November 15th, 2019
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I Whiffed It

Each fall I buy one fashion-forward item and wear it to death with my carefully built wardrobe of classic and minimalist evergreen pieces. However, I didn’t this year and I’m regretting it. I bought loafers, a peacoat, and Fair Isle sweaters aplenty, but nothing with a wow factor. These Bottega Veneta mesh pumps would’ve been fabulous with a simple Prada dress I wore the other evening — I think I whiffed it this year.


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Capri cotton-poplin shirt


Lennyo leather slides


Duffel Coat in wool


Suzanne medium hobo bag in smooth leather


Nia gathered-neck belted midi dress


Cotton and wool tweed midi dress


Parker leather sandals


Merino wool sweater


Jenna cropped cotton-blend slim-leg trousers


Crossover leather wedge sandals


Twill midi dress


Cel-V two-strap neoprene sandals

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  • Where does this whiffed term come from? As I write this it occurs to me it is a whiffle ball term. Caught me unawares. Never heard it used before.

    There is always resort and spring! And Zara!

    And what does evergreen mean? They go the distance?

    MarcyNovember 15th, 2019  8:25 AM

  • Noooooooo. Please no. They are the overpriced shopping bag shoes of the year. By Far square toe booties or Dear Frances would be just as “timely”. Can you do snakeskin perhaps?
    Sorry if I sound strident, feel strongly.

    SueMNovember 15th, 2019  8:26 AM

  • May be too late for book club but why not buy the b v pumps now? I like the shoes you are wearing in the pic for this time of the year better actually!

    Paula BNovember 15th, 2019  8:32 AM

  • You look lovely

    Deborah HauserNovember 15th, 2019  8:41 AM

  • “Whiffed” in baseball is to strikeout and “evergreen” in publishing is applied to topics that don’t lose their relevance over time.

    PrestonNovember 15th, 2019  8:43 AM

  • Preston, first off, you look lovely in the Prada dress. I’m so glad you were able to find it – just wonderful. As for the BV pumps, I have seen them everywhere in social media this season, so actually, I think you dodged instead of whiffed!

    LisaNovember 15th, 2019  8:47 AM

  • NO! I am so glad you didn’t buy them.. The shape is not good and I really do not like the mesh. You look fabulous and you didn’t need them to up the style game of your look! Good miss.

    RidgelyNovember 15th, 2019  8:50 AM

  • Let me just say….you look beautiful and stylish, just as you are.

    KathyNovember 15th, 2019  9:26 AM

  • I too think you looked lovely! However, I did warn you about those BV mesh pumps, but i am a huge fan of conservative with “wow” as you called it! I have these in black and wore them with a simple Nili Lotan black silk shirt dress to a wedding – they made the outfit. I have since worn them with jeans, sweater and blazers. Yes, they are not a forever shoe, but very fashion forward and fun! I’ve owned the Tom Ford for Gucci green shoes and the LV yellow calf hair and still pull them out! I’ve made my share of mistakes too such as the Dior too high PVC platform that became too “Kardashian” and sold them. These BV are comfortable, easy and fun IMO 😉 xx

    MaryBNovember 15th, 2019  10:07 AM

  • You did, Mary, you did. BTW, was the Nili Lotan the black sheath I posted on and regret not buying? Another miss…

    PrestonNovember 15th, 2019  10:12 AM

  • I was interested in finding out if that mesh shoe worked without discomfort and having your toes poke through. Thank you Mary for letting us know how those fit. I agree with the comment that you look lovely in the outfit in the pic. Now, those shoes I love.

    karenNovember 15th, 2019  10:30 AM

  • The way that MaryB wore them sounds fabulous – and added the right amount of pizzaz to what otherwise could have been a bit boring. If you’re still thinking about getting them, I like the black a lot more than the natural.

    KathyNovember 15th, 2019  10:45 AM

  • No, I still haven’t worn that! This one — it looks better in person and not sure I love this styling. It’s an easy piece.

    MaryNovember 15th, 2019  11:01 AM

  • Preston,
    You look amazing! Great photo. If the BV mesh floats your boat…then go ahead and give them a whirl. I hope they are as comfortable as they look! Love, Pamela Taft

    Pamela TaftNovember 15th, 2019  1:49 PM

  • I was feeling the same way about my Fall selections. Know they will all be long term stalwarts, but was craving something a bit more outrageous to amp things up. With Colorado winter looming, have decided to go with a pair of Paris Texas boots. Debating between knee high blue snakeskin or metallic gold ankle styles. Good luck on your quest, don’t think you are capable of whiffing anything!
    Cheers, Jenny

    JennyNovember 15th, 2019  4:00 PM

  • I love that you continue to seek out fashion-forward pieces to go with your classics, it keeps things interesting! Your dress is lovely and those pumps would have been great with it – but there’s always a next time!

    C.MicholNovember 15th, 2019  4:23 PM

  • I think the BV shoes are fabulous! I would get them, then you would have two very different looks to wear with that beautiful dress.

    AprilNovember 15th, 2019  6:46 PM

  • I think you look elegant and lovely. For this particular dress, though, I think the “wow” would be better in a beautiful pair of earrings or a necklace to frame your face (instead of shoes). The heels that you are wearing are great, by the way. Thank you again for a really wonderful blog. I enjoy every post and I also think your readers are great – the comments are so fun to read!

    AlissaNovember 15th, 2019  7:41 PM

  • Well, I think you look lovely in the photo. And the shoes are too trendy for me, but, I read your blog to think about classics (which I love—still thinking about a new duffle coat after your previous post), and how to mix them in interesting ways with more current pieces. So, while the mesh shoes are not for me, you are an inspiration on many levels. Thank you.

    KIC fanNovember 15th, 2019  11:03 PM

  • You look classy & amazing. I agree the shoes have a shelf life and to add that zing you are looking for I’d go with statement earrings, perfect with your hair.

    SusanNovember 16th, 2019  8:43 AM

  • Preston, you look fabulous! I purchased the same Prada dress after your post. I love your suggestions, and I will repeat myself -again, Love the posts with you in them! I am not aware of any blogs with people wearing what I actually do wear! Keep it up! Keep it chic!

    KimNovember 16th, 2019  1:02 PM

  • All of those square-toed BV shoes are SO unattractive. I don’t understand the success of the style. And sorry…the mesh style is the worst…seeing the feet on top of that wide sole is just bad, in my opinion, of course.

    SharonNovember 18th, 2019  7:59 AM

  • Preston, you looked beautiful in that dress and I agree the shoe would have been a nice touch. I have a hard time identifying the ‘fashion’ piece that I am not going to get tired of or see everywhere as well. Sometimes it gets me too stuck and I do not take chances. We all should. That is what makes fashion fun. I do have a pair of low round toe pumps made out of that mesh from another designer from years ago that I have never parted with. It is comfortable but the gold chain on the BV is what makes it for me.

    KareneNovember 18th, 2019  3:06 PM

  • Reading my previous comment, I think I sounded rather harsh! Haven’t changed my mind, but I wanted to agree with those who complimented you on the dress! You look great…and I do love the shoes you wore. If another accessory is needed, a pair of gold hoops would be wonderful.

    SharonNovember 19th, 2019  7:39 AM


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