March 16th, 2020
FW20 Collection Hits

Fall Wish List

I turned off the news and stopped unpacking — a fashion break is in order.

There were lots of beautiful looks in the FW20 shows and I’ve put the items above on my wish list. The Valentino dress is a timeless piece, as is the Celine coat, which will be the perfect length on me (to my knee), and the camel headscarf at Marc Jacobs has my name on it.

Green at Miu Miu and Valentino — swoon.


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Rosa wool-blend midi dress


Floral stretch-lace tights


Slanted-cuff leather knee-high boots


Wool-twill coat


Textured-knit tights


Oversized hooded cable-knit wool and mohair-blend cardigan


Cavalier wool blazer


Aiden sleeveless cashmere top


Hawes T-bar cutout leather pumps


Oversized cashmere knit top


Wool-blend turtleneck vest


Piped knee-high leather boots

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  • It’s interesting how the longer coat length feels so fresh now and all my mid-length coats suddenly seem dated, until I layer a really long duster cardi underneath in same color. Love this look. Beauty heals. Felt so good walking in Central Park and seeing the new flowers bursting through after a long winter…

    J. SwanMarch 16th, 2020  4:18 PM

  • There is a pandemic right now here in the States and all you can think about is what to buy for fall? WTF???

    Claude RemainsMarch 16th, 2020  5:38 PM

  • Thank you for sharing …. fashion and beauty can give our minds a break in today’s world. Love your site

    JeanneMarch 16th, 2020  6:12 PM

  • Trust me, I’m thinking about a lot more than what to buy for fall. As I’ve said to you before, if you don’t like my posts, don’t read them. Like every industry, fashion is taking an enormous hit and, since it’s the main focus of kic, I want to add my support.

    PrestonMarch 16th, 2020  6:32 PM

  • Can we assume that you normally delete these comments but this one struck a chord? We all know there is a pandemic and get updates on CNN and every other news outlet. Do what you do, Preston, we come to you for your fashion and lifestyle posts.

    NinaMarch 16th, 2020  7:30 PM

  • I promise not to come here for my COVID-19 updates if you promise to keep sharing your fabulous style and exquisite taste. This from someone right in the middle of it. Thank you, Preston!

    KateMarch 16th, 2020  9:52 PM

  • Hi Preston,

    So grateful for a happy distraction right now. Much appreciated! Please keep those posts coming. I look forward to them… in particular during this maddening time. I look forward to more posts of your finished office, too. Be well and thank you.

    Jennifer ElliottMarch 16th, 2020  10:49 PM

  • Miss Preston, I welcome a respite from the news, and your lovely blog is fresh air! Stepping back and turning off the steady drumbeat of bad news helps me maintain mental health, stay optimistic, and keep things in perspective. : )) I just adore outerwear, and the Celine coat is a winner!

    PaulaMarch 17th, 2020  12:56 AM

  • Very wise to turn off the news. I am trying to check in with the news for just a quick minute each day now that we are hopefully settling into the quiet of quarantine. If something super major happens I am sure one of my kids or one of my sisters will let me know. 🙂 Thank you for creating a welcome break during the day!

    BonnyMarch 17th, 2020  1:04 AM

  • Emerald chiffon dress…This girl looks awesome!

    IsabelMarch 17th, 2020  5:33 AM

  • Love these, Preston. Wordering where I can find more info on this lovely dress, and also, did you ever find a black head scarf? Thanks!

    SharonMarch 17th, 2020  5:43 AM

  • I think the diversions are helpful. One can’t and shouldn’t digest the news 24/7. For us all to get through this overwhelming and scary epidemic, putting focus on positive and enjoyable activities is healthy both mentally and physically.

    RobynMarch 17th, 2020  5:55 AM

  • Thank you Preston! Love looking at Fall clothes – we all need something to look forward to XO

    KARAMarch 17th, 2020  8:00 AM

  • I did buy the black Chanel headscarf. My husband detests it (although he would never come out and say so).

    PrestonMarch 17th, 2020  8:01 AM

  • Claude Remains –
    We know what we have to do to stop the spread of COVID-19. This pandemic could also create a world wide DEPRESSION much worse than anything we’ve ever seen. We need to do our part. I assume, like me, you were on “Keep it Chic” because you can only hear so much bad in the world. Posting about fashion and what we’ll be wearing in the Fall is exactly what Keep it Chic should be doing. Thank you, Preston. Claude Remains, I know you didn’t mean it. These are trying times!

    LisaMarch 17th, 2020  8:04 AM

  • Preston, I’ve been relying on you for great fashion ideas and that is even more needed in these crazy times. So appreciate your posts and we get enough doom and gloom from other sources! I love thinking about fall wardrobe. That may be the next items we need since summer will probably involve quite limited clothing needs. Would,I’ve to see more pics of your house if you feel like sharing and please keep giving us chic advice!

    Paula BMarch 17th, 2020  8:10 AM

  • I was looking at the email from NAP this morning and wondering about who’s buying these things – special occasion dresses etc. It’s frightening what’s happening to so many industries, fashion included. Love the fall pieces you’ve shown. I can imagine that MD doesn’t like the black headscarf 🙂 Wondering if Paula found a dress for the wedding and if it’s still happening? So many weddings postponed.

    KathyMarch 17th, 2020  8:22 AM

  • Love the new greens of the coat and the dress. How would you describe the green? Bottle green? Thanks for sharing the beautiful fall fashions.

    SLFMarch 17th, 2020  8:33 AM

  • I have been meaning to check in and congratulate you on your move.
    Are you still in the same area? It looks fabulous…post more pics…they bring joy to these scary days…
    I needed a distraction and some happy news!

    Also, please tell Amanda Ross I bought several of her dresses and tops for all of our events this Spring and Summer…they look amazing and I love them…
    I guess I will just wear them around the house til we are allowed out again…

    Amy R.March 17th, 2020  8:39 AM

  • So funny about your husband and the black scarf, I would get the same reaction, tremendously enjoying peeks into your new house.

    SarahMarch 17th, 2020  9:14 AM

  • Thank you Preston for the diversion. If we weren’t looking for one, we wouldn’t have clicked on your beautiful site to check out your picks. We all know the drill…hand washing, sanitizing, social distancing, staying home, shopping and dropping for our elderly or immunosuppressed neighbor…however, thinking ahead, staying positive and trying to help those businesses that are suffering are also our duties. Please keep your site beautiful and positive. Enjoy getting your new house transformed into a home. Love, Peace, Health and Positivity xx

    MaryBMarch 17th, 2020  9:39 AM

  • The list of websites I can visit without reference to our current situation is dwindling, but I always know I can type in keep. . . And I get sent to escape into fashion and exhale for a little bit. The Valentino green is so perfect, and love the boots? shoes? A few weeks ago sitting in the window of a restaurant in Portland my always chic coffee barista walked by, blue hair and green Dr. Martens boots. I remembered as a teen I always wanted a pair but they were too expensive. I turned to my husband and said “I’m going to finally buy those boots”. I’m almost 50 and might look silly but that day and this Valentino post are just the “permission” I needed. Thank you Preston!

    LauraMarch 17th, 2020  10:19 AM

  • Fashion is optimistic and joyous to me…bring it on!

    AprilMarch 17th, 2020  10:26 AM

  • I love your site! I look forward to it every morning. I’ve never submitted a comment, but today it was an absolute necessity. You are very much appreciated, and especially now. I have been so worried about my family and friends who are healthcare providers. Thank you so much for contributing to the Peace & Harmony. Worrying does not take away tomorrow’s troubles.

    Veronica H.March 17th, 2020  10:32 AM

  • You have no idea of what gifts you bring to your followers, especially for 70+ year-old people like me who are now shuttered in NYC. Your posts are a shelter from the storm. Please don’t stop! Gratitude and love to you and yours, Preston. ~Jackie

    JackieMarch 17th, 2020  10:48 AM

  • Always love your posts, Preston. With very little socializing and getting out and about, this is a fun escape and a peek into better times ahead.

    Ann A NeimanMarch 17th, 2020  10:54 AM

  • I was not expecting so many kind comments! Thank you all for visiting kic and sharing your thoughts. I was a bit concerned that fashion posts would seem trivial, but it’s what I do and love so I’ll stay in my lane.

    PrestonMarch 17th, 2020  11:25 AM

  • Thank you, Preston.
    Your post as always a good thing.
    Please continue to send them.

    Isn’t it funny about humans.
    People love your blog, and look forward to your next entry.
    And yet, one person feeling a certain way, is what stays with you.
    You acknowledged them, and let them have their say.
    That is called doing the right thing.
    Looking forward to your next post.

    SMarch 17th, 2020  12:50 PM

  • Here is one more thank you for KIC. Your posts make the life slightly brighter. Warmest greetings to all the community of KIC from France!

    ŽivilėMarch 17th, 2020  2:03 PM

  • Thank you for doing your part of staying being positive, not being fearful. People are losing their common senses now. Being frantically worried will mot be helpful at all. Practicing social distancing, washing your hands often and not touching your face. Be a responsible person, not a problem to our society. Like you staying positive, giving people something yo look forward. ❤️❤️❤️ Together we will see the light soon!!

    kathrynMarch 17th, 2020  2:26 PM

  • I just have to chime in as well…please, please keep your inspirational and aspirational posts coming! I am very grateful to be quarantined with my family all seemingly healthy…but I have also worn a variation of joggers and old cashmere crewnecks for the past four days. Eek.

    ErinMarch 17th, 2020  2:34 PM

  • Kathy, yes, I did find a dress, and I love it! A world pandemic can add an unexpected challenge to wedding planning, but we’ve secured a backup date if needed! The bride’s gown and the entire wedding party ensemble, table tops, floral, etc., will all be just as gorgeous for early fall as it would be for Spring! Rearranging a wedding is a hassle, but it’s totally manageable compared to other people’s more serious problems. Thank you for thinking of us!

    PaulaMarch 17th, 2020  3:54 PM

  • Preston,
    I so appreciate your posts, especially now that we are on lockdown for 3 weeks here in the San Francisco Bay Area! I love a headscarf. I had been thinking about just going gray…so sick of dying my hair at 66 years old. So now I have the opportunity. Can’t get my hair done due to Lockdown…plus no one around to see me anyways. Could you possibly do a post on headbands and headscarves? Love, Pamela Taft

    Pamela TaftMarch 17th, 2020  4:58 PM

  • My two live in the UK so I’m terribly worried about them. In Australia we’re preparing to go into lockdown. My son asked the other day ‘have you done done your Armageddon shop?’. There’s still time for humour and kindness… and style.
    I’ve been a KiC fan for a few years and love it as much now as when first discovered. Thank you!

    PetrinaMarch 17th, 2020  6:09 PM

  • I love your blog and am excited for and inspired by each new post.

    As for Claude? We live in a democracy, so he is entitled his opinion. (Though I respectfully disagree.)

    Where I did take umbrage was his sign-off. Was not in line with “keeping it chic”.

    AliMarch 17th, 2020  6:25 PM

  • Thanks for your posts Preston, they are the first thing I read with my cafe…just the escapism we need right now.
    Yesterday, today & tomorrow your taste & expertise shines through.


    SusanMarch 17th, 2020  8:47 PM

  • Preston, I too head right to your page for distraction from my worries, some pretty pictures and keen insight on FASHION. I’m over 60 and have asthma; the lung-centric COVID 19 is causing fear to grip my chest. Thank you for the joy you bring us.

    GingerMarch 17th, 2020  10:34 PM

  • I agree so many great looks, although not sure about the beige headscarf.

    So excited to see this post, something other than COVID-19. Currently, my work life revolves completely around my Government’s response (not USA) to the virus. It is exhausting and anxiety inducing.

    So, yeah, Claude, we know there is a pandemic! For many of us, on a personal and a professional level it is extraordinarily stressful.

    Preston, thank you for this post because life is not just a single issue.

    CiaraMarch 18th, 2020  4:59 AM

  • I also thank you for continuing to post. There are plenty of outlets I can (and do) visit for news. I read your posts for something else entirely. Please keep doing what you do!

    SharonMarch 18th, 2020  9:10 AM

  • Hello Preston I too am a long term reader from afar in Sydney. I feel somewhat conflicted in these times – I truly appreciate the beauty and elegance in your posts and dip in each day over my breakfast. However the coming weeks / months however will be littered with such a tsunami of hardship and struggle worldwide – so many will lose jobs and not know how to pay rents, feed families etc. I wonder if there is a way to harness the generosity and goodwill by your readers to donate to a singular cause elected by you. Yes fashion is what brought us to you but collective giving will unite us. I am interested to know if your readers feel the same. Imagine the combined power if our discretionary fashion spending for a season (or part thereof) could be combined and directed to another way of being chic. Please note I am not in any way passing judgement on any purchasing during this period but simply pondering aloud and wondering if we have a collective power in these very unsettling times. Thank you for your consideration. PS I am too a fan of your curated offerings x

    CateMarch 18th, 2020  11:43 AM

  • Hi Cate,
    This is an interesting idea and I’d love to hear suggestions from readers.
    Stay well,

    PrestonMarch 18th, 2020  2:33 PM

  • I like Cate’s suggestion. I have another one to add that might help our local folks. I know that many of us are cancelling appointments for hair cuts, manicures, spas. When we don’t go, the people who take such good care of us all year lose essential revenue. What if we still pay for our appointments, even if we can’t make them? My hair is beginning to look pretty awful, but the thought of sitting in a salon for an hour is not high on my list of necessities. So, I paid for my missed appointment and am now happily wearing a hat in isolation. My hope is that my stylist will welcome me back when this is over rather than disappear because she couldn’t make it through. Just a thought.

    EricaMarch 19th, 2020  12:04 PM

  • I love that people are coming together and looking for ways to help. I love that spaces like KIC bring people together. I especially appreciate Erica’s point encouraging the payment of our service providers even if we aren’t using them. I’m in Nor Cal and we are sheltered in place. I would say that 90% of the people are still paying their nannies and house cleaners and gardeners even though we aren’t using them. They are there for us and now we need to be there for them.

    As for your posts, I love coming here for an escape from the world. Fashion and beauty can always take us away into a lovely land. I would say that talk about purchasing these luxury pieces would be tone deaf when so many are terrified about just staying afloat. But I see nothing wrong with sharing beauty and inspiration in these unsettled times.

    SPMarch 19th, 2020  5:32 PM

  • Thank you, Preston. Thank you KIC readership community community. One foot. Then the other. We are watching Wes Anderson movies, organizing everything and well…….just taking stock of what’s so wonderful. Sunshine, family, classics and new looks alike.
    We are in a high rise. 18th floor. Pretty and beautiful day in downtown Minneapolis.
    Dana S.

    Dana SMarch 21st, 2020  9:21 PM

  • As someone based in China/HKG who has already been stuck inside for a couple of months – these posts are just the bees knees. Thank goodness for sites like Keep it Chic! It’s not about normalcy or denying a situation, it’s about hope. That creatives can be creative, artists can be artists, and musicians can make music. Supporting cultural and creative industries feeds the soul. Keep posting Preston! Positive content. x

    WhitneyMarch 22nd, 2020  4:33 AM


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