March 28th, 2021

Rita Konig Inspired

There is a wonderful piece on interior designer and journalist Rita Konig in FT‘s How to Spend It. I crossed paths with Rita at one point in my career and she is lovely. Aside from her brilliant tips (I love tips and lists, especially lists of tips) on ‘undone’ interiors, Rita shares that her favorite perfume is Sisley’s Soir de Lune  and she tells FT why — “I like that I don’t really know what it smells like. It’s not cloying and people don’t recognise it easily – it just becomes a part of you.”

I just got my second vaccination this morning and the possibility of being able to go out into the world soon is sinking in. I posted last weekend that I’m not planning a special wardrobe or to showcase new items, however, Rita’s quote inspires me to re-enter with a new scent. The Sisley shampoo and conditioner smell heavenly, so it’s a good bet the perfumes are heavenly, too.


What's New


Everett leather tote bag


Silvia silk-twill scarf


Caged satin minaudière


Wool-crepe strapless top


Vokayo high-rise straight-leg jeans


Garcon suede loafers


Laser-engraved logo belt


Belted leather biker jacket

Jil Sander

Gathered Knit Midi Dress


Cropped leather jacket


Triple Francois 18kt gold vermeil earrings


Jimmy Leather Puffer Jacket


Le 57 quilted leather shoulder bag


Belted wool blazer


Blade velvet slingback pumps


Logo-embellished leather loafers

  • I’ve been wearing Sisley of Paris Eau de Soir since my daughters were young and they are in their twenties! I would suggest that scent as well. xo

    AmberMarch 28th, 2021  10:10 AM

  • Thank you for my Sunday inspiration. I love reading favourite lists too!

    SusanMarch 28th, 2021  10:31 AM

  • Great article!

    Matilde CordovaMarch 28th, 2021  11:21 AM

  • Rita Konig’s class on Create Academy is wonderful and I highly recommend it. Willow Crossley has a flower course on there also, both are really enjoyable!

    MelissaMarch 28th, 2021  12:16 PM

  • I love Sisley perfumes, but be sure to sample Soir de Lune before buying a full bottle (although the bottle is gorgeous). It’s very much a chypre, a polarizing fragrance family. Izia is probably their safest “blind” buy, a bright citrusy rose.

    ioMarch 28th, 2021  4:20 PM

  • Thank you for the link as always. Excited for you to have your second jab of course but also happy you may have a new perfume in your life. When I was very young I imagined myself as a woman who would have a signature scent, it appealed to the romantic in me but now forty years later I’ve realized the search and the trying and the love of scent is the joy for me. Enjoy.

    SueMMarch 29th, 2021  10:28 AM

  • Sue, I’m excited to find a new scent, haven’t worn one for years.

    PrestonMarch 29th, 2021  10:33 AM

  • It seems that fragrance is getting more attention these days, which makes me happy! My UK Town & Country (not remotely similar to our T&C : )) frequently features fragrance, this Spring it’s a Caron line.. Gifts of fragrance feel very personal and special – like some mysterious potion brought from a faraway land, my son brought me two fragrances from a tiny perfumery in Genoa, Italy, and they are both delightful! And on a recent visit to Chicago, my husband surprised me with a Krigler perfume, a line I hadn’t heard of, and it’s full of history. To me, fragrance is really an extension of skin care – a beautiful final step! …Speaking of Sisley, they have an oil for legs that smells like ginger, which is not to be missed!

    PaulaMarch 30th, 2021  1:39 AM

  • Love Eau de Soir, love their lip balm and parfum bottles design by Bronislaw Krzysztof. All the Sisley parfum bottles are little piece of art…

    IsabelMarch 30th, 2021  12:01 PM


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