January 7th, 2020

Illustrated Vogue Italia

No photoshoots in January Vogue Italia, just gorgeous illustrated stories by a number of artists including Vanessa Beecroft. The money saved will be donated to environmental causes. Here are some of my favorite images:

1 & 3 David Salle, 2 Vanessa Beecroft, 4 Delphine Desane


what's new


Lennox Hiker


Belted jacket coat


New Standard skinny jeans


Heavy cotton poplin trench coat


Sleeveless organza dress


Belted raincoat


A-line open-neck dress


Wool and cashmere puffer jacket


A-line midi skirt


Cashmere and mohair sweater


Satin ballet flats


Ribbed-knit crop top

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  • Such a wonderful idea. Picking this up today.

    Robin Grimes-BlochJanuary 8th, 2020  8:22 AM

  • I love this and will try to get the magazine…inspiration!

    KathyJanuary 8th, 2020  9:15 AM

  • Could you add the artist credits for these?

    JoannawnycJanuary 8th, 2020  2:31 PM

  • This is wonderful! My sister graduated from Parsons with a BFA in fashion illustration in the late 80s, just in time for creative directors to switch to photography in ads. She’s still an illustrator, but working for associations and nonprofits in DC. She will eat this up.
    Thanks, Preston, I’ve found a birthday surprise for her.

    SharonJanuary 8th, 2020  9:35 PM

  • This is interesting! I’ve long wished for a return to classic fashion illustration. Imagine the savings in advertising without paying for models, photographers, make up artists – savings which could be passed along to the customer. I would rather see a Lagerfeld sketch of a Chanel gown, suit, or bracelet than a photograph any day! Will Kahn is a great example of how inspiring jewelry illustration can be, same with the Verdura catalog! Do we really need to see Taylor Swift (or Gwyneth, etc.) wearing yet another designer? Haven’t we pretty much seen it all? Incorporating more illustrations would be really fresh and allows the customer to envision herself in the design rather than admiring the model – who rarely looks like us – in the design.

    PaulaJanuary 8th, 2020  11:22 PM

  • Paula, the “no waste” refers to what you are touching on. This issue has “an eye on sustainability, substituting fashion illustrations for photographs in an effort to reduce the environmental impact associated with staging fashion photo shoots around the globe.” The money saved will be donated to charity.

    PrestonJanuary 9th, 2020  5:42 AM

  • Joanne, 1 & 3 David Salle, 2 Vanessa Beecroft, 4 Delphine Desane. xp

    PrestonJanuary 9th, 2020  5:52 AM


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