May 12th, 2019
On My Mind

We Are All Mothers

I am spending the day with my mother. The tables have turned and I am now, in the traditional sense, more of a mother to her than she to me. It makes me realize that you don’t actually have to have children to be a “mother”. Motherhood is a way of being that includes kindness, nurturing, selflessness, etc. Besides my girls, I “mother” my husband, sisters, niece, friends, dachshund — anyone I care about is on this list. So, to everyone, a very happy Mother’s Day.

Mother’s Day plate courtesy of my niece Isabel Tilley


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  • And a very Happy Mother’s Day to you Preston.

    ClaireMay 12th, 2019  7:02 AM

  • Well said. Happy Mother’s Day to you.

    karenMay 12th, 2019  7:07 AM

  • This is one of the best pieces about Mother’s Day! I will pass these words of wisdom along to many! Thank you.

    LisaMay 12th, 2019  7:13 AM

  • Very true!! Happy Mother’s Day! ❤️

    Amy Thorne RichardsonMay 12th, 2019  7:31 AM

  • Thankyou for this post and agree with your definition of ‘mother’.
    I’m also mothering my mother but never thought that my life would come to this. I’m greatful for the best mum and it’s now my turn to look after her.
    Happy mother’s day to all women !

    JacquelineMay 12th, 2019  7:39 AM

  • Preston, Happy Mother’s Day to you and all your followers. This post is beautiful and so true. Thank you for putting it into words.

    Terri BynoeMay 12th, 2019  9:31 AM

  • Its such an honor to have the opportunity to “mother” our parents. My mother has passed, but now I have the opportunity with my mother-in-law, my second mom in every sense of the word. Happy Mother’s Day to all.

    AprilMay 12th, 2019  9:41 AM

  • What a lovely sentiment! Thank you and Happy Mother’s Day!

    KitMay 12th, 2019  9:58 AM

  • I love this♥️ Thank you .
    Happy Mother’s Day to you.

    LauraMay 12th, 2019  10:31 AM

  • Happy Mother’s Day to all the community of KIC! And Bravo to the author of extremely original present. Well done, Isabel!

    ZivileMay 12th, 2019  10:35 AM

  • Happy Mother’s day to you Preston.

    SuWuMay 12th, 2019  2:04 PM

  • Love how you’ve articulated this sentiment Preston. I was lucky enough to care for my darling mother before she died and all my life learned from her how to care for those around you like a MOTHER.
    All the best. ❤️

    SueMMay 12th, 2019  5:43 PM

  • It out articulated something I have felt for a long time , Preston – motherhood is a way of being . Thank you

    Brooke Garber NeidichMay 13th, 2019  7:17 AM

  • What a lovely sentiment. I’m going to share it with both my mother and mother-in-law who keep referring to themselves as “ex-mothers”(!) now that their children have grown and flown.

    TropicalistMay 13th, 2019  11:05 AM


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