April 22nd, 2019
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Earth Day: Reduce & Repurpose

We (my family and I) try to do our bit to help the planet—reusable produce and filet bags, straw market baskets, refillable water bottles and metal straws, grow a lot of our own vegetables, keep bees, compost, recycle, take the train and subway often, buy quality items that we’ll wear forever, and are informed about food waste issues by our younger daughter. But I know there are so many other things we could/should be doing. Here are a few of my eco-friendly finds:

Veja is a French sneaker company with a strong focus on transparency, fair trade, and social and environmental responsibility.

Today, T-shirts can be made of hemp, which has less of an environmental impact than growing cotton. It requires about a third of the amount of water and uses significantly less pesticide.

RE/DONE is an LA label that repurposes vintage Levi’s, which means no two pairs are exactly alike.

Brooklyn-based designer Laura Lombardi‘s jewelry is handcrafted from a mix of new, recycled, and reclaimed metals that Lombardi finds on her travels.


what's new


Wool top


Dunkled putty bonded cotton 3/4 coat


Bouclé jacket


1955 Horsebit grained-leather shoulder bag


A-line bouclé skirt


Clog sandals


Classic B-15


Poplin tie front maxi dress


Tribute leather sandals


Gold-plated necklace


1955 Horsebit grained-leather shoulder bag


Bebe ribbed cotton top

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  • Wasted. The story of food waste ! Is a great film that really makes an impact and has changed my habits. I wish they would make a shorter version to show in every school. You can download on Netflix. Organize a screening for friends and engage in a conversation. It was screened last year at Kickstarters headquarters. ancolie on 8th street in NYC is a lovely shop with delicious food in reusable glass jars and Chloe, the owner is totally committed to reducing waste. She even sells dried apple skins, a tasty snack, since she also makes a simple apple purée. Chloe is French so portion sizes are sensible and ingredients are top notch.

    Terri FriedmanApril 22nd, 2019  7:07 AM

  • Please don’t take this as preachy but I wish everyone would watch the “The True Cost” documentary on fast fashion. It will take consumers to not buy the goods to end the humanitarian crisis and the impact on the planet that it causes. I’m going to add your practices to my list ! Thank you for a thoughtful and useful post !
    Best, Amber

    AmberApril 22nd, 2019  7:12 AM

  • These are all great ideas. My sister has worked as an executive in waste management forever and constantly reminds us of ways to not only reuse and recycle but not use in the first place: she’s sewed recycled cotton pads so I don’t buy cotton anymore. Thanks for the tip about Veja, I’ve seen them everywhere but didn’t know much about them.

    SueMApril 22nd, 2019  9:00 AM

  • Preston ~ you and your family have always been so inspirational about the problems facing our planet. Over the years of reading your blog and knowing you, you have taught me so much about really considering what I buy…how much I’ll use it, etc. And you’ve always warned against “fast fashion.”
    Very much appreciated and I still think “What would Preston do or think” when considering a fashion purchase. Kathy

    KSLApril 22nd, 2019  10:14 AM

  • Kathy: Thank you for this incredibly nice comment, made my day! Michael and I are completely distraught about the insane amount of plastic in the oceans, and other major environmental issues — heartbreaking. And yes, I try to buy only enduring pieces.
    Much love,

    PrestonApril 22nd, 2019  11:52 AM

  • Surely the whole point is to consume less???

    Claude RemainsApril 22nd, 2019  5:08 PM

  • I believe in buying quality and buying less. And to buy when you find the perfect item, instead of waiting until you need it.

    PrestonApril 23rd, 2019  5:46 AM

  • Our Anne tee is the perfect basic tee every woman needs in their wardrobe! It is not made of hemp or bamboo but our organic cotton t-shirts have been tested to 200 washes to hold up. We agree with your mission and believe in buying less but buying better. It’s about building a wardrobe of clothing we wear time and time again and always looks simply chic!

    BethApril 27th, 2019  1:20 PM


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