August 26th, 2019
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Mix it Up

A reader sent me a similar picture of Gwyneth Paltrow and asked if I mix silver and gold jewelry. The short answer is — I did, then I didn’t, and now I do without thinking about it too much. I prefer yellow gold but my Apple Watch is steel so, for years, I was mixing despite myself. However, I’ve shelved the Apple Watch in favor of traditional gold ones and, like GP above, I’m feeling a bit ‘anything goes’. Perhaps it’s time to pull out the steel and gold Rolex.

Image @gwynethpaltrow


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Small Crécy bag in shiny calfskin


Manon Wedge thigh boots


Diana ribbed wool-blend turtleneck sweater


Suede-trimmed textured-leather ankle boots


Oversized Fair Isle alpaca-blend turtleneck sweater


Efo belted leather trench coat


Leather penny loafers


Ethan oversized wool sweater


Chelsea double-breasted cotton trench coat


Bouclé jacket


Maxima 35 leather knee-high boots


Origano sweater

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  • How about metal accents on footwear and handbags? I sometimes drive myself crazy over it….. any helpful rules?

    AnneAugust 26th, 2019  8:55 AM

  • Preston,
    Thank you so much for this post! Gwyneth’s necklace combo is my inspiration. I still can’t figure out how to perfectly assemble a gold and silver necklace combo with flair like her. The number of chains and different lengths must be an art. I’m interested in what your readers say.

    DebbieAugust 26th, 2019  9:18 AM

  • Big supporter of mixing things! I think if you love it, wear it. I’m always wearing a stack, and everything has a special meaning or story- travel, graduation, wedding, most recently our first child! That said, I certainly don’t turn my nose down at a big stack of gold or silver/white gold, which looks fabulous too.

    bllAugust 26th, 2019  9:19 AM

  • Same story here. I used to mix and then didn’t for a couple of decades. Last year I bought a steel and rose gold AP and now I mix all the metals.

    MMSAugust 26th, 2019  2:21 PM

  • For my taste, mixing certainly feels more natural and less contrived. My foundation piece for every day jewelry has always been my steel and gold Rolex Datejust. Along with my wedding band (which started out gold until I lost it and is now platinum/diamond), I wear a gold signet ring everyday. It’s a solid chunk of gold and has nice presence but doesn’t scream. Typically, I also wear a modest gold rope bracelet and antique gold bangle. I wouldn’t hesitate to substitute or add silver. Balance + complimentary scale is, to me, most important.

    PaulaAugust 26th, 2019  10:42 PM

  • Yellow gold and oxidized silver create a surprisingly interesting combination that I have received many a compliment on. Bracelets and necklaces that can be lightly intertwined add a fun accent.

    IrinaAugust 26th, 2019  11:57 PM

  • I agree with Paula…balance and scale are most important. I have scaled way back on the pieces I wear every day, but mixing multiple necklaces works as long as they are of similar weights. I also agree that oxidized silver looks better with gold than high shine.

    SharonAugust 27th, 2019  8:06 AM

  • Gwyneth is awesome in my book! I’ve loved her style forever! My sister teases me about my style obsession of her in The Perfect Murder.

    TracyAugust 29th, 2019  12:15 PM


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