March 13th, 2020
On my Mind


Left:Janklow home; Right:Aerin Lauder’s home

Working from home has its pros and cons. It is certainly easy and economical, but it requires dedicating a space to be an office that still looks good in your home. A Gracie or de Gournay wallpaper would be gorgeous in a small space.

Here are the mistakes I make working at home:

I get up at 5am and start working. A better plan would be to exercise, shower, and eat breakfast first. I am dressed before the deliveries come in, which I learned the hard way…

I work all the time and have to remind myself that it’s okay to log off.

Grazing as I pass through the kitchen is a big problem.


what's new


Rosa wool-blend midi dress


Floral stretch-lace tights


Slanted-cuff leather knee-high boots


Wool-twill coat


Textured-knit tights


Oversized hooded cable-knit wool and mohair-blend cardigan


Cavalier wool blazer


Aiden sleeveless cashmere top


Hawes T-bar cutout leather pumps


Oversized cashmere knit top


Wool-blend turtleneck vest


Piped knee-high leather boots

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  • Ah… the dreaded grazing. That’s a killer.

    Good for you to share that you’re working from home, Preston. I think the more that we publish that it’s not business as usual, the better.

    Sue BurpeeMarch 13th, 2020  9:29 AM

  • A beautiful dress hanging in my view wouldn’t hurt either.

    SarahMarch 13th, 2020  9:54 AM

  • For the longest time, the FedEx guy only ever saw me in a robe with wet hair in the late morning. I must get on a new schedule this year. But I’ve been saying that for the last 10 years. Lol.

    Habitually ChicMarch 13th, 2020  10:00 AM

  • Sue- Except for one year when I shared an office, I’ve been working from home for 15 years. First I was casting at home (models in and out was an issue, but the doormen loved it) and kic for the last 10. At this very moment I am setting up my office in our new (very old 1790s) house. I’ll send a pic when done. p

    PrestonMarch 13th, 2020  10:34 AM

  • Preston,

    Did you stay in the same area? It is your new (old house) somewhere else?

    I had a very old house In Cold Spring Harbor
    that proved too much for me! Back to the city.


    JulieMarch 13th, 2020  11:41 AM

  • We moved from Cove Neck, near Locust Valley, to Westchester. Market is unbelievably soft and we got a great piece of property. May have been a tavern — the fireplaces are HUGE. Even the chimney guy was stunned. Many of my friends are leaving the city, and even though I’m in a couple of days a week, I prefer living with some space to garden. I’m fortunate to have a place to stay in the city, too.

    PrestonMarch 13th, 2020  11:50 AM

  • What beautiful home offices to inspire and motivate.
    Very impressed you start work straight away, I belong to the ‘but first coffee’ group.

    CiaraMarch 13th, 2020  11:11 PM

  • I have worked out of my home office for at least 10 years. I agree about the pros and cons.
    I immediately go to the gym upon getting out of bed, with coffee on the way back home. Otherwise I would likewise get sucked into the office and the endless details of work. One big peeve I have is the ease with which my personal possessions get mixed into my office space. Sometimes I don’t even recognize them as being out of place, like a dust cloth, floor mop or a grandchild’s toy. I’d love to be disciplined enough to heave it professionally ready for clients at all times without having to even think about it. Preston, I greatly admire your ability to get up at 5am!

    April TeverisMarch 14th, 2020  11:02 AM

  • My pet peeve is that family members consider my office stuff fair game.

    PrestonMarch 14th, 2020  11:36 AM

  • I am retired now, but I worked from home 2 days a week before. I would work from 6:00 until 2:30. I only had to get up at 5:45, brush my teeth and log on to my laptop. After checking for any problems, I would go downstairs for coffee. When it was time for lunch, I’d shower dress , eat lunch and get back to work. If I had to call into a meeting, I’d bring my lunch back upstairs with me.

    It was a great way to work…but I like being retired!

    SharonMarch 14th, 2020  1:31 PM

  • Out my way, in the wilderness of Western New York, there was a tavern, the Ganson Inn, built in 1793 on the main east west road that was the main highway for the Seneca. In 1935 a Jello heiress, Countess Helen Woodward Rivas, transformed the property into an estate, which still exists. In 1799 the Duc de la Rochefoucauld reputedly spent the night there during his exile in North America. The Duc and his party were on their way to view Niagara Falls, which was then in a total state of nature. He returned to France later that year.

    M Kirk OkayMarch 14th, 2020  4:14 PM

  • preston, i adore gracie and de gournay wallpaper, too. i found digital photo wallpaper of antique gracie prints at a teeny tiny fraction of the price. looks amazing.

    dorothyMarch 14th, 2020  7:14 PM

  • I would’ve liked to see Niagra Falls “in a total state of nature.” You are in a very beautiful neck of the woods.

    PrestonMarch 14th, 2020  9:08 PM


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