April 3rd, 2020
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Brown Boots, Cont.

I bought a pair of beige boots in February just moments before the the world shifted on its axis. The purchase predated my questioning the value of big-ticket fashion items beyond will I wear these often enough to justify the price. When all is said and done, I’ll be happy I have them.

Brown boots were on my list, too. I love the ones above (Vuitton?) from March Vogue UA, but now I’m reluctant and not even sure I’d find nor be able to buy them. The Tom Ford ruched FW20 skirt that I swooned over post-show is not being produced and my deposit was refunded — I wonder if it was a delivery or demand decision. I was looking forward to wearing that gorgeous skirt with boots and a tee, just like the outfit in this photograph.


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Belted leather biker jacket

Jil Sander

Gathered Knit Midi Dress


Cropped leather jacket


Triple Francois 18kt gold vermeil earrings


Jimmy Leather Puffer Jacket


Le 57 quilted leather shoulder bag


Belted wool blazer


Blade velvet slingback pumps


Silvia silk-twill scarf


Logo-embellished leather loafers


Crocheted Cotton-Blend Midi Skirt


Braided leather bangle


Delcie tie-detailed ramie midi dress


Gate knotted leather slippers


Postcard fringed crocheted straw bucket hat


Santos de Cartier metal shield sunglasses

  • The boots are gorgeous.

    DebbieApril 3rd, 2020  12:40 PM

  • I love that look. I read there will be no 2021 resort either. You can always dye the beige boots if you want brown and aren’t wearing them enough. Also, you can make the skirt as your first sewing project. The beige boots are fabulous though. You look great in them.

    TracyApril 3rd, 2020  12:42 PM

  • NOOO – not the skirt! My jaw actually fell open when I read that, because that is one beautiful item… and I hoped to wear it vicariously through you.

    Does Tom Ford primarily manufacture in Europe? If so, the cancellation may be simply a supply chain issue. I’m sure many brands are updating their forecasts based on factory capacity (assuming they can open up again soon).

    NikApril 3rd, 2020  5:40 PM

  • The brown looks really great. I say yes – are the girls your size?

    MoiraApril 3rd, 2020  7:18 PM

  • Hi Preston! I bought the same Saint Laurent nude leather boots, with the intention to wear them with one of the fil coupe long dresses from the show. I preordered it in my size, and guess what? This morning I was told they need to cancel my order… supply chain issues 🙁

    Julie AnnApril 3rd, 2020  9:20 PM

  • I’ll be back to reading KiC after the world rights itself.
    At this time, it just doesn’t feel right to talk about skirt cancellations and supply chain issues when nurses can’t get masks.

    I know you say to people don’t read your blog if they don’t want to I just wanted to express that.

    AmberApril 4th, 2020  8:17 AM

  • I wasn’t going to respond because I’m not that excited about boots right now but then I read Amber’s response and I wanted to BEG Preston to keep posting about whatever pops in her head. I LOVE reading about fashion and style, etc and the world is very somber right now and there are many places to go to read about mask shortages. And I find my friends and I are very stressed and anxious all the time. Preston, we ALL need to get through this tough time and reading your blog is something that gives me a lot of pleasure now and always has. I dream of the time we will all be able to wear our stuff again and want new stuff and worry about face cream , etc. There are only a handful of blogs I follow and I’m always excited to see what’s on your mind. Please don’t stop! ( not that you would) people have a right to their opinion . But we can worry about all the worlds problems and still try to escape for just a few moments with your blog. If anything, I want more of Keep it Chic right now!

    Paula BApril 4th, 2020  9:11 AM

  • Hi, haven’t made a comment in quite a while only because I am usually moving too fast to compose a comment, but I simply want to express my support of your work Preston. Amid my incessant gathering of information about this pandemic that has now consumed every crevice of our lives, I have periodically dipped back to my old life by checking in with your posts. Through all this, the effort toward finding beauty, seeking culture in new and surprising ways, and occasional virtual social experiences, has been my own striving toward living! After a horrible day a couple days ago, it was a glimpse of my glass of Vermentino on a table set against a slate colored sky and newly budding oaks that glowed tangerine with the slice of the setting sun that help remind me of all there is to be grateful for. So, here’s to seeing beauty wherever we can, now maybe more than ever.

    KWApril 4th, 2020  10:37 AM

  • I agree with Paula and KW. Preston, please keep going. Your posts are the highlights of my days.

    DebbieApril 4th, 2020  11:06 AM

  • I like Amber’s comment, it’s authentic and authenticity matters now more than ever. She didn’t come out swinging, and I get her point. Honestly, I pause before I put up posts like this one because it seems like I’m unaware of the COVID-19 crisis. I live in and just outside of NYC, I know what’s going on and doing my small bit to help.
    I watched the second plane hit the World Trade Center from my office at Harper’s Bazaar. It was NYFW and I’d been at Marc Jacobs’s show the evening prior. At the afterparty we discussed models we wanted to use in the LV show in Paris later that month. When I realized that the first plane was not an accident, but a terrorist attack, I raced uptown to pick up my older daughter who was in the basement of her school. Older Chapin girls were sent down to bring up the younger girls to their parents.
    After three days at home with our families, we went back to work. Even while we waited for another attack, we tried to return to a state of normalcy. We did not get attacked again, but it took years to relax on the subway or driving through a tunnel out of the city.
    Even though NYC is constantly on yellow alert, we keep getting on with our lives. This is why I continue to do what I do even now — it keeps me sane. I was not a responder to the 9/11 attacks, nor am I nurse on the front line of the pandemic, but I am grateful beyond words to the people who risk their lives for others. The best way I can help is to stay home, which is where you will find me eagerly awaiting better days ahead.

    PrestonApril 4th, 2020  12:18 PM

  • Preston,,
    Well said!
    Love, Pamela Taft

    Pamela TaftApril 4th, 2020  12:57 PM

  • So beautifully written & from the heart. Brought tears.
    Thank you from Canada

    Keep inspiring…

    SusanApril 4th, 2020  1:04 PM

  • Absolutely beautiful boots!

    IsabelApril 4th, 2020  2:02 PM

  • I also appreciate the authenticity of Amber’s comment, and her courage – but I agree with Paula, KW, Pamela and Susan. I now work in public policy and spend most of my day (working from home!) trying to ensure supplies, financial relief, broadband, medical care, small business support, and quality local journalism are available to Americans. I’m also caring, for the first time in years, for a houseful of adult children who left New York City before the quarantine and are in daily touch with family and friends there. And…I want an hour or two each day of normalcy, lightness, and the company of women, even some, like all of you, I’ve never met. My point is, I think we can do both.

    Lisa MacApril 4th, 2020  2:12 PM

  • Beautifully stated Preston. Made me teary too. However on a lighter note, I was never a fan of that skirt, especially at that price point. Brown boots are always on my list. Brown anything is always on my list actually. A very under valued and underrated color. XO

    KathyApril 4th, 2020  2:55 PM

  • Concur on all fronts. Amber put forth an earnest and organic response to her feeling of dealing with this and I will respect her wishes and welcome her with open arms into “readership area” hopefully as time allows.
    As for the rest of fashion. Real people, real jobs all dealing within the framework of these unprecedented times. A distraction can be sensitive and at same time still exercise our minds and stimulate our creativity.

    I hope to step carefully, act gracefully and be humble all while trying to best stay me from within my home in downtown Minneapolis. It sure is my intention

    Dana SApril 4th, 2020  3:06 PM

  • Preston,
    Thank you for your kind words. Your response about your experience during 9/11 made me so emotional. Never was my intention to say that you shouldn’t write your blog as some suggested, I was just sharing my thoughts.

    AmberApril 4th, 2020  8:06 PM

  • Hello Preston and Amber

    Reading from afar in Sydney, I simply wanted to say thank you to both of you for articulating the conflict that we feel with such grace.

    I dip into KIC on a daily basis to be inspired and am cognisant of the tightrope that Preston is navigating.

    On a personal level I too take great heart from the courage of individual readers like Amber who encourage us to question and find our voices.

    I wonder if this conflict can be addressed by a question I posed in an earlier entry? Can we as readers of KIC find an additional way of uniting in these extraordinary times. Albeit that many of us reside around the globe, the experiences of our families, communities, cities and countries are mirrored with only a few weeks delay separating us. Can we unite under the banner of KIC and find a collective means of having a small positive impact. I have no doubt among the range of readers there is an abundance of insight, experience and skills that we could all draw from to make a difference.

    We are all searching at this time to be of value so could we try to find some small answers together amidst the beauty and elegance that Preston delivers to us.

    Thank you Preston and thank you Amber


    CateApril 5th, 2020  12:17 AM

  • Why is it assumed that a blog post about fashion some how indicates the poster and its readers have no clue about current world/national problems and/or doesn’t give a wit about them? We are not one dimensional beings and finding some joy in our daily lives is not frivolous or indifferent to the fact there are serious problems around us ( and there always are serious problems, its not just now). Lets give each other a deserved break, and allow those who choose to escape our current shared situation by taking a few minutes each day to take pleasure in KIC posts to do so without being made to feel shallow.

    AprilApril 5th, 2020  10:59 AM

  • We need beauty in whatever forms it comes in, and fashion is one of the most personal ways we can express our POV about beauty,even when the world hasn’t gone sideways. There’s a reason why we pick up that azure-hued dress and pair it with the most delicious chocolate suede boots. They evoke emotion, provide an armor and give our spirits a lift when we didn’t know we needed it. Most importantly, these items reflect millions of jobs in an industry that keeps our country running. So posting about a ‘return’ is not just quite so simple when you get granular – there are jobs at stake at every level, and that is a massive loss to us collectively. We all grieve in different ways and at different times , but the one thing that doesn’t stop showing up is beauty. Mother Nature keeps doing her thing, and I think you should keep doing your thing, and keep sharing about beauty, Preston. It matters, now more than ever.

    SeverineApril 5th, 2020  1:16 PM


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