October 16th, 2020
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It’s been a busier than usual week so I am going to unwind by watching Aggie, Catherine Gund’s documentary on her mother, philanthropist and art collector, Agnes Gund.


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  • Amazing woman, amazing film

    LisaOctober 16th, 2020  7:55 PM

  • All charity is good charity. But I do think it’s important to distinguish the difference between giving up a multi-million dollar painting for whatever charitable cause, and giving up some grocery money or time out of your life. It’s even more wonderful when people who don’t own art show up and roll up their sleeves and, say, build a house, tutor children stuck in failing schools, nurture a lonely person, or spend Christmas day in a shelter. It doesn’t make for a fascinating documentary film, but it is certainly far more representative of American spirit and character. Just sayin ~

    PaulaOctober 16th, 2020  8:26 PM

  • Paula, Exactly my thoughts. Spot on.

    Karina DuftyOctober 17th, 2020  9:09 AM

  • I think it’s pretty amazing – specifically because of the charity that was chosen. We are certainly in a new day, that I pray continues ,when the much needed reform of the justice system, which has disproportionately harmed so many in my community, has garnered so much attention from the mainstream and the well-heeled. Personal donations certainly are helpful, but we will never have justice/equality until we break down the structures that support racism.

    Stacey HarrisOctober 17th, 2020  3:19 PM

  • Kathy, how is Paula’s comment: “all charity is good charity” a slap? Her point, and I agree, is that as wonderful as donating a $165 million dollar painting for a worthy cause is, it’s even “more wonderful” (Paula’s words) when those of more meager means give their time and energy and savings. Agnes Gund’s donation is certainly extraordinary but perhaps less of a personal sacrifice to her than contributions made by those with far less to give who yet still do.

    Love the blog, Preston, not only for the style but also for thoughtful comments by Paula and others. Thanks you and keep it up!

    MaryOctober 18th, 2020  8:04 PM

  • Mary, I agree wholeheartedly. The film about Agnes Gund pays tribute to a very wealthy woman who did a wonderful thing to support a very worthy cause that was obviously important to her. Charitable actions by very wealthy people are not to be denigrated…our world needs more of that. Donations of time and money are to be lauded from wherever they come…be they small or large.

    SharonOctober 19th, 2020  9:50 AM

  • A reader asked me to remove her comment.

    PrestonOctober 19th, 2020  2:50 PM

  • I admire all charitable gifts and, even more so, charitable acts. My favorite places to visit in America, The National Gallery of Art, Colonial Williamsburg, and Mount Vernon, are made possible by the incredible generosity of individuals both with and without immense fortunes: (Paul Mellon, John D.. Rockefeller, and The Mount Vernon Ladies Association, of which I am a member). A timely opinion piece in Saturday’s WSJ addresses financial charity and the hard work that must go with it. Very on point to Preston’s post!

    PaulaOctober 19th, 2020  11:04 PM

  • Aggie is an incredible documentary and how wonderful that she chose to highlight social injustice! As someone who has volunteered and rolled up their sleeves, I appreciate the huge impact someone in her position makes when they draw critical attention to such important matters. We need more people like Agnes. A donation from someone wealthy does not make it any less important. Thanks for the recommendation Preston! You never disappoint.

    Kara FicOctober 20th, 2020  8:31 AM


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