April 12th, 2021
W Magazine

‘The Future of Fashion Is in the Past’

This picture of Sally Singer, Amazon’s head of fashion direction, wearing her own vintage Geoffrey Beene top and skirt in W magazine makes me want to dig deep into the past.

Photography by Justin French   Styling by All Alliata di Montereale 


What's New


Everett leather tote bag


Silvia silk-twill scarf


Caged satin minaudière


Wool-crepe strapless top


Vokayo high-rise straight-leg jeans


Garcon suede loafers


Laser-engraved logo belt


Belted leather biker jacket

Jil Sander

Gathered Knit Midi Dress


Cropped leather jacket


Triple Francois 18kt gold vermeil earrings


Jimmy Leather Puffer Jacket


Le 57 quilted leather shoulder bag


Belted wool blazer


Blade velvet slingback pumps


Logo-embellished leather loafers

  • Those shoes! Perfect with this arrangement.

    SLFApril 12th, 2021  10:49 AM

  • God help us if this is the future of fashion. Hideous.

    DLCApril 12th, 2021  11:29 AM

  • I love her mix of luxury and a natural, free spirited vibe. I hope she moves on from Amazon, though.

    Sara G.April 12th, 2021  1:54 PM

  • Agreed DLC. She is walking upholstery.

    anneApril 12th, 2021  2:01 PM

  • I am all for vintage style but to me this is neither flattering nor chic. Thankfully her striking face and fabulous shoes distract from the awful outfit

    MaryApril 12th, 2021  5:28 PM

  • Sadly, have to agree with the critical reviews of the outfit that even the classy shoes cannot save. This is the exact style middle aged women have been historically advised to stay away from. While 20 somethings might be able to get away with the long, oversized, and shapeless, most of those that can afford this clothing (ie, mature crowd) should stay away from it.

    IrinaApril 12th, 2021  5:51 PM

  • I just can’t

    BarbaraApril 12th, 2021  6:22 PM

  • I think she looks totally charming and unique.

    KathyApril 12th, 2021  6:47 PM

  • Brava!!! I crave originality/individuality in dressing/presentation. Also, Preston, thanks for putting yourself out there with the photos and selfies!

    MicheleApril 12th, 2021  8:40 PM

  • A little taken aback at the negative response. She obviously treasures this look and feels stylish enough to pair it with those amazing shoes. To each his own (other commenters) but isn’t it nice sometimes to feel fabulous without slavishly following the rules so that our shape is only the most flattered it can be? Style is also a story.

    SueMApril 12th, 2021  10:57 PM

  • I’m sorry.. echoing negative sentiments already voiced—but she constantly reinvents herself.. didn’t know Amazon even had that fashion position .

    LindyApril 12th, 2021  10:58 PM

  • Perhaps we should define, “the past.” The furthest I’ve dug into my wardrobe past is the 90’s. I can’t think of anything I have kept and am currently wearing that I owned any earlier than that (possibly because it was maternity clothes?). Starting in the 90’s I think I began to get a true sense of what I can (should) wear, gained an improved sense of my own style, and became very discerning for sophisticated silhouettes. And I became willing to invest more in what I deemed ‘forever pieces.’
    Sometimes women wear something from the past which has happy associations. Although I wouldn’t describe the look above as’ chic,’ I think it has a certain charm.

    PaulaApril 12th, 2021  11:54 PM

  • Just no…

    IMLGApril 13th, 2021  1:04 AM

  • The dress is wearing her, she’s not wearing the dress..it just doesn’t suit her in my opinion.

    SusanApril 13th, 2021  9:08 AM

  • People buy designer vintage all the time. I think there’s nothing wrong with wearing things you’ve kept from prior seasons in an updated way. I’d have paired the skirt with a fitted white shirt, sleeves rolled up with a good sleeve tuck and tied the cardigan around my neck sideways so it looked like a scarf or not worn the sweater at all.

    TracyApril 13th, 2021  10:06 AM

  • Love it – from the ankles down.

    AliApril 13th, 2021  11:07 AM

  • I stared and zoomed in at this photo for a really long time – I found the mix of tweed, lace – and is that gold lamé – so beautiful and unexpected. It made me miss designers from that era – Ungaro and Christian Lacroix had these similar mix of lace and unexpected color and fabric.

    I also love how unapologetic it is. The choice is shoe is perfect. Interesting to read the mixed comments!

    GeorgieApril 14th, 2021  7:56 AM

  • I love the focus on vintage–interesting fabric, craftsmanship sustainability. That said, I loved reading how Tracy would choose to style this look in a modern way.

    karenApril 14th, 2021  9:28 PM

  • Well, I like vintage but not this, sorry. But I agree that “future is in the past” but in a different meaning. Fabrics now are much different quality than 40-50 years ago. I hope that “Amazon’s head of fashion direction” will not become someone meaningful in fashion world and not only because of her curtains clothes…

    IsabelApril 15th, 2021  1:36 AM

  • I could never carry this off, but I kind of like this on her. She looks like she has the height and look overall to wear such an outfit and maintain sophistication. But, maybe its just the killer shoes, lol.

    AprilApril 16th, 2021  11:57 AM

  • Fashion’s future has always been in the past. (There’s nothing new under the sun!) Fashion is, however, predicated on forgetting the past and impelling you to buy the current. So I hope this newfound love of vintage and ‘archive’ won’t simply be another trend. We should all value and maintain the pieces we buy.

    I love the shoes, but the outfit is wildly unflattering. Maybe she could have broken the pieces up and styled them individually….

    JulieApril 17th, 2021  4:05 PM


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