October 21st, 2020
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Lots to watch: ‘Rebecca’ starts streaming this morning, Sofia Coppola’s ‘On The Rocks’ is out Friday, and the first episode of the six part series ‘The Undoing’ airs Sunday.


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Suzanne mini leather cross-body bag


Jota chain-embellished leather sandals


Broderie-cotton maxi skirt


Single-breasted hooded raincoat


Leather sandals


Flower brooch


Le Maillon leather shoulder bag


Aviator-style gold-tone and acetate sunglasses


High-neck striped wool-blend sweater


Park linen-blend canvas tote bag


Fran belted suede jacket


Wool-blend playsuit

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  • Looking forward to watching “On the Rocks” and “The Undoing”. However, I will leave Rebecca to Hitchcock.

    LisaOctober 21st, 2020  8:01 AM

  • Thank you for this well-timed post! Our family was looking for something new to watch.
    We just finished binging a few of the very-well done adaptations of Agatha Christie’s Ordeal by Innocence (with the wonderful Bill Nighy), the ABC Murders, and And Then There Were None. My teenagers thought that they were humoring me by agreeing to watch, but were immediately engaged.

    ErinOctober 21st, 2020  9:02 AM

  • Hope they are worth the viewing. I am finding most of the more recent series lacking the quality of earlier ones. Love to hear recommendations.

    AprilOctober 21st, 2020  9:39 AM

  • Agree with you and Lisa although even the menace of Hitchcock’s version left me cold for the young woman’s character, her helplessness. Looking forward to the other two though!

    SueMOctober 21st, 2020  6:26 PM

  • Entertaining & filled with great scenery, gorgeous interiors and fabulous fashion! Who doesn’t love that!
    Certainly can’t be compared to the original, but a fun diversion !

    SusanOctober 22nd, 2020  8:50 AM

  • Thank you for the update! Love to get recommendations from the nebulous streaming world. I am such a Sophia Coppola fan. I had not heard of this yet.

    Kim WOctober 23rd, 2020  12:27 PM

  • Love your book, show & movie recommendations. Starting On The Rocks momentarily. There is a photo at the top of my vision board of Sofia at a fashion show — I always find myself coming back to it for simplicity inspiration.

    MichelleOctober 23rd, 2020  9:06 PM

  • I would love to see that photo. p

    PrestonOctober 23rd, 2020  11:30 PM

  • Here you go. It’s from Calvin Klein’s Fall 2017 show at NYFW. Her boots remind me of your Taryn Rose pair that I also purchased based on your recommendation. X


    MichelleOctober 24th, 2020  9:04 AM

  • Thank you! Never seen that image. LOVE the navy and black — a post for sure.

    PrestonOctober 24th, 2020  9:33 AM


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