July 2nd, 2019

Sunscreen Suggestions

A few years ago I asked for sunscreen suggestions and so many readers raved about elta md that I’ve been using it ever since. However, the groundswell of reports on the toxins used in many sunscreens gives me pause. So, as we head into some serious beach days, is there an organic sunscreen that really works?


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  • I’m of the same mind – I’ve been using elta md for several years and really love it, but after the recent news I switched back to mineral sunscreen. I use MyChelle Dermaceuticals – the Replenishing Solar Defense SPF 30 for face, the Body Lotion SPF 50 for body, and I keep a Sun Shield Stick in my bag for the back of my hands. (I live in super sunny L.A!) The formula does take a little getting used to…the texture is not as nice as elta md, but it’s my favorite mineral sunscreen and I’ve tried them all. Elta md also makes mineral sunscreen, but I find that it’s very drying and makes my skin look crepey. MyChelle is more emollient. Hope you find a new sunscreen that works for you!

    JenJuly 2nd, 2019  7:28 PM

  • I switched to mineral sunscreen last year after a bad skin allergy. I’ve done well with Murad City Skin Age Defense and wanted to try the Ren Clean Screen sunscreen but found it left a white cast on my skin. Those with paler complexions may find it ideal, though.

    NikJuly 2nd, 2019  9:53 PM

  • Daylong from Switzerland… life changing.

    DeannaJuly 2nd, 2019  10:11 PM

  • Kypris Beauty Heliotropic 30 sunscreen and primer.
    Fabulous for face no sunburn ever

    LisaJuly 2nd, 2019  11:02 PM

  • I’m actually allergic to the chemical Elta ones but they make a wonderful physical tinted sunscreen with only zinc and titanium. It has become a holy grail product! Now to find a great sunscreen for the body…I hear Supergoop came out with a mineral one but have yet to try.

    SRJuly 2nd, 2019  11:48 PM

  • I absolutely love the Drunk Elephant, it’s clean, I don’t break out, I have a tiny glow and I feel like it works. Plus, it’s not a crazy crazy price. I haven’t used it for summer outdoor tennis yet, but have high hopes.

    Urvi The Healthy Family TableJuly 3rd, 2019  4:08 AM

  • The best way to find a clean sunscreen is to use the EWG website – Environmental Working Group – they rate all cosmetics and have a whole section on sunscreen – indispensable. My favorites are Mychelle and Think Baby. And just because it’s organic, won’t necessarily mean it’s safe to use.

    HarrietJuly 3rd, 2019  5:34 AM

  • I agree with Harriett…EWG website is great. I like Blue Lizard Sensitive and Caribbean Sol. Blue Lizard is thicker and leaves a funny sheen (zinc) but when my family is going from winter pale skin to the Caribbean we have never had an issue with any sunburns even on my very fair youngest son.

    MaryBJuly 3rd, 2019  7:10 AM

  • The aesthetician who does my facial insists on using mineral sunscreen, I’ve used both powder and lotion. I love Jan Marini Physical Protection 45, it has a universal tint, so I can go without make-up on weekends (it seems to even out my skin tone). The idea that it’s a physical protection that sits on the skin and doesn’t absorb into the skin is important and the bonus is that it doesn’t harm coral reefs!

    RobinJuly 3rd, 2019  7:17 AM

  • Babi Botanicals is great, and my entire family love it! It comes as a spray, stick and there is a sport version too. It also rubs in quite well. It’s also very affordable.

    SandraJuly 3rd, 2019  8:06 AM

  • As others have mentioned, just because it’s organic doesn’t mean that it’s actually safe. I had previously used La Roche Posay ANTHELIOS, the no breakout version (the not for export formula, note that the formulas on their products that are shipped to the US are very often different from those that are sold in the EU. While not organic, I do like it very much but use it in such quantities that at the price point it became somewhat ridiculous. I recently started using Babyganics Mineral based and I have found a lot of success with it. It’s not terribly greasy, quite effective, and the price point couldn’t be better.

    LizaJuly 3rd, 2019  8:10 AM

  • I use MD Solar Science mineral sunscreen on my face. I love the matte finish.

    KathyJuly 3rd, 2019  8:30 AM

  • Elta!!!!!

    mathildaJuly 3rd, 2019  8:45 AM

  • I’ve tried so, SO many as well! Lately I’ve been loving Josie Maran Argan Daily Moisturizer SPF 47. It is a fabulous product. I don’t need a separate moisturizer, which typically my skin insists on. I’ve used both the tinted and non-tinted, and find the non-tinted preferable as I’m not skimpy using it on my neck and chest due to worries about the tint transferring to my clothing. Have yet to find a full body sunscreen I like. I’ve read that Caudalie has released a version that is not only non-chemical, but is formulated to protect coral as well. I’ve yet to use it, however.

    JeannineJuly 3rd, 2019  8:57 AM

  • Supergoop Unseen Sunscreen SPF 40 is fantastic – however I think it is Chemical Organic, not Mineral Organic.

    elizabethJuly 3rd, 2019  9:16 AM

  • I use 3Lab – SPF50 for my face/neck/chest, it is oil-free mineral sunscreen. I remain loyal to Neutrogena to the rest of my body.

    KateJuly 3rd, 2019  9:25 AM

  • babo is the best! Does well on my most sensitive daughter and is considered one of the most reef safe!

    betsyJuly 3rd, 2019  9:50 AM

  • I just attended the Indie Beauty Expo in Dallas. Tropic Labs was featured; free of toxins and reef-safe. I’m seeing SuperGoop everywhere but haven’t tried it. I love the texture and feel of Rocky Mountain Sunscreen.

    JenniferJuly 3rd, 2019  10:02 AM

  • I love Drunk Elephant tinted sunscreen for the face The color is absolutely perfect and it gives a nice sheen.

    LeslieJuly 3rd, 2019  10:37 AM

  • For my body, I like Coola’s sunscreens. They have a lovely texture. They come in mineral formulas that blend in well….30 or 50 SPF.

    SusanJuly 3rd, 2019  11:16 AM

  • Drunk Elephant tinted sun screen is amazing. The color is great (no white cast) and you don’t need a moisturizer with it, as it’s very emollient.

    GrettyJuly 3rd, 2019  11:44 AM

  • I’ve used Tizo3 Primer/Sunscreen SPF40 Mineral Tinted Sunscreen for years. Initially bought through my dermatologist, but it is sold on amazon and elsewhere.
    It has zero chemical sunscreen ingredients. It has a subtle tint with a beautiful matte finish.
    Can’t recommend it enough.

    L.A.MamaJuly 3rd, 2019  11:51 AM

  • Sunscreens with Avobenzone cause bumps on my skin. And most have it. I have used Josie Maran Argan sunscreen for years and love it. She just came out with a body one also. Titanium dioxide and zinc. I also recently bought Coppertone Pure and Simple face spf 50. A little heavier but good for being at the pool or beach.

    KarenJuly 3rd, 2019  11:59 AM

  • I love the Badger products. Most contain zinc which provides an extra barrier. The price is reasonable. I use sunscreen as the base and then put on little foundation, blush, etc. For the body, I generally wear sun protective clothing, scarves, etc.

    SuebeeJuly 3rd, 2019  12:13 PM

  • Thank you, thank you, thank you! I’m going to try a number of these. xjp

    PrestonJuly 3rd, 2019  4:55 PM

  • My favorite and safest sunscreen for skin and hair is a broad brim hat and large sunglasses.
    For the water, nothing protects skin like sun protective clothing – for children and adults alike.
    On those occasions when I do wear sunscreen, it’s Neutrogena. They have a wonderful product line.

    PaulaJuly 3rd, 2019  10:24 PM

  • Also one more note about sunscreens…the spray on products can be harmful if inhaled, particularly for children.

    SuebeeJuly 4th, 2019  9:45 AM

  • I’m with Harriett and MaryB — the EWG Guide is a wonderful resource. I’m a mineral girl all the way and have very sensitive skin. For body I use Suntegrity SPF 30 (I prefer unscented). Yes it takes a little longer to rub in but to me it’s worth it. For an everyday face moisturizer with sunscreen, Josh Rosebrook Nutrient Day Cream SPF 30, Untinted. After reading the comments above, there are several I’ll be checking out. Thanks!

    PaulaJuly 4th, 2019  11:19 AM

  • I really like a recent drugstore find, Australian Gold’s Botanical Sunscreen line especially the SPF 30; titanium & zinc oxides as the physical, non-chemical barrier (not sure if non-nano; Badger is great for that and for sensitive skin, but it’s super emollient)—- what my entire family loves is the unique powdery finish and wonderful light scent.

    MaryAJuly 4th, 2019  11:45 AM

  • 90% of sunscreens (whether mineral or chemical) irritate my eyes so I wear a hat and sunglasses much of the time. Then of course my head gets too hot. I have a mesh baseball cap with a solid visor that’s a little better. Mostly I try to stay in the shade when I’m not in the water. I wear sun protective clothing for arms and legs as well. Ordered a MyChelle product from Amazon after reading this, hope I can tolerate it! After a childhood spent sailing around New England though, the sun damage is a given.

    JoannawnycJuly 5th, 2019  7:43 AM

  • I live in Canada so I’m not sure this product is available in the U.S. My aesthetician uses Dr. Baumann’s skin care line for facials and, of course, has all products available for purchase. I use his Sun Lotion Factor 30, Sun Solarium Vitamin Factor 6, Low Protection, and his After Sun Vitamin. My cousin, who has had serious skin cancer on her nose uses the Factor 30 and swears by it. His company is in Germany but I’m sure you could find his products on his website.

    Barbara YeamanJuly 6th, 2019  11:52 PM

  • Highly recommend Beautycounter’s sunscreen lotion – and even better, their sunscreen face stick. Both get a 1 on EWG (the safest score). The face stick is amazing bc it fits in a tiny pocket and is extremely easy to apply even without a mirror. And bonus: kids love it bc it is so fast and effortless. The stick goes on nearly clear. The lotion rubs in super quickly. No goopy mess. Have been using every summer in Florida for several years and zero burns. Would love to send you some to try! To order: https://www.beautycounter.com/leahkennelly?goto=/product/countersun-mineral-sunscreen-stick-spf-30

    LeahJuly 13th, 2019  2:22 PM


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