October 13th, 2019
On My Mind

My Favorite Length (for now)

The Celine SS20 floor-sweeping jeans looked great on the runway, and I’ll probably get a version by Frame come spring, but, for now, I’m sticking with my beloved ankle length — it suits me.


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1955 Horsebit grained-leather shoulder bag


A-line bouclé skirt


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Classic B-15


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Gold-plated necklace


1955 Horsebit grained-leather shoulder bag


Bebe ribbed cotton top

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  • Could not agree with you more. Also, that Céline sangle is calling my name!

    MichelleOctober 13th, 2019  8:00 PM

  • I am with you! In the southern hemisphere, we are heading into warmer times, those floor sweepers are a lot jean in the warm weather. My next jean purchase will be a pair of Frame le high straight with a slightly cropped leg.

    CiaraOctober 14th, 2019  5:48 AM

  • Totally agree! So often it comes down to the shoes I’m willing to wear, and the floor-sweepers call for elevation. Ankle-length, close-fitting look polished and feel better on me with sneakers, loafers, boots. Check.

    ToryOctober 14th, 2019  6:29 AM

  • There are many jean lengths, leg openings, high rise, low rise and many jean styles in between that I’ve lived through. At 60 I wear the jeans that are the most comfortable , flattering, and easy to style for me. I generally stick with a slim ankle length, sometimes a little above or a little lower. As I age, I am less influenced by what’s in style, but what works best for my lifestyle. I’m a resource teacher, who for the last 7 years has been helping to take care of elderly parents. My clothes need to be affordable, practical and hopefully classic. Your blog is wonderful for inspiration but on a teacher’s salary not even close to being affordable.

    RobynOctober 14th, 2019  6:50 AM

  • At 5 ‘2” this length is what suits me best as well! I appreciate your validation.

    TSFOctober 14th, 2019  7:09 AM

  • I agree…ankle length is best for me…I’m only 5’2”. At 68, I no longer wear heels…even with boots the highest is about 2 1/2”. The right ankle length jeans or pants look good with those too. Not willing to be uncomfortable! And…although the pieces you feature are beyond my means, I love the inspiration, and find similar pieces from various sources, i.e. Everlane and Eileen Fisher.

    SharonOctober 14th, 2019  7:36 AM

  • I am enjoying the cropped length, both flared and skinny. I agree with reader above that they look great with a variety of shoes. This spring I will try a version like the Celine. I bet they could look good with a flat sandal if the hem is the right length.

    DebbieOctober 14th, 2019  8:22 AM

  • The ankle length is so flattering!

    MoiraOctober 14th, 2019  8:41 AM

  • At 5’2”, I agree with you. I buy cropped length usually and it fits me right at the ankle. As a 62 year old who has always been interested in fashion, I’ve settled into what I feel looks good on me and is comfortable ( bye-bye to heels, sadly). So happy to see so many comments from women in their 60s on your pages!

    Paula BOctober 14th, 2019  8:42 AM

  • Couldn’t agree more, except it’s doubtful I’ll be trying that floor sweeping length in the Spring…
    Like others have commented, I’m 67 and wear what’s most comfortable and flattering for my body and lifestyle. Ankle length is what works for me.

    KathyOctober 14th, 2019  8:53 AM

  • Another 62 year old here who is in favour of the ankle length jean. The length feels modern to me and works with so many types of foot wear. I do enjoy your blog for fashion inspiration. And it is so good to know that there are other 60+ readers who feel the same!

    Ms. LizOctober 14th, 2019  4:19 PM

  • I rarely veer off a trim pant and I always hem jeans 1 1/2 – 2″ above ankle. Revealing the ankle gives nice definition to calves and legs in general, plus it looks crisp and sporty! Like other readers, I’m frequently in and out of the car and walking, sometimes with the pup in tow, and days in my city rarely – if ever – require heels.

    PaulaOctober 14th, 2019  4:47 PM

  • I agree. I’m keeping my above the ankle look. It’s me.

    Elizabeth VelasquezOctober 14th, 2019  4:55 PM

  • Well, not in my 60,s but at 58, I’m close and the ankle length is a good fit for me at 5’6”. I gave up heels almost 10 years ago, but I’ll wear flatforms in the summer with longer pants. Thanks so much for your blog Preston, like a number of your commenters, I look to your post daily as sources of inspiration.

    SharonOctober 14th, 2019  8:16 PM

  • I am willing to be a lone voice for the longer jeans :). Nothing beats these in the legs lengthening department (with appropriate heels, of course!). Needless to say, like most women, I am not always in the mood for heels, but bootcut or slightly flared jeans with 4” heels and a nice top and an elegant blazer elevate a Friday look at the office and make it after work outing ready. Here’s to long jeans!

    IrinaOctober 14th, 2019  11:19 PM

  • In the last months, I have started wearing a longer, straighter leg jean, even with my sneakers. Partly it’s the colder weather in England and partly just wanting a different look. So I was happy to see the Celine jeans!

    MMSOctober 15th, 2019  2:15 PM

  • I just left Paris, where every woman (no matter their age) was wearing ankle length jeans. The legs were all straight or baby flare. Not a skinny jean in sight! It looked really reach, especially paired with sneakers or ankle boots, and has me rethinking my entire jean strategy. 🙂

    This trip also has me rethinking my bra strategy, but that’s a tale for another post!

    NikOctober 16th, 2019  5:52 PM

  • Universally flattering IMO, plus so easy to wear! Can anyone id the jeans in the bottom right picture?


    kikiOctober 19th, 2019  1:49 PM

  • I took that picture on the street in Tribeca.

    PrestonOctober 19th, 2019  4:30 PM


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