May 7th, 2019

French Pharmacy

When in France the green cross pharmacy sign is a beacon to the land of plenty-of-great-beauty-products. Now you can get them all in one place online at French Pharmacy. C’est bien.


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Suzanne necklace


Margarete poncho


X Suzanne Koller leather backless slipper shoes


X Suzanne Koller Gertrude cotton-blend parka


X Suzanne Koller Codeo striped cotton shirt


Katja wool maxi dress


X Suzanne Koller leather backless slipper shoe


X Suzanne Koller drawstring leather pouch


Ethan oversized wool sweater


Suzanna oversized felt tote bag

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  • Lucky for me these brands are all easy to find in Canada and I have something in my cabinet from all of them. La Roche Posay in particular have stellar products and I could not live without Bioderma sensibio makeup remover, it is the BEST.

    SueMMay 7th, 2019  11:26 AM

  • I first learned of Bioderma and Embriolysse Lait Creme on KIC, and don’t think I would have otherwise. I use them both all the time. Thanks for the heads up on the website.

    AprilMay 7th, 2019  1:50 PM

  • Thank you, this is great! Is there anything more fun than wandering the aisles of a french pharmacy?

    ellaMay 7th, 2019  4:33 PM

  • I bought half of the products in the photo above during my trip to Paris last month. It’s a bit hard to swallow the dramatic price difference on the website, but still good to know we have a stockist in the States.

    anMay 7th, 2019  4:34 PM

  • At least they cost the same, and often less, on Amazon (weirdly).

    PrestonMay 7th, 2019  5:10 PM

  • After seeing this post, I checked out the site and love it. Cart is now filled with goodies, plus the samples they include, and I am so looking forward to trying everything out. I have gotten so much inspiration and many great suggestions and ideas from KiC since I started reading you a few years back. Thanks Preston!

    LeslieMay 8th, 2019  1:13 PM

  • Preston, the reason you will often find these brands cheaper on Amazon is because they are counterfeit (or sometimes at or near expiration). It is a known problem from third party sellers on Amazon, and not adequately policed. Be careful to buy direct from the brand or reputable sellers.

    DeeMay 12th, 2019  12:45 PM

  • Such a brilliant idea

    That's Not My AgeMay 13th, 2019  9:51 AM


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