July 6th, 2020


I’ll never have Cara Delevingne-like eyebrows, but a little more would be nice. As a blonde who has never truly embraced makeup, my brows are my current focus and they need help. I’m going to test drive these pencils by Chanel and Tom Ford. Now that masks are de rigeur, I’m motivated to up my brow game. #wearadamnmask


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  • Preston, Have you ever considered a powder formula? I was pleasantly surprised how much I love the Chanel La Palette Sourcils Brow Wax and Brow Powder Duo. I used the former formula and it worked beautifully. It looks as if Chanel just produced a new formula and I will be trying this out very soon. Hopefully it works as well as the original.

    Julie AdamsJuly 6th, 2020  8:28 AM

  • I recommend having your brows and lashes dyed after all this over. It makes a huge difference and lasts through sweating and swimming. Until then, I use Anastasia Brow Wiz with a little of her Clear Gel to hold them in place.

    Habitually ChicJuly 6th, 2020  8:29 AM

  • I will try it, thank you for the recommendation.

    PrestonJuly 6th, 2020  8:30 AM

  • Have you tried eye brow tinting? Makes a world of a difference! Benefit does a great job. You can do your eyelashes too for a a subtle pop! I believe they use vegetable dye if you are concerned about chemicals/safety. Hope this helps!

    PaigeJuly 6th, 2020  8:38 AM

  • Preston, I’m also a blonde and while not as light as you, I agree with HC and have my brows tinted. Clear gel works fine just to keep them in place, but if I want to dress them up a bit, Chantecaiille’s Full Brow Perfecting Gel + Tint in Light works great.

    KimJuly 6th, 2020  8:43 AM

  • I love Charlotte Tilbury’s brow pencil. I too dye my brows!

    Lisa EastmanJuly 6th, 2020  8:54 AM

  • I love tinting my brows. The products are good to stretch out the time between tinting.

    AprilJuly 6th, 2020  9:42 AM

  • Hi Preston, mine are fairly light and I always come back to the Tom Ford. I sometimes dye my lashes and brows but it does not last very long. I also tried that “perm” for the lashes but not sure I would do again. I never use mascara but the Tom Ford is easy to do and the color is good.

    MoiraJuly 6th, 2020  9:46 AM

  • I have thin sparse brows, and decided to use the quarantine to totally grow my brows out and devote myself to a brow enhancing serum. It makes a big difference!

    SusanJuly 6th, 2020  9:50 AM

  • For a drugstore option, CoverGirl makes ‘EasyBreezy’ brow gel. I get the lightest color, and apply left to right, then right to left, almost like a back comb. Beefs them up a bit without looking like those crazy drawn on eyebrows you see on some women.

    CatherineJuly 6th, 2020  9:51 AM

  • Hi Preston, try Tom ford’s Fiber Brow Gel; amazing. As for a pencil, the Chanel slanted one is excellent and the colors do not give that weird reddish tint.

    SuWuJuly 6th, 2020  10:19 AM

  • I have both pencils and they are really good, the chantecaille is also great. I recently ordered some powders because my brows got really sparse and pencils look a bit harsh

    SharonJuly 6th, 2020  10:43 AM

  • Susan,
    Interested to know which serum you are using. Has anyone tried Revitabrow with success?

    LauraJuly 6th, 2020  12:00 PM

  • I dye my eyebrows myself using Just For Men Mustache & Beard. I like a darker brow
    with blonde hair so I use M30 Light Medium Brown.

    GayleJuly 6th, 2020  12:13 PM

  • I have tried Revitabrow and it works! The only negative was the tiny hairs that grew where I didn’t want them.

    MMSJuly 6th, 2020  3:30 PM

  • Eyebrow makeup has a weird tendency to look too warm and unnatural in photography even when the tone is fine is real life. Look for a very ashy, almost gray color.

    IoJuly 6th, 2020  3:35 PM

  • Several years ago I was traveling and having left my brow kit at home, had to buy something on the fly. I found a E.L.F. brow pencil/brush combo at a drug store. It was super. I have been using it ever since and the $2 price doesn’t hurt either. I get them at my local grocery store or Target. They have a nice range for blondes, light brown, and red heads too.

    LisaJuly 6th, 2020  3:38 PM

  • A note re the Chanel pencil, it is slanted and better suited to fuller eyebrows where you don’t need a fine line pencil to fill in sparse brows. I found that it was not pliable and several times, it pulled out hair. Not good for thinning eyebrows like mine. I have tried every pencil and brow kit available. For me, the color match, the fine point and the ability to “draw” a full eyebrow that looks natural, brings me back to Kevin Aucoin every time. Also would like to mention for health code reasons, my salon no longer allows eyebrow color or eyelash tinting.

    AngelaJuly 6th, 2020  6:22 PM

  • Totally agree Preston.

    I love and miss lipstick so much but eyebrows are where it’s going to be during mask wearing seasons ahead.

    I love the Chanel and I think in addition a brow gel is necessary to set them in place. Removing and applying the mask can ruffle the eyebrows. A gel is essential. Tom Ford or Anastasia do a nice job.

    May I also add that under eye concealer is your next best friend after the brows and eyelashes? Let me tell you Cle De Peau under eye concealer is luxury and fabulous. I can’t say enough good things about it. Pricey but worth it.

    I may or may not have overdosed on a few youtube makeup tutorials during quarantine, so now I am resident expert. Cheers. 🙂

    JoJuly 6th, 2020  6:42 PM

  • I love the Hourglass products they have a fabulous pencil plus a gel formula and the Bllinc products are great too. Lots to try Preston.

    MelissaJuly 6th, 2020  7:41 PM

  • No kidding — thank you for all of the great suggestions!

    PrestonJuly 6th, 2020  9:23 PM

  • Love the chanel but go for water proof if you are a summer face mister as I am.

    SusanJuly 7th, 2020  8:57 AM

  • I also have sparse and fair eyebrows. I’ve tried almost all of the above suggestions and landed on Anastasia Brow Whizz plus monthly shaping/dying. I’m amazed at what a difference shaping makes, even with my puny brows.

    STJuly 7th, 2020  5:23 PM

  • Who knew that brows would invite so many comments! I love that we’re all trying to make the most of our new, mandatory “cosmetic” – a fabric mask. I’ve been putting the Latisse left on the brushes from my lashes into my brows – it works. I’m a fan of the Tom Ford fiber gel for control, but find that the angled pencils like the Chanel tend to be dry and break.

    Lisa MacJuly 8th, 2020  11:26 PM

  • When I lived in New York I went to Sania’s Brow Bar for shaping. I’ve since moved to California and am embracing a more wild look these days but continue to use her brow pencil when I want to dial up my look. I’ve found it a great match for my brows (dirty blonde) and easy to use.

    LaurenJuly 9th, 2020  5:10 PM

  • I have loved using Glossier Boy Brow for years.

    JuliaJuly 10th, 2020  6:00 PM

  • I see that no one has mentioned microblading – too permanent? To those that have used Latisse and other brow regenerators – I’ve heard that it can darken eye color. Do you find that to be true? I only have about six hairs left on each eye lol but I don’t want to sacrifice my eye color to get a thicker brow. With a steady hand you can simulate fine hairs. I’ve been using brow flick by glossier with clear Boy Brow to “seal” it.

    LisaAugust 17th, 2020  8:12 AM

  • ^^ Meant to include that I was using Brow Flick by Glossier With a steady hand you can simulate fine hairs. Boy Brow to seal it.

    LisaAugust 17th, 2020  8:14 AM


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