May 1st, 2019

Dry Up!

True confession — I’m a dry shampoo nut. I use it in two ways: to refresh or to add volume at the roots, especially when it’s humid. This requires a light version and a powdery one. Klorane has been my go-to and the best dry shampoo available for years. But, today there are lots of contenders so I decided to do a sampling.

After being disappointed with the drug store offerings, I bought the above (plus Oribe’s). Sam McKnight’s Lazy Girl (I adore Sam) smells divine, as does the Balmain — both are great for a refresh. The Sachajuan and Philip Kingsley are serious powder shampoos and add tremendous body. The Philip B. scent was overwhelming and I have yet to try the Ouai and Oribe — tbc.


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Wool top


Dunkled putty bonded cotton 3/4 coat


Bouclé jacket


1955 Horsebit grained-leather shoulder bag


A-line bouclé skirt


Clog sandals


Classic B-15


Poplin tie front maxi dress


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Gold-plated necklace


1955 Horsebit grained-leather shoulder bag


Bebe ribbed cotton top

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  • Do try Evo Hair’s Water Killer. It is two-in-one dry shampoo and styling powder. Prepare to be hooked:)

    ZivileMay 2nd, 2019  3:10 AM

  • I can’t live without Living Proof.

    MP AllegaertMay 2nd, 2019  3:14 AM

  • I’m also a dry shampoo nut but don’t like the aerosol fumes with the spray cans. I use Acure or Mermaid which is basically talc free powder… flip my head over and run a little through the roots… powdering my wig like George Washington!

    CatMay 2nd, 2019  7:01 AM

  • IGK charcoal is my favorite.

    jodieMay 2nd, 2019  7:59 AM

  • Having curly hair makes traditional dry shampoos like Klorane impossible for me because I can’t “brush” anything but I use and love Oribe and IGK (my favourite) the charcoal one. They’re fantastic refreshers and body builders. Let us know what you think of the Ouai and I’m intrigued now about the Sam McKnight.

    SueMMay 2nd, 2019  8:08 AM

  • Tried IGK and didn’t love the scent, but it’s a great product and it’s vegan.

    PrestonMay 2nd, 2019  8:22 AM

  • I am also a dry shampoo nut, and the perfect seems to be illusive, because I am allergic to several (love the Dry Bar one but it gives me a rash!). I like the powder from Bumble, but need a spray that also gives a lift.

    I tried the Ouai, but it actually made my hair look oily and weighed it down, so I returned it.

    I look forward to trying some of the ones you and other followers recommend!

    JaciMay 2nd, 2019  8:30 AM

  • I still think that Klorane works best, but for a scent boost I really love Moroccan Oil.

    DianeMay 2nd, 2019  8:58 AM

  • Living Proof!!

    Sharon TMay 2nd, 2019  9:30 AM

  • For those with curl: Ouidad Restore + Revive-this actually adds shine!

    cindalaMay 2nd, 2019  9:53 AM

  • Preston, aside from smell, was there one you tried that just performed better than the others (i.e. keeping hair clean and full and bouncy the next day, without any buildup at the roots)? This is a great post!

    Tenley AMay 2nd, 2019  11:28 AM

  • Try the bumble and bumble powder. I’ve found its the best for my thin, fine colored hair. Used the Sachajuan for years but this one is better.

    LisaMay 2nd, 2019  12:27 PM

  • I like Klorane and Oribe. Thanks for the Sam McKnight tip. My stylist suggested Living Proof.

    MoiraMay 2nd, 2019  1:48 PM

  • I’ve tried most of these and still love Klorane the best!

    ellaMay 2nd, 2019  2:26 PM

  • Drybar has a great version!

    DaphneMay 2nd, 2019  2:27 PM

  • Living Proof is my favorite.

    NancyMay 2nd, 2019  10:33 PM

  • Like you have have tried them all and do love the Klorane for when my hair isn’t too greasy but for my very fine hair the Aveda one is best for full on refresh and volume! Looking forward to an update on your experience

    elizabethMay 3rd, 2019  2:59 AM

  • After trying many dry shampoos , and not liking any of them I started using using plain old baking soda. When I do wash my hair the baking soda works well the shampoo and makes my hair extra clean.

    RobynMay 3rd, 2019  5:54 AM

  • I’m also a fan of Dry Bar’s dry shampoo and dry shampoo in general. Unless it’s summer, I almost never use regular shampoo on my hair more than once a week.

    LizMay 3rd, 2019  11:45 AM

  • Kristin Ess Style Reviving Dry Shampoo from Target. The quality of her dry shampoo (as well as many other items) from her line for the price cannot be surpassed.

    JuliaMay 4th, 2019  11:44 AM

  • Although it is not a “dry shampoo” Oribe texturizing spray is kind of a chameleon. It adds lots of volume while giving your tresses a bit of a cleaning. After using, your hair feels very natural as well.

    Sue BushmanMay 5th, 2019  6:15 PM

  • i tried almost everything and Oribe + Ouai are my favorites

    MarciaMay 15th, 2019  10:06 PM


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