December 2nd, 2020
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After I picked up the mountain of clothes from Alteration Specialists, which felt like a shopping spree since many of the items were unworn, I shifted the spotlight to my jewelry. Specifically, to a number of cocktail rings from my mother. The stones are gorgeous, but the settings are seriously ’70s, and not in a good way.

I posted this picture of Sarah Harris wearing a bunch of Susan Foster rings in 2015 and I asked Ms. Foster if she would take on this project. First up, resetting an Australian fire opal horizontally in a barely-there rose gold setting. I’m excited to finally wear the luminous stone pictured below.



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The Heidi cable-knit wool cardigan


Double-breasted virgin wool-twill coat


Patchwork Fair Isle-intarsia wool sweater


Gucci Horsebit 1955 small bag


Belted wool-twill jacket


Hooded virgin-wool duffel coat


Belted distressed denim jacket


Hooded velvet cape


Hooded wool duffle coat


Cashmere sweater


Cotton-blend minidress


Longline virgin-wool tunic

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  • So exciting! Please share pics of the opal when you get it. I have a similar opal ring with an unattractive setting that I inherited. I have been confounded on what to do with it. I would love to wear it.

    DebbieDecember 2nd, 2020  4:37 PM

  • As the daughter of a jeweler…I applaud you for giving a second life to family pieces. My father always knew what to buy and how to wear it. Now that he is gone, I need to dig deep and find inspiration that would make him proud. Excited for your “new jewels”!

    Amy Thorne RichardsonDecember 2nd, 2020  4:58 PM

  • I happen to adore large cocktail rings and feel comfortable wearing them if they are not too “blingy” -but one to a hand. The opals that you have pictured are gorgeous stones and it will be wonderful for you to have these in settings that you love! You might think about having the larger one set in a pendant as opals are soft stones that are vulnerable to damage, which is more likely to occur with a ring.

    RebeccaDecember 3rd, 2020  10:22 AM

  • I inherited beautiful rings from my grandmother. I had them sized up to fit my middle and pointer fingers. I love wearing them all the time.

    RheaDecember 3rd, 2020  2:17 PM

  • I love the rings above as is. I guess it’s the 70’s baby in me!
    Enjoy your new settings!


    ShonDecember 3rd, 2020  4:26 PM

  • This reminded me of a beautiful opal ring I had that I accidentally knocked to the floor. It didn’t fall far but it cracked the opal in half. I had the opal replaced but it was not as beautiful as the first stone. Still lovely, however, in its white gold setting surrounded by diamonds. Opals are fragile, so take care when wearing the ring.

    SLFDecember 3rd, 2020  5:29 PM

  • The first one on the left is actually very beautiful, looks very Charlotte Lynggaard, I wouldn’t change anything, just clean and polish, perhaps change the stone, go for a green tourmaline cabochon or a birth stone… As a goldsmith and gemologist I can see it became very trendy to reset the stones and do some changes with family treasure. Funny thing, just yesterday started to work on cutting out a small, cute opal from the piece from Austro-Hungarian period which will be newly mounted, the stones, if natural, were much better quality back then.

    IsabelDecember 6th, 2020  4:21 AM

  • Please send pictures of before & after for the rings. I’d love to be educated on the subject.
    Thank you, Ana

    Ana SerzedeloDecember 7th, 2020  6:09 AM

  • I love this idea!! I have so many rings…all for my ring finger. Would love to be able to do more with them. Please share pictures when you are done. I just inherited an opal ring and would love to see what you choose to create!

    ErikaDecember 13th, 2020  5:44 PM


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