October 11th, 2020

‘Modern Comfort Food’ by Ina Garten

A grilled cheese and tomato soup are the pinnacle of comfort foods and no one does them better than Ina Garten. Thank you, Ina,  for your new cookbook — perfect timing since we are hunkered down at home.


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  • Thank you! I just ordered 2 copies, 1 for myself the other as a gift. Ina Garten’s cookbooks are such Go-To’s in our house, for our own selves but also perfect when bringing someone a meal. I love her writing style, so helpful and cheerful, and the food always tastes so good!

    MaryAOctober 11th, 2020  11:30 AM

  • Currently in my shopping cart, can’t wait.

    SueMOctober 11th, 2020  12:43 PM

  • She’s the best!

    TracyOctober 11th, 2020  12:59 PM

  • I have every one of her cookbooks and use them constantly. I am going to make the shrimp pasta dish from Modern Comfort Food tonight!
    Is that your refrigerator in the background? Decided to do the glass door, very nice!

    SheriOctober 11th, 2020  6:06 PM

  • It is! Kitchen not done yet, which is why there is no food in the fridge. Soon

    PrestonOctober 11th, 2020  6:42 PM

  • After many years, we have yet to have a failure from an Ina Garten cookbook. With a “to do list” left on the kitchen counter for my husband on Valentine’s Day, he managed to have a chocolate mousse ready for us upon arrival at home after a late riding lesson for our daughter. We had never tried the recipe, and he mainly grills, makes salads, and bakes bread. I always made a point of preparing something special for Valentine’s Day for the family during the school years, and I simply ran out of time ~ Ina Garten’s recipes are the best!
    Barefoot in Paris, Chocolate Orange Mousse, p. 204.

    PaulaOctober 16th, 2020  8:48 PM

  • Downtown Minneapolis, I think State theatre, maybe Orpheum-but small broadway like theatre/audience experience ….2 years ago my husband was a good sport and accompanied me to a lecture circuit series Ina was touring -I think her new Cook Like A Pro cookbook was being released but she treated it so perfectly and so Ina like.
    Her great friend of 20+ years introduced her and then Ina and friend sat in overstuffed chairs on a pretty rug with a huge arrangement of hydrangeas on console between them but not in way of view. Talked like confidantes on stage and we were privy to be part of conversation they might have in private. Felt so genuine.

    They had a 40 minute back and forth of all things Ina and then opened up for Q & A from audience.
    Even my husband was smitten -he’s a bit of a guys guy and not terribly interested in cuisine arts-she just was so funny and a pleasure to be around. He’s now a big Ina fan too and he couldn’t tell you one recipe specific:)
    Don’t you love it when a public person and
    their In person self mesh? So authentic.
    Dana S

    Dana SOctober 17th, 2020  2:30 PM


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