August 28th, 2019
On My Mind

La Rentrée

The transition from summer holidays back to everyday life has been made easier this year thanks to the significant drop in temperature — some of my fall purchases are already in play. Even though I no longer have small children heading back to school next week — and I work from anywhere — the feeling of re-entry is still very real. It’s been a fun summer that seemingly whizzed by, but as my daughter was ordering books last night for her fall term I felt a spark of excitement for the upcoming change of seasons and scenery.


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Suzanne medium hobo bag in smooth leather


Nia gathered-neck belted midi dress


Cotton and wool tweed midi dress


Parker leather sandals


Merino wool sweater


Jenna cropped cotton-blend slim-leg trousers


Crossover leather wedge sandals


Twill midi dress


Cel-V two-strap neoprene sandals


High-rise skinny jeans


Wool top


Dunkled putty bonded cotton 3/4 coat

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  • Beautiful photo.

    LisaAugust 28th, 2019  9:53 AM

  • Love this!

    mathildeAugust 28th, 2019  10:17 AM

  • I know what you mean, I always think of September as the start of a new year.

    AprilAugust 28th, 2019  10:46 AM

  • It’s funny how no matter how long (or short) any season seems to be, we are always ready for the next one when it comes along…

    lkaAugust 28th, 2019  10:51 AM

  • I have an academic job, so have been in meetings and prepping for the past two weeks! I do miss the childhood days when my mom would keep us on the Cape till after Labor Day and we’d get back the day before school started!

    JoannawnycAugust 28th, 2019  11:31 AM

  • Gorgeous photo, Preston.

    EricaAugust 28th, 2019  1:41 PM

  • Perfectly stated – you’ve summarized the feeling so well! Cheers to fresh starts and crisp air!

    PaulaAugust 28th, 2019  4:15 PM

  • Beautiful photo!


    Mariya ZafirovaAugust 28th, 2019  4:15 PM

  • Nice! Loving the outfit!

    TracyAugust 28th, 2019  7:31 PM

  • The Cover rash guard is amazing, an old pair of Frame shorts, and I tied the Kendall Conrad pouch straps so I can wear it over my shoulder.

    PrestonAugust 28th, 2019  7:32 PM

  • Love this photo! Thank you for validating the “re-entry butterflies” we all still feel this time of year.

    LisaAugust 28th, 2019  7:33 PM

  • At our house, fall is also the time when we start having those dreaded recurring dreams: sleeping through final exams or realizing we were signed up for a class which we never attended, opening books but not understanding the language . . . : )))

    PaulaAugust 28th, 2019  11:49 PM

  • I love this photo so much.

    KathyAugust 29th, 2019  12:35 AM

  • Lovely photo.
    Of course, this time of year is US Open time, another reason to feel a little bit excited.

    ClaireAugust 29th, 2019  6:30 AM

  • I don’t usually comment twice in one post, but I had to laugh at Paula’s comment about the recurring academic failure dreams. I graduated law school in 1982 and I still have these dreams occasionally. Mine are usually of realizing I have a final exam in a math class I enrolled in, but never attended or read the material for. Lol. Also, the picture is so good, I didn’t realize it was Preston herself! Really perfect for this post.

    AprilAugust 29th, 2019  10:06 AM

  • Such a wonderful photo!

    IzabelaSeptember 15th, 2019  5:47 AM


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