March 10th, 2020
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Beige is Tops, cont.

It was 70º yesterday and I was kicking myself for having packed my shorts. The Saint Laurent pair above or Agolde‘s are my preferred length for SS20. Paired with a beige henley, sneakers, and Ray-Bans is my kind of chic.


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Rosa wool-blend midi dress


Floral stretch-lace tights


Slanted-cuff leather knee-high boots


Wool-twill coat


Textured-knit tights


Oversized hooded cable-knit wool and mohair-blend cardigan


Cavalier wool blazer


Aiden sleeveless cashmere top


Hawes T-bar cutout leather pumps


Oversized cashmere knit top


Wool-blend turtleneck vest


Piped knee-high leather boots

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  • Ok…I agree that those jean shorts are very nice and they look fantastic on the model, but really? Is spending almost $700 on a pair of denim shorts a thing?

    I try not to comment on the cost of things, but couldn’t do that here.

    SharonMarch 10th, 2020  7:24 AM

  • Agreed, which is why I put in the AGOLDE link to a similar pair.

    PrestonMarch 10th, 2020  8:12 AM

  • Love the length of these shorts, but my preferred tactic is to shop my closet for an older pair of jeans that have a great fit, simply cut where I want, run them through the washer to achieve a frayed edge, and voilà!

    MP AllegaertMarch 10th, 2020  8:36 AM

  • Shorts are one of, if not THE most difficult thing to navigate after 50. Too short is not good, but too long is equally horrible.

    Melanie SteinemannMarch 10th, 2020  9:21 AM

  • Yes, the Agoldes are very similar and reasonable, I agree. I still question the other shorts. They are almost offensive.

    SharonMarch 11th, 2020  12:42 AM

  • Dear Sharon, Saint Laurent brand belongs to Kering as far as I know. It’s a “multinational conglomerate” how they call it in a very elegant way, read: corpo-gangs, they need to feed a lot of faces. They even dare to describe themselves as “specializing in luxury goods” LOL…
    I too do not like to comment on the cost of different goods but sometimes it’s worth to say a word. I finished with so called “luxury goods” years ago, when I realized that classic cashmere V pullovers from Loro Piana are not anymore what they used to be (quality), but the price is double, Hermes cashmere shawls are not much better than monogrammed LV (extremely poor quality) etc. A good tailor and excellent quality fabrics, that’s all what I need or smaller companies where real humans are behind…

    IsabelMarch 11th, 2020  10:48 AM

  • I agree with MP Allegaer about cutting an older pair of jeans to the desired length and washing them. I’ve done this since I was an adolescent.

    RobynMarch 12th, 2020  6:16 AM

  • It’s a great solution. I just like the length.

    PrestonMarch 12th, 2020  7:37 AM


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