March 13th, 2021
On My Mind

On The Books

What started as a gesture of community support turned into a saving grace. When my friend opened the Locust Valley Bookstore four years ago, I was a diehard digital reader and had not bought an actual book, save a coffee table tome, in years. To show my support, I started buying books as gifts. Then a few for myself. And then, during quarantine, reading quite literally kept me sane — it stopped my world from closing in. The novels, poetry, gardening books, and travel stories were a wonderful diversion from all the awful news, and a physical book was a welcome alternative to a screen. Along with unexpected time with my family, reading has been a silver lining.


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Suzanne mini leather cross-body bag


Jota chain-embellished leather sandals


Broderie-cotton maxi skirt


Single-breasted hooded raincoat


Leather sandals


Flower brooch


Le Maillon leather shoulder bag


Aviator-style gold-tone and acetate sunglasses


High-neck striped wool-blend sweater


Park linen-blend canvas tote bag


Fran belted suede jacket


Wool-blend playsuit

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  • Books have always been my best friends!

    SLFMarch 13th, 2021  7:44 AM

  • Yes! New friends and old friends, I love a real book in my hands. And the escape they bring from the world.

    Charlotte WagsterMarch 13th, 2021  8:13 AM

  • I’m with you on this, books saved me this past year.

    NinaMarch 13th, 2021  11:20 AM

  • Well said. I hadn’t thought about it, but with the added screen time of Zoom and working from home on a computer, a real book is a welcome diversion.

    LisaMarch 13th, 2021  12:36 PM

  • Cookbooks and books on entertaining, full of post-COVID inspiration, are piled around my house.

    ClaireMarch 13th, 2021  12:48 PM

  • I enjoyed listening to Let Me Tell You What I Mean. Usually I am big on reading but since I didn’t have my commute last year, I started listening more. I really like that I can do it in the early morning before it is light.

    CBMarch 14th, 2021  8:54 AM

  • People who love books also tend to write notes and love stationery. It seems everyone has had enough of screens to last a lifetime. Other than a blog like this, which feels more conversational among women with a common interest/value, I don’t process well information that is delivered from a screen (probably because I lean anti-technology). : )) Being in the throes of wedding festivities, I am also re-dedicated to all things paper – engraving and calligraphy are so gorgeous, so quietly elegant – something I could spend a fortune on.

    PaulaMarch 15th, 2021  12:41 AM


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