May 19th, 2020
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Mac Attack

Finally, I found the perfect classic, run around raincoat and it’s by Mackintosh. So good, I bought two different sizes (one to accommodate a bulky sweater). FYI, this coat runs large and is double bonded cotton, a traditional and stiffish rainwear material. I snapped it up during a 20% off promotion, which Mackintosh should offer again as we head into sale season.

Gucci bag, Common Projects sneakers.


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Suzanne mini leather cross-body bag


Jota chain-embellished leather sandals


Broderie-cotton maxi skirt


Single-breasted hooded raincoat


Leather sandals


Flower brooch


Le Maillon leather shoulder bag


Aviator-style gold-tone and acetate sunglasses


High-neck striped wool-blend sweater


Park linen-blend canvas tote bag


Fran belted suede jacket


Wool-blend playsuit

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  • You can’t go wrong with a classic. Been meaning to ask you Preston, are the sneakers comfortable? Happy with them? Thank you ❤️

    SueMMay 19th, 2020  9:26 AM

  • Sadly, so comfortable they are pretty much all I’ve been wearing. The ones above are winging their way to me, but I have the Original Achilles in a number of colorways.

    PrestonMay 19th, 2020  9:31 AM

  • Did you ever try on the hooded Thakoon raincoat? If so any feedback appreciated.

    MMSMay 19th, 2020  11:08 AM

  • I loved it, except for the high slits up the side, which seem impractical to me. Like all of Thakoon’s pieces, they are well-made and you can’t beat the price. I bought the tie front dress and cannot wait to start wearing it.

    PrestonMay 19th, 2020  11:53 AM

  • Preston, how long is the Thakoon raincoat? I am 5’7” and like my coats long ( lower calf). I live in Canada so returning is difficult

    Love the hood and look of the coat.

    JaneMay 19th, 2020  1:15 PM

  • The model in the Thakoon raincoat is 5’7′.

    PrestonMay 19th, 2020  2:27 PM

  • I have looked at the mackintosh website previously, but having your approval means these are bonafide! Most of my outings are to the farmer’s market these days, and this coat is farmer’s market appropriate. Did you purchase the 3/4 coat? What color did you get?
    Just how big is the coat? It looks like I would wear UK 6 from their size charts.
    I bought the Margaret Howell soft city coat that you posted in the KIC shop on sale last winter and wore it all the time. This looks like a spring version of that coat.
    Thank you for your help!


    LindaMay 19th, 2020  2:52 PM

  • I bought the one in the collage. It’s the bonded cotton Dunkeld in putty with a grey wool detachable liner.

    PrestonMay 19th, 2020  7:47 PM

  • I love the MacKintosh coat but saw the camo lined poncho on DisneyRollerGirl site and am obsessed!! But it does not seam available anywhere on the site or elsewhere…..

    betsyMay 19th, 2020  7:53 PM

  • Such a great, classic raincoat. I actually need one, and the idea of sizing up is so good so sweaters fit underneath. Love the bag, and the shoes….

    KathyMay 20th, 2020  8:34 AM

  • Love the Mac and that it’s lined. I just purchased my first pair of Common Projects sneakers. My go to is definitely the Golden Goose white skate sneaker because they are narrower in fit. We will see how the Common Projects work.

    TracyMay 20th, 2020  10:43 AM

  • A very cool raincoat!

    IsabelMay 20th, 2020  11:20 AM

  • I broke down and bought the bag in black, too. Both will look great next fall.

    PrestonMay 20th, 2020  2:30 PM

  • Ha! I love how you always buy two!!!! I kind of intuitively knew you had purchased the Gucci 1955 In black as well.

    TracyMay 20th, 2020  3:41 PM

  • Attention shoppers! There is a 20 percent off promo code on the Mackintosh website now. By the way, Preston, my brown Gucci 1955 bag looks fabulous at the farmer’s market, too!

    LindaMay 20th, 2020  7:12 PM

  • Thank you for the heads up on the Mackintosh discount. And, I’m beyond happy with that bag. I spoke with Celine and the fall coat I want is not going into production. It’s why I bought the bag in black — I love it and it’s available. Have no idea what will be in stores next season.

    PrestonMay 20th, 2020  7:46 PM

  • Wow that is a perfect raincoat. Thank you for sharing! Looks like they are still having a promotion through the weekend.

    SRMay 21st, 2020  2:26 AM

  • I have one of the Mackintosh raincoats. It looks nice, but It’s very, very stiff- Almost like wearing a wetsuit made of thin, rubbery neoprene.

    Getting the sleeves shortened was a pain because the cuff is bonded so if you need that you’ll have to find someone who can do it.
    Mackintosh sent mine away to be altered.

    I actually regret buying it now, because it’s not comfortable so I rarely wear it.

    BeccaMay 21st, 2020  8:21 AM

  • Could you give us some guidance on the Common Projects shoe sizing when you get the new pair? Thanks!

    StefanieMay 23rd, 2020  2:39 PM

  • I am a US 37.5 and wear a 37 in the Original Achilles, but a 37 in this pair was way too big. A 36 will be here next week and I’ll let you know.

    PrestonMay 23rd, 2020  3:17 PM


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