June 23rd, 2019
On My Mind

First Summer Weekend

Glorious weather here this first weekend of summer (we’ve halted work on the ark) and both girls were home, but not at the same time. One daughter left yesterday to do research and one is back from visiting family in the Netherlands. Nice to have them home, albeit briefly.

Summer means camping, and camping is my thing. When I was little, my family did a yearly pack trip in Wyoming from a ranch in DuBois up to Simpson Lake on the Continental Divide. We’d catch trout for both breakfast and dinner and try to keep the moose from getting corralled with the horses. We also had 100 acres that straddled the Salmon Falls River on the New Hampshire/Maine border. My dad made the best gorp and I wish I’d gotten the recipe from him. For years my younger daughter would humor me and we’d pitch a tent in the back yard in late August. However, last week an osprey dropped a huge fish on my fav backyard campsite and I made the fatal mistake of sending her a picture — I bet she’ll take a pass this year. There are some great Upstate glamping options in Vogue and the one above looks amazing.

This summer I’m going to tweak some of my tried-and-true recipes. Roasting the corn for my corn salad (thank you, Bon Appétit), substituting ground chicken for burger has been delicious, and a pinch of tarragon in the lobster salad should do the trick.

It’s time to make a summer reading list. I liked the review for “The Most Fun We Ever Had” in today’s WSJ and I’m always up for book recommendations.

Welcome to summer, everyone! xp


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  • I haven’t camped in years, but would love to again. Thanks for the reminder. Try ground turkey rather than chicken (which can be a bit dry) for a burger substitute. And that book looks right up my alley.

    KathyJune 23rd, 2019  8:48 AM

  • I have created a yummy ground chicken burger recipe, which has olive oil (Worcestershire sauce, chopped onions, my husband’s homemade seasoned salt) mixed in to combat the dryness.

    PrestonJune 23rd, 2019  9:17 AM

  • Your camping experiences in Wyoming sound heavenly. Although I’m not opposed to luxury hotels, glamping sounds like cheating. Camping is supposed to be at least a little uncomfortable, right? Curious to know what glampers do about mosquitoes, snakes, spiders, and bears? And do they text and post while glamping? : )

    PaulaJune 23rd, 2019  4:41 PM

  • I’m trying to get my husband to let me build a yurt complete with compost outhouse on our Adirondack property. So far he’s dubious. But I’m not dubious about City of Girls if you haven’t already read it. Daisy Jones and The Six was fun, too.

    MP AllegaertJune 23rd, 2019  7:27 PM

  • Good evening. If you haven’t read a Sudden Light, please add it to your summer reading list.
    Excellent story.

    ShelleyJune 24th, 2019  11:36 AM

  • In case there was any doubt about the difference between glamping and camping . . . today’s MO featured glamping in a $2,680 Maison Margiela poncho. : ))

    PaulaJune 24th, 2019  5:26 PM

  • Hilarious

    PrestonJune 24th, 2019  8:33 PM

  • Just finished All the Lives we Ever Lived by Katharine Smyth and it was one of the best books I’ve read this year.

    C BlountJune 25th, 2019  1:56 PM


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