December 6th, 2019

Beauty Tips

My friend Tracy, aka @fastened2fashion, commented on the hostess gift post and listed the items she is giving. She swears by the Henné lip balm, something I’m in dire need of, and recommends taking the Magnesium Fizz at night. I love when readers share beauty tips!

Herban towelettes, Marvis products, Goop Glow.


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Bianca leather sandals


Floral lace tights


Wool coat with Logo buttons


Nanette shearling-trimmed leather ankle boots


Wool coat with logo buttons


Mid-heel pump with horsebit


Belted jacket coat


Lennox Hiker


New Standard skinny jeans


Heavy cotton poplin trench coat


Sleeveless organza dress


Belted raincoat

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  • I’m loving that henne lip balm. It has finally healed my chapped lips. Her website has other lip products in sample sizes, too.

    LindaDecember 6th, 2019  1:25 PM

  • I’ve been a big fan of Herban Essentials for awhile. Everyone loves them when I share! Must try Henne Lip Balm.And Marvis.

    MP AllegaertDecember 6th, 2019  4:24 PM

  • I love the Herban Essential towelettes. We always use the lemon ones at a crab feed event we do every year and they work brilliantly. We tuck one into each person’s place setting and they are very much appreciated by all!!

    CherrieDecember 6th, 2019  5:03 PM

  • Hi Preston, I’m intersected in the magnesium fizz. This sounds like what I need but I worry about taking things that I don’t know much about. Do you have any other info you can share?Also, it is not sold on amazon even tho the link brings you there. Would you order direct?

    CBFDecember 7th, 2019  1:08 AM

  • I bought the Whole Foods brand 365.

    PrestonDecember 7th, 2019  8:27 AM

  • You can surely find a better magnesium supplement than FIZZ. Fructose as a second position is absolutely too much sugar (what for in magnesium?!). have a cup of raw cocoa every evening, better sleep btw and plenty of magnesium. Do not forget that magnesium can be absorbed by the skin as well…

    isabelDecember 7th, 2019  12:34 PM

  • I generally like anything with the word FIZZ in it – as in Sloe Gin and champagne. But Magnesium Fizz is new to me. I could do a computer search but would rather hear from (and trust) you and your readers take on it.

    PaulaDecember 7th, 2019  10:13 PM

  • There are different magnesium formulas for different things that one might want to address. For sleep and anxiety relief, I think Calm is the best one.

    KathyDecember 8th, 2019  10:24 AM


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