January 8th, 2021
On My Mind

Thank You

Appreciation is a two-way street. Thank you for all the thoughtful comments and shared tips — the back and forth keeps kic from being static.


Love the wrapping on this package from Ann Mashburn, had to take a pic


What's New


Caged satin minaudière


Wool-crepe strapless top


Vokayo high-rise straight-leg jeans


Garcon suede loafers


Laser-engraved logo belt


Belted leather biker jacket

Jil Sander

Gathered Knit Midi Dress


Cropped leather jacket


Triple Francois 18kt gold vermeil earrings


Jimmy Leather Puffer Jacket


Le 57 quilted leather shoulder bag


Belted wool blazer


Blade velvet slingback pumps


Silvia silk-twill scarf


Logo-embellished leather loafers


Crocheted Cotton-Blend Midi Skirt

  • Love the KIC posts – especially the ones where everyone shares their favourite things! Thank you and keep going!

    ClaireJanuary 8th, 2021  7:27 AM

  • Thank you 🙂
    Looking forward to KIC 2O21!

    SusanJanuary 8th, 2021  10:02 AM

  • Love this blog. Thank you! Please do the best basic tee post again, I never get tired of it.

    KimJanuary 8th, 2021  11:11 AM

  • I love KIC! Happy New Year!

    DebbieJanuary 8th, 2021  12:15 PM

  • Love your blog, and always enjoy and learn from the comments too.

    IoJanuary 8th, 2021  12:25 PM

  • A big Thank You from Chicago, Preston! KIC is my new glossy! I’ve picked up so many sartorial and cultural gems from you and your readers. Perusing your site is always a pleasure. Best to you and yours in 2021!

    EricaJanuary 8th, 2021  1:34 PM

  • LOVE everything Ann Mashburn is, stands for, and sells–especially love her blog posts–heartfelt, sincere and well written. C

    Carroll PierceJanuary 8th, 2021  2:34 PM

  • Many thanks for what you do Preston and your wonderful community.

    StefanieJanuary 8th, 2021  2:57 PM

  • I appreciate all the time and thought you put into this blog. It truly is one of the best style blogs out there.
    It has a real “community” feel where people can comment without being challenged. I appreciate the entire KIC community.

    AprilJanuary 8th, 2021  3:18 PM

  • In the limited time I have, yours is the only blog I regularly read and look forward to. Thank you and this wonderful community!

    ctnyJanuary 8th, 2021  3:29 PM

  • I agree with April! KIC feels more like a style forum (whatever that is) than a blog. : )) Most blogs offer one style dictum, and everyone else nods and smiles. Preston, you are a wonderful hostess and editor!

    PaulaJanuary 8th, 2021  5:46 PM

  • One of the best blogs out there, thoughtfully curated and always interesting.
    Always look forward to your content. Thank you!

    JillJanuary 8th, 2021  6:59 PM

  • Actually, thank YOU, Preston for this blog. Occasionally I will search for other style blogs, hoping to find something that I like as much as yours. I have not been successful. Your blog is the best in my honest opinion. Happy New Year.

    BarbaraJanuary 8th, 2021  8:25 PM

  • Thank you love your blog

    JeanneJanuary 8th, 2021  11:28 PM

  • Your blog is one of my favorite. Thank you for such a thoughtful and carefully edited in every content you have posted. Happy New Year!

    KattikaJanuary 8th, 2021  11:57 PM

  • Thank you. I always love what you have to say. It’s quick, to the point, and it’s chic.

    RTGJanuary 9th, 2021  3:21 AM

  • A big, virtual thank you hug from across the pond. Your posts are full of beauty and positivity and, more importantly, make me smile! A wonderful gift to have in these horrible times.

    Jeanette TaylorJanuary 9th, 2021  5:12 AM

  • Happy New Year and thank you Preston for the style, substance and opportunity for thoughtful commentary of your terrific blog, the only one I continue to follow these days. Cheers!

    MaryJanuary 9th, 2021  5:13 AM

  • Oh, but thank you! Love seeing a KIC post in my inbox, always intelligent and stylish. As a non American, it is often a window into another culture.
    Ann Mashburn is another wonder, just love what she puts out into the world.

    ClaireJanuary 9th, 2021  5:39 AM

  • KiC is the gold standard of style blogs,

    karenJanuary 9th, 2021  6:48 AM

  • I love all the content you post here. Yours is my first read always. Love your topics not just fashion, also books, culture, interior design. Love!

    BongJanuary 9th, 2021  7:59 AM

  • I have been inspired by your posts for several years. Keep up keeping it chic! All the best from Nashville.

    TabithaJanuary 9th, 2021  8:50 AM

  • Thank you!

    DawnJanuary 9th, 2021  8:59 AM

  • Thank you for your wonderful blog, full of great content always. And a big thank you to all of your followers and the lively comment section. It helps keep the blog alive and authentic.

    KathyJanuary 9th, 2021  9:03 AM

  • ❤️ you are the best …

    DebJanuary 9th, 2021  9:10 AM

  • keep it chic has what I look for in a shop and seldom find – a great edit and a strong point of view. Thank you for the continual inspiration.

    LynneJanuary 9th, 2021  10:52 AM

  • Preston, I have learned so much from you and KIC. Thank you for your keen eye, intelligent writing and keeping me chic!

    YasminJanuary 9th, 2021  11:57 AM

  • Happy New Year, Preston and the KIC community. Redundant but sincere-I treasure this gem that Preston nurtures and shares with us along with the community of commenters and with their suggestions and remarks. It is almost like an unwritten but adhered to policy: collaborative, on-topic and kind; yes, please.

    We are Dallas, TX bound after many, many years in Minneapolis, MN. Onwards and upwards 2021.
    Dana S.

    Dana SipesJanuary 9th, 2021  12:03 PM

  • Fair and thoughtful, your blog always gives a lift to my day! I really appreciate your consideration and kindness on all subjects. Your input is valued.

    LkaJanuary 9th, 2021  12:09 PM

  • Keep it Chic is a blog I so look forward to. Thank you for sharing your insight and knowledge on food, fashion, family, travel, books, culture, beauty and interior design. Your posts are never copy heavy but they truly speak volumes and have introduced me to many things.

    BelindaJanuary 9th, 2021  12:18 PM

  • I learned of Preston as quoted in a WSJ article a few years ago, including mention of KiC; I immediately signed up, so happy I did. It regularly occurs to me how grateful I am for how the positivity and beauty in your posts inspire me daily. And the comments are such a bonus! So generous and gracious of all to share a bit of their style. Thank you.

    MaryAJanuary 9th, 2021  12:27 PM

  • Preston, it was so nice to connect with you a few years ago and learn that we both grew up in Massachusetts! It would be wonderful to get a list of YOUR favorite blogs that you follow! Your blog is my very favorite. Your followers leave such thoughtful comments. Keep on being chic. Love, Pamela Taft

    Pamela TaftJanuary 9th, 2021  1:42 PM

  • Just want to echo the others – thank you, Preston, and your KIC community for the inspiration and education. You’re always spot on the zeitgeist and help me evolve my outlook as well as my style.

    Lisa MacJanuary 9th, 2021  2:51 PM

  • Good question, Pamela. A lot of early bloggers are now solely on Instagram. And one of my favorites, Elin Kling, designs Toteme. Habitually Chic, Disney Roller Girl, and That’s not my Age are good friends with great blogs. I would love to add a few more and welcome suggestions.

    PrestonJanuary 9th, 2021  4:49 PM

  • Simply wonderful to be able to share the love this way and especially appreciate the other commenters from various countries with names I recognize. Your attitude and style sets the tone Preston.
    I’ve really culled the number of people I follow or read and already read the bloggers you mention, which makes perfect sense. Happy New Year to all.

    SueMJanuary 9th, 2021  5:53 PM

  • Checking your blog is like opening a little present. Chic, beautiful and fun.

    LeeJanuary 10th, 2021  10:52 PM

  • Preston, I cannot thank you enough for the incredible content and amazing community you have built here at Keep at Chic. It is the highlight of my day, especially during these difficult times.
    I also wanted to thank you for the re-introduction to Ann Mashburn; I have just reached out for a size recommendation on The Buckle Shoe. So very chic.
    Lastly, I exclusively use brown package paper as wrapping paper. This past Christmas had burgundy grosgrain ribbon of varying widths to complement my burgundy holiday decor. Simple, festive and timeless.

    MichelleJanuary 11th, 2021  9:01 AM


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