April 9th, 2019
Vogue Germany editor-in-chief

Christiane Arp Inspired

Christiane Arp, editor-in-chief of Vogue Germany, is one of my style icons — I especially love her tailored pieces and statement rings. At the helm of Vogue Germany since 2003, Ms. Arp has turned the magazine into a must-read.


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Roll-neck cable-knit wool-blend sweater


Viviane wool turtleneck sweater


Floral stretch-lace tights


Slanted-cuff leather knee-high boots


Wool-twill coat


Textured-knit tights


Oversized hooded cable-knit wool and mohair-blend cardigan


Cavalier wool blazer


Aiden sleeveless cashmere top


Hawes T-bar cutout leather pumps


Oversized cashmere knit top


Wool-blend turtleneck vest

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  • Ms. Arp is gorgeous – I love her fresh face, light eyes, and hair color is out of this world! And just what color would you say her hair is? American Vogue desperately needs new blood; the UK, French, and German versions are so much more interesting, so much more chic!

    PaulaApril 9th, 2019  11:53 PM

  • Any idea where the stunning beige shirt is from?

    Patricia E. WilsonApril 10th, 2019  6:53 AM

  • It’s so inspiring to be reminded that the overwhelming majority of women we feel are chic (whether we emulate their exact style or no) have a clear vision of their own look. They are comfortable, it shows and lets them be creative in their own space.

    SueMApril 10th, 2019  9:49 AM

  • Beautiful grooming – and I’m chuckling at the middle finger pic 😉

    lisa pearceApril 10th, 2019  10:32 AM

  • I`m sorry to say that Mrs. Arp`s German Vogue is NOT a must-read.
    It`s depressing, boring and the fashion pages are pretentious artsy stuff, no joy, no joie de vivre.
    And yes, I agree with Paula, the American Vogue needs fresh blood, instead of the political correct promotions going on.
    But in general: Vogue magazine, all over the world, as a concept needs an overhaul.

    Gerda BakkerApril 14th, 2019  3:13 AM

  • I agree with SueM – Ms. Arp has a clear idea of what she wants to look like and sticks with it, making tweaks depending on the season and the occasion. That’s a great idea for wardrobe building. Also, her jewelry is to die for!

    C.MicholApril 14th, 2019  12:37 PM

  • Circling back to this post and this stylish woman – Gerda hits on a good point: the fashion magazines really have become dark, and their heavy handed messaging is, IMHO, insulting to women. As if we can’t decide for ourselves what to think about cultural issues, Vogue beats us over the head with one-sided views. I’ve come to believe they suck women in under the guise of fashion and beauty, then use their pages to push political agendas. Why does Vogue get to decide who’s worthy and who’s not? I haven’t spent money on a Vogue of any stripe in at least 10 years – I scan it at the salon or at the bookstore.

    PaulaApril 14th, 2019  11:06 PM

  • Love her pared-back style

    That's Not My AgeApril 16th, 2019  10:01 AM

  • She is very stylish and her look is great. Unfortunately US Vogue has decided that it’s a vehicle for the Kardashians money making machine and after so many years of reading it I just can’t anymore.

    Masha GoldApril 19th, 2019  10:22 AM


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