August 7th, 2020
On My Mind

A Silver Lining

Just when I thought 2020 couldn’t get any worse, we got whomped by hurricane Isaias. The entire town lost power; the postal workers sorted mail by flashlight. Basically, we’ve been camping at home. And, with barely any service, I’ve had lots of time to think.

My older daughter left Brooklyn in early March to quarantine with us. She hadn’t lived at home since she went off to boarding school 10 years ago. I often joke that I was a better editor than mother, especially to her. But, this strange time together has brought us closer — we now understand each other as adults and are more forgiving of one another. This never would have happened pre-covid, our lives were so busy it was easier to believe that all was well. So, just maybe, not all of 2020 has been dreadful.


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  • My daughter also left New York City in early March to quarantine with me – and she’s still here. It’s been wonderful. We’ve always been close, but now we can relate and connect as friends. It is absolutely a silver lining to what otherwise has been a very challenging year (and I know we’re better off than many). I wish you and your daughter more happy times together.

    Lisa MacAugust 7th, 2020  10:16 PM

  • A beautiful post!

    Martha DanielsAugust 8th, 2020  7:25 AM

  • no, not all! Many people have finally discovered that they have children, family, that they can prepare and eat a meal together, read books or simply be with their loved ones…small but at the same time the most important things which corpo-life destroyed totally in western world…

    IsabelAugust 8th, 2020  7:32 AM

  • That’s so wonderful, really made me happy to read this. Very strange times, but many silver linings as well.

    KathyAugust 8th, 2020  7:41 AM

  • Beautiful story! I agree, there are many silver linings to been seen. Congratulations on seeing them!

    MichelleAugust 8th, 2020  7:43 AM

  • Yes we were without power for 4 days, my mom is in a hotel in Stamford with no real expectation of being able to go home anytime soon, but getting to know my son as an adult has been pure joy.

    JoannawnycAugust 8th, 2020  7:53 AM

  • Lovely to read this…I am happy for you. I never had a daughter…I have a stepdaughter and 2 daughters-in-law and most importantly, a granddaughter, so I finally got a taste of that kind of relationship.

    I am curious…not knowing anything about boarding school, doesn’t it work like university? I spent school breaks and summers at home when I was a student…not the same as full-time living, but still long enough to be part of the family…

    SharonAugust 8th, 2020  7:56 AM

  • Yes, she would come home for holidays, but she was a camp counselor for 5 years and would be gone all summer. Then she did university in 3 years, which required a summer on campus. We haven’t spent 5 months together in 10 years.

    PrestonAugust 8th, 2020  8:10 AM

  • I couldn’t agree more that silver linings are to be found in these very odd and trying times!

    karenAugust 8th, 2020  8:14 AM

  • Love this!!

    VictoriaAugust 8th, 2020  8:47 AM

  • I absolutely adore this post! I, too, have had my daughter who lives in NYC home since Match.
    I completely relate to what you’re experiencing. Thanks for the silver linings reminder!

    LoriAugust 8th, 2020  8:50 AM

  • I think that is what this pandemic is supposed to be telling us. Slow down and have time for family and true friends. Get rid of the noise and remind us of what is truly important.

    YasminAugust 8th, 2020  9:05 AM

  • My heart is happy for you and I admire you both for seizing the moment and becoming closer through this strange time. Trying to be grateful and living for today is the only way I’ve stayed (mostly) sane and I hope to take the attitudes forward with me.

    SueMAugust 8th, 2020  9:07 AM

  • You’ve been given a gift Preston.

    JoAugust 8th, 2020  10:51 AM

  • Beautiful post!!! Thank you so much for sharing this.

    AmyAugust 8th, 2020  11:09 AM

  • I was just saying we have not spent time together like this since my oldest left for boarding school 8 years ago. Yes, I have loved it, but I am sorry for them – this time in their lives should not be about time with mom and dad but time learning to stand on their own finding their way. I am ready for them to go and live the lives they should be living in their early 20’s…

    BetsyAugust 8th, 2020  8:51 PM

  • Congratulations, Preston. What a wonderful gift you’ve both found in your new closeness.

    NikAugust 8th, 2020  9:00 PM

  • This post made my day! Truly family time has been the silver lining to this pandemic.

    LisaAugust 8th, 2020  9:34 PM

  • Gorgeous!! This photo is a framer

    KaraAugust 9th, 2020  5:58 AM

  • Family is everything! We need to be forgiving at all times because life is so short. I never thought my quick road trip would end like this because my sister died Friday at the doctors office and I am devastated. So unexpected. At least I told her I loved her more than my life the night before. Everyone who follows this blog should cherish every moment you have with your family because tomorrow is not promised to anyone. Stay safe everyone and hug your family members, call and check in or send a card.

    TracyAugust 9th, 2020  10:28 PM

  • Probably my favourite post.

    MMSAugust 10th, 2020  4:54 AM

  • This post speaks volumes! Can’t improve on it.

    AprilAugust 10th, 2020  9:18 AM

  • Hurray for silver linings! It sounds like Divine intervention, and I couldn’t be happier for you!

    PaulaAugust 13th, 2020  12:37 AM

  • I don’t have children but I have felt closer to myself during this challenging time and as a result closer to those whom I love. I also am aware of time in a new way. Each day seems fuller with less distractions. It’s not easy to distill down what really matters with a lot going on. Thank you for sharing Preston.

    LisaAugust 14th, 2020  7:42 PM


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