a large ladies wallet with adulthood, Very unnecessary, thanks for the 21st century perspective.

    KimMarch 26th, 2019  10:58 AM

  • This will sound extreme to many, but because I paired down a long time ago in favor of smaller bags of all types I actually just throw cash and cards (id and one cc) directly into my bag! Add lipstick, and the phone, which I rarely use when out, and it all fits plus is easy to sort through because LESS is MORE! Thanks Preston for your tips and updates! Welcome aboard!

    ellen marieMarch 26th, 2019  2:21 PM

  • I might also add that when I want, need any of my other bags I can easily use my clutch as a wallet and add it into any bag! I find I use all my bags all the time in this way!

    ellen marieMarch 26th, 2019  2:23 PM

  • Love all these posts & ideas. Look so forward to Keep It Chic.

    SusanMarch 26th, 2019  4:31 PM

  • I use the YSL cardholder. In addition to slots for my drivers license and credit cards Ii
    has a zip pocket for cash ‘AND (this is important), my medical insurance identification card. One never knows when one will need it!

    BarbaraMarch 27th, 2019  8:31 AM

  • Omg LOVED & in Hamilton. Was tipped off by my son’s super stylish best friend who had been there in the summer. Such a wonderfully curated selection of items.

    LauraMarch 29th, 2019  10:24 AM


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