April 17th, 2019
Vogue Italia

Layering Tip: The White Tee

We are deep into layering season — mornings are downright chilly and by afternoon it’s in the upper 60° range. I’m always looking for clever ways to wear multiple layers and love the look of this tee under a blouse in April Vogue Italia.

Photography by Ben Toms    Styling by Helena Tejedor


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Crinkled-satin midi skirt


Tech Pack 2.0 reversible linen and cotton-blend jacket


Leather clutch


Cotton denim midi skirt


Suede collarless jacket


Casatt double-breasted cotton trench coat


Chignon monogram silk-satin scarf


Belted leather-trimmed twill jacket




Le Bracelet braided-metal bracelet


Figari plunge knot-front top


Achilles leather sneakers

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  • I am as well. The t shirt neckline is always a question for me when under a button down shirt.

    DebbieApril 17th, 2019  6:49 AM

  • I was just having a conversation with my stylist friend about the perfect white tee. Any brands that you love?

    Amy Overton HuntApril 17th, 2019  7:49 AM

  • I’ve been hunting for the perfect white tee since mine were discontinued. A crew neck, fitted not tight that is not made with whisper thin fabric. Any recommendations?

    JaneApril 17th, 2019  8:02 AM

  • This is an interesting look, can’t decide if it’s for me or not. I know you’d posted about layering a turtleneck under a button down, did you end up doing that? I’ve found some great tees at (I hate to say it…) Primark. Excellent selection of colors/styles though I only buy black and white, and a good balance of cotton/stretch. The $5 price isn’t bad either.

    bllApril 17th, 2019  8:28 AM

  • Uniqlo.

    SuWuApril 17th, 2019  8:32 AM

  • I love my Majestic tees- they make tanks , SS, LS, and variety of other styles. Perfect underpinnings and material is soft and lightweight.

    Mary BethApril 17th, 2019  8:50 AM

  • What a fresh look that is also practical. Thank you!

    MoiraApril 17th, 2019  9:03 AM

  • I like ATM and Rag & Bone tees. Also bought the ones you recommended from Uniqlo a while back that are a bit thicker.

    BrittaApril 17th, 2019  10:37 AM

  • When I spied a sales associate at Paris Hermes wearing a simple white tee shirt under her dark blue blazer with a twilly scarf tied nonchalantly at her neck, I confirmed it was Petite Bateau and made a bee line for the boutique. Between my daughter and I, we came home with six in our suitcases. I’ve worn them since about 1990, and although the style has not changed, it is now produced in Portugal or Peru. For me, a white t-shirt of any brand looks fresh for exactly one season.

    PaulaApril 17th, 2019  11:40 PM

  • I’ve worn Petit Bateau tees for years, amazing in black and grey, too. James Perse does a good V-neck to layer under sweaters and blouses.

    PrestonApril 18th, 2019  8:32 AM

  • Sigrid Olsen if you want it thicker and James Perse if you like it whisper thin.

    slfApril 18th, 2019  4:00 PM


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