April 23rd, 2019
On My Mind

When You Find It, Buy It

Yes, I bought a coat in April. It’s SS19 Celine (Slimane is a master tailor) and will be perfect next fall. I bang my little drum constantly about buying something when you find it because, odds are, you won’t find it when you need it. I’ve been looking for a black peacoat à la Emmanuelle Alt’s since forever and this one comes pretty darn close.

Great news — Celine now has a 14 day return policy (no more store credit only, my #1 pet peeve) and everything is available online — woo hoo!


what's new


Capri cotton-poplin shirt


Lennyo leather slides


Duffel Coat in wool


Suzanne medium hobo bag in smooth leather


Nia gathered-neck belted midi dress


Cotton and wool tweed midi dress


Parker leather sandals


Merino wool sweater


Jenna cropped cotton-blend slim-leg trousers


Crossover leather wedge sandals


Twill midi dress


Cel-V two-strap neoprene sandals

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  • It’s perfection. Can you post a link to it? I’m hoping it’s maybe not too heavy for LA since it’s SS?

    KSLApril 23rd, 2019  9:38 AM

  • It’s a bit heavy for LA. Surprised it’s in the spring collection.

    PrestonApril 23rd, 2019  9:51 AM

  • you always know the best! im a peacoat girl and this one is terrific! might be too heavy for l.a but i sure love it!

    sallyApril 23rd, 2019  12:16 PM

  • It’s gorgeous, Preston! I might have to stroll over and take a look at the collection in person. I saw the striped black and white tote and I nearly passed on it. But it’s so classic, I think it’s going to be a lifer. It will be interesting to see what happens when the Fall 2019 collection hits this summer. I anticipate LOTS of waitlists.

    SeverineApril 23rd, 2019  3:52 PM

  • I love the pea coat!! Glad you found one you love. Do you think you would be able to write a post on your favorite wardrobe pieces that are in constant rotation? Ones that stand the test of time. As I am getting older, I am trying to buy less, but better. How do you make a plainer outfit of basic (but high quality) pieces look chic? What have you gotten rid of for good? What should I look for in nondesigner clothing? Do you buy prints, etc? Love your blog. Thank you for your time and effort; I appreciate it!

    KarenApril 23rd, 2019  4:10 PM

  • You’re blog, and the Mark D Sikes blog it led me too, resurrected my interest in the pea coat. I now have ten, and I rarely buy new clothes.
    They are all in navy except for one in in black moleskin. German made. The best is a navy cashmere pea coat by Connelly. They call it a driving blazer.

    M K OkayApril 23rd, 2019  4:36 PM

  • This is brilliant thinking. Interesting too that sometimes the lines between S/S and A/W (weight, fabrication, colours) blur these days.

    SueMApril 23rd, 2019  7:23 PM

  • I agree about snapping up something you’ve been searching for, or if you just plain adore it! I think this is especially true when it comes to outer wear and late day/evening wear. Doesn’t matter the season, when the right thing comes along, better act on it!
    I would be so grateful to hear your (and your readers) packing suggestions for a Europe trip in May. Three cities, two weeks, museums, sightseeing, and an opera.

    PaulaApril 24th, 2019  12:40 AM

  • M K Okay, you are my peacoat hero! I may need a navy one, too…

    PrestonApril 24th, 2019  5:09 AM

  • I agree with Karen,. Preston I would love to have you write a post about all the questions she asked.
    WWPD (What would Preston do?)

    YasminApril 24th, 2019  12:52 PM

  • They have the same coat in navy, Preston and its BEAUTIFUL. Just saying…..:)

    SeverineApril 24th, 2019  3:43 PM

  • I first saw it in navy and tracked down black. But, you are right…

    PrestonApril 24th, 2019  6:08 PM

  • Nice coat. I have Alt’s which he did at Saint Laurent. Some things just stand the test of time and it’s great that women can purchase this piece, but Mr. Slimane has to do more than recreate his Laurent pieces at Celine. Jeez…….

    StaceyApril 25th, 2019  1:26 PM


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