March 17th, 2020

Well Said

Lisa Scully, owner of the Locust Valley Bookstore, sent out this germane Mason Cooley quote.  When I log off and tune out the news, I’ve been reading. Movies are great, but by evening I need a screen break. My book club is meeting via Zoom next month and I’m determined to finish Jeanine Cummins’ American Dirt. Ironically, we read A Gentleman in Moscow last month and the author, Amor Towles, came to our meeting.

Book recommendations are always welcome.


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  • Preston, couldn’t agree more. My youngest and her husband and dog are living with us because they started a kitchen renovation right after the wedding and her pregnancy meant she couldn’t be around the demolition. Now it’s the virus keeping her isolated. I feel extremely fortunate that our house is large enough to accommodate them but if we were all only watching screens it would be a very different feeling. She’s making the best of it going through my library (some eye rolling lol) although we’re watching some childhood favourites as well.
    Take care ❤️

    SueMMarch 17th, 2020  1:45 PM

  • I am loving Iliana Regan’s memoir, Burn the Place, all about growing up on a farm, sisterhood, gender dysphoria, addiction, cooking, running a restaurant and recovery. Funny, absorbing, beautifully written and a great distraction.

    Laura Zinn FrommMarch 18th, 2020  2:21 PM

  • Wonderful quote… and to those self isolating, you’re never alone when you have a great book!

    SueTMarch 18th, 2020  2:27 PM

  • My book club me via Zoom last night and it was great. We’re all shut-in and it was great to ‘see’ everyone, catch-up and discuss the book. We liked it so much we’re going to do Zoom catch-ups, with or without book discussions, every two weeks. Take care.

    Noelle BrowerMarch 18th, 2020  2:28 PM

  • Dear Preston,

    A longtime follower of yours, I am very grateful to you for all of your wonderful ideas. I am currently writing a book about Claude Debussy’s little daughter, Chouchou, and I have put together a playlist of music for people staying at home. I’d love to send it to you, but I do not see how to attach it. Is there a way?

    At all events, thank you for everything.


    Carole GeorgeMarch 18th, 2020  2:35 PM

  • No specific recommendation, but this is a good opportunity to go for a hefty classic you’ve always meant to read, but could never commit to. I’ve been reading Thomas Mann’s Magic Mountain, as it suits these strange, pensive times. It’s very sad, so I balance it out with lighter material when it comes to movies.

    IoMarch 18th, 2020  3:51 PM

  • Losing yourself in a great book is the best distraction and the quote is so apropos to this moment! Lo soared me back in time when I was forever changed by reading Thomas Mann’s “Magic Mountain”.

    AliMarch 18th, 2020  11:47 PM

  • Elisabeth Strout – anything by her is a gift to the reader. I just finished ”Amy and Isabelle”, and cherished every page even though, at times, it was breaking my heart.

    Riikka IhamuotilaMarch 19th, 2020  3:11 AM

  • The Shining. Both King’s and Kubrick’s.

    M. Kirk OkayMarch 19th, 2020  3:31 AM

  • The Splendid and the Vile, Churchill during the Blitz.

    Patricia E. WilsonMarch 19th, 2020  6:51 AM

  • I recently loved The Sound of Gravel and I’ll Be Gone In The Dark

    BetsyMarch 19th, 2020  7:21 AM

  • Lovely quote. 3 books I enjoyed. 1.The Dutch House 2.Feast your eyes 3. The Water Dancer Always looking for suggestions.

    JeanneMarch 19th, 2020  4:48 PM

  • THE BODY IN QUESTION by Jill Ciment, published by Knopf, is an affecting, page-turning read and great for book clubs. So is Lily King’s new novel, FRIENDS AND LOVERS. Happy reading!

    NoraMarch 19th, 2020  8:52 PM

  • I love this quote and immediately sent it to my mom. We have both been using books to help pass the time and escape the non-stop news coverage.
    I’ve been trying to get through The Cartiers. It is extremely interesting but also a long read that I need a break from time to time.
    I just started Wild Game based on Locust Valley Bookstore’s recommendation. Thank you so much for introducing me to her account. It is one of my life goals to own a bookstore, and I look up to her greatly!
    Nora – I also loved The Body in Question. What a great, quick read.

    MichelleMarch 20th, 2020  9:08 AM

  • One more – I’m hoping to finally read Emma by Jane Austen before seeing the movie. A little late on that one 🙂

    MichelleMarch 20th, 2020  9:33 AM

  • One of my favorites.

    PrestonMarch 20th, 2020  9:35 AM

  • I love Amor Towles books and we read A Gentleman in Moscow for our bookclub in Sydney. You are so lucky to have him at your book club. Is is writing his next novel ? can you share any information !!!

    AntMarch 20th, 2020  7:33 PM

  • I loved A Gentleman in Moscow, along with Lily King’s Euphoria it is the book I recommend the most. I recently read Rules of Civility. I really liked it too.

    RobynMarch 22nd, 2020  6:24 AM


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