April 24th, 2020
On My Mind

Gabrielle Chanel Inspired

I should take a page out of Coco Chanel’s playbook and up my Zoom accessories game (sans cigarette). These images are from the 4-episode series of Inside CHANEL titled Gabrielle Chanel & the Arts. Perhaps a headband, earrings, and incredible necklace would obscure my pharmacy-bought reading glasses. Does CHANEL make readers? Now that would be a great Zoom accessory!


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Rosa wool-blend midi dress


Floral stretch-lace tights


Slanted-cuff leather knee-high boots


Wool-twill coat


Textured-knit tights


Oversized hooded cable-knit wool and mohair-blend cardigan


Cavalier wool blazer


Aiden sleeveless cashmere top


Hawes T-bar cutout leather pumps


Oversized cashmere knit top


Wool-blend turtleneck vest


Piped knee-high leather boots

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  • I’ve been thinking the same! Also, WHY doesn’t Chanel make scented candles…!!?

    disneyrollergirlApril 24th, 2020  10:22 AM

  • This made me laugh. My husband has a couple of large screens set up in his office so we use them for zoom meetings and family/friend meet ups BUT he has no concept of angles or aesthetics. As in, it’s not great to have the camera looking up at your faces (chins) and from too far away. I asked him why he thought everyone else looked fairly normal and he looks like he’s calling from the space station. Sigh. We are all learning and growing.

    SueMApril 24th, 2020  11:06 AM

  • Brought out my pearls to pair with jeans & t’s

    SusanApril 24th, 2020  11:11 AM

  • To much sparkle, even gold chains, can be kind of strobey on zoom! I wear Bose headphones for privacy whilst zooming, would love something to jazz up the black leatherette. Today I am wearing a fair isle-esque cardigan, that amount of pattern works. I think zoom calls look best on mobile devices, even though the app is easier to use on the desktop, and there’s no gallery view option on the phone.

    joannawnycApril 24th, 2020  12:50 PM

  • Who does make chic readers?

    StefanieApril 24th, 2020  4:00 PM

  • Chanel sells optical frames that your optometrist can make into readers. I have a classic pair from seven years ago, and I upgrade the strength as needed. Love them!

    DianeApril 24th, 2020  7:38 PM

  • After almost two months of telework, I’ve started wearing a blouse or sweater on top with a necklace and my sweats on the bottom for Teams Meetings. I spent most of March and April in turtle necks. As long as no one can see me below the waist, I’m not giving up my comfy pants.
    I don’t know if they qualify as chic, but Eyebobs makes fun readers!

    SharonApril 24th, 2020  7:56 PM


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